Former Silk Road Adviser Finally Faces Trial in US Court

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It has been 60 months since the U.S. Law Enforcement Agency trapped Ross Ulbricht in a San Francisco library, captured him, and confiscated the laptop to operate the most infamous darknet marketplace, the Silk Road. The law enforcement agencies indicted Ulbricht in a New York courtroom where he was convicted to life imprisonment without pardon. However, the Silk Road case never concluded. Even after five years, individuals are being arrested and tried for crimes against them.

It was more than a year ago that Gary Davis was arrested and made headlines with his troubles faced in a NY prison because of his Aspergers condition. While Davis’ extradition put to an appeal, he lost, but no news related to Silk Road has been heard until now.

A 56-year-old Canadian man, Roger Clark, was extradited from a Thailand prison to New York to confront the recently unsealed indictment for his role in Silk Road’s activities. The prosecution charges Clark, who went also by the fake aliases Variety Jones, Cimon, and Plural of Mongoose with a major role in the Silk Road as a mastermind. His charges include drug trafficking and money laundering. However, he is not being charged for setting up the Silk Road. More information is being released that Clark had a large role in establishing and maintaining the Silk Road, from security checks to advertising, and even pushing Ulbricht to use violence to keep up his domain.

“As Ulbricht’s adviser, Roger Clark told him of strategies to circumvent law enforcement all through the activity of this unlawful scheme, amassing an enormous amount of money as well,” revealed William Sweeney the FBI assistant director. “The present extradition of Roger Clark demonstrates that he was by no means out of our compass.”

Ulbricht’s right-hand man was captured more than 30 months by Thai law enforcement agents, and since has been somewhat secretly held in a Bangkok jail. Only because he was caught in a recent interview in 2016, did the FBI begin the extradition process.

In that interview, he was quoted as saying the USA government “got no shit on me.” Clark’s laptop was encrypted during his arrest making it impossible for the US government to accuse him.

However, once he arrives in the United States, the task will be to prove he is one of the false identities of Variety Jones or Cimon. Ulbricht’s diary and conversations between Ross and Clark may expose the truth in court.

Furthermore, the advisor emerged as a sensational character all through Ulbricht’s trial at the onset of 2015. In one section of Ulbricht’s diary, he depicted Variety Jones as nothing less than a mentor and “the greatest and most grounded willed character I had met through the site hitherto.”

About Roger Clark’s involvement in the Silk Road Ulbricht wrote in his journal about their teacher/student relationship. Clark also assisted Ulbricht on better ways to interplay with the distributors in Silk Road, conveying announcements, taking care of difficult dealers, running a deal, changing my identity, establishing policies, and so on. He additionally aided Ulbricht to get straight on lawful insurance, backup stories, contriving a will, choosing a successor, and an endgame plan.

Variety Jones who may or may not be Roger Clark was the one who created the Dread Pirate Roberts handle that Ross would make use of in his darknet marketplace which originated at the beginning of 2012. In a social media chat that surfaced amid the first Silk Road trial, Ulbricht had revealed to Clark that he had disclosed regulating the site to his ex-girlfriend and to a school colleague who had assisted him with the site’s programming. Roger Clark replied that the Dread Pirate Roberts name would better conceal Ulbricht’s name and make an impression that was related to the anecdotal Dread Pirate Roberts in the Princess Bride book and film.

“Begin the legend now,” Jones typed in the social media chat. “Clean your old trail, frankly, as tough as you play things, you are the powerless connection from those two past contacts.”

The succeeding year, after Jones had changed his identity on the dark web marketplaces to Cimon, he would likewise be the first to recommend that Ulbricht pay for the assassination of Curtis Clark Green, a captured worker they assumed had stolen bitcoins from the site wallet and could turn into a witness.

“Enough of this fraud,” the renamed right-hand man expressed in a chat log with Ulbricht. “Talk to me about the organ donor.” Instantly, he recommended murdering Green.

There was no indication of the assassination plot during the unseal arraignment against Clark, on Friday. However, the Department of Justice accused Clark of instructing Ulbricht on the most proficient method to “utilize menace of savagery to foil Law Enforcement.”

Beside his cosy association with Ulbricht, Clark in his affirmed part as Variety Jones may likewise have maintained his own business on the Silk Road by selling weed and cocaine. Yet, that same character boasted to Ulbricht about long periods of experience in running darknet marketplaces narcotic activities, giving Ulbricht the impression that his advisor was a professional in the drug trafficking business who had long stayed ahead of the Law Enforcement Agencies.

With Clark’s extradition to a New York court, he and Ulbricht may be in the same location as never before. No news was released when the trial will take place.

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