Fraudster Receives 3-Year Jail Sentence Following Hack on Pippa Middleton

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A father of three, Nathan Wyatt has received a three year jail sentence after admitting to blackmail and use of a bank card, belonging to his three-year late step-father.

According to Daily Mail, prior to his arrest, the 36-year-old fraudster had been in custody for allegedly hacking Pippa Middleton’s iCloud account. Last year the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister had her account hacked by anonymous people. However, during investigations Nathan Wyatt was arrested in connection to the hacking losing all of his anonymity online.

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During the hack, it is believed that thousands of pictures were taken including those of Kate and her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The court released Wyatt in September, with no further action in relation to the case.

As fate would have it, Wyatt would later on that same month admit to 20 counts of fraud at Southwark Crown Court. He admitted to have been in possession of a false passport, as well as, blackmailing a law firm out of a ransom of over 10,000 Euros. The ransom was apparently supposed to be paid out to his Bitcoin wallet as this is the easiest way for hackers to get away with darknet tactics.

“A rather more skeptical mind would say there was a great deal more to this behavior than there is in these counts,” said judge Martin Griffiths, while giving Wyatt a total of three years in prison.

According to Daily Mail, the convicted offences had occurred over a period of six months, before and after he was arrested in relation to the alleged iCloud hack. Items like mobile phones, hair straighteners, a Nutribullet, a Disney Frozen toy and Guitar Hero games, were all purchased using the stolen credit cards.

Using the name “The Dark Overlord” the 36-year-old convict demanded his ransoms over email before Christmas last year.

The father of three from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, accessed personal details such as driving licenses and passports from the firms’ computer systems after he acquired log in details. The firm is located in the northern part of England. As proof of the hack, Wyatt attached the hacked information on the first two threatening emails.

“It is unclear and hard to prove that Mr. Wyatt was responsible for the original level of hacking. However, pertaining to this case it is clear that the secondary level gave unauthorized access to the solicitors firms computer,” said Alison Morgan, the Prosecutor.

Accessing the deep web is done more often than not, especially when it comes to hacking, ransom and other illegal activities. In this case and according to an email read to the court the convict threatened: “We are ready to now use or sell all of your data on the darknet markets.” The email further reads “we make a single offer to you to prevent this data being used or sold to Russian and Chinese buyers.” The darknet marketplaces are notorious for all kinds of criminals and illegal activities. The weight falls heavily on weapons smuggling, counterfeits, drugs and in this case stolen credit/bitcoin debit cards and hacking/ransomware, such as the global Wannacry Ransom.

Terming his client deeds “enormously stupid strategy,” Mark Gatley says that getting his children Christmas gifts got the better of him and as a result he ended up committing the crime.

According to the Mirror, UK news agency, Mrs Mathews, then known as Miss Middleton, feared that all her information, which was held in her iCloud account was hacked. Regarding the incident Mrs. Justice Whipple made orders of barring photographs and other material held on the account. This is after Mrs. Mathews and her husband took civil court action against the unknown person.

Tracking those who use deep web sites is becoming a challenge with each passing day for the authorities. Especially with the change in technology, each day accessing the darknet is becoming easier. The innovation and inventions behind the technology is improving as individuals are working to ensure the identities of bitcoin users remains unknown. One such innovation that has been successful so far is the use of Bitcoin mixers and tumblers, which are used to maintain anonymity by using third party services.

The UK is the worst hit with computer hacking. It is believed that nearly every person in the UK has fallen victim to hacking or their details had been sold on the darknet marketplaces, according to Daily Mail. “Firms that have been hacked should keep their customers in the loop incase their security has been compromised,” Urged Chief Constable Peter Goodman, while giving stark warning on rampant computer hacking.

Chief Constable Peter Goodman

Even the authorities are not at all safe, according to Derbyshire chief he has also been a victim. The events have not happened once or twice but three times.  In the three incidents the thieves stole his name, address, date of birth and email.

According to the Chief Constable, he admits to the fact that police have been slow to respond and the victims are in a dilemma. Are they safe and is the police investigating the crimes being committed against them?

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