Failed Cocaine Darknet Drug Dealer Receives Suspended 2-Year Sentence

The defendant is about to start his trial
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A 24-year old in Germany is very lucky because he dodged a bullet that could have sent him to prison for a very long time. German Police discovered copious amounts of cocaine and marijuana totaling more than 30,000 EUR in his residence. Today, he walked away from court with a suspended sentence as the jury was lenient, this time. And this is a time when Germany is the leader of darknet drug trafficking with police arresting young darknet drug dealers often, so light sentences are few and far from the bigger sentences being given.

In Bad Sackingen the Schöffengericht sentenced a defendant from Schopfheim for darknet drug trafficking and incitement to import drugs from the darknet, to a substantially reduced sentence of probation and two years imprisonment suspended. Even more so, the guilty party was fined 3,000 EUR that must be given to a non-profit organization of the defendant’s choice.

Chairman Margarete Basler explained in the verdict that this was no small matter. He harped on the fact that a 24-year-old was deeply involved in “really big matters” but lucky, this time. This was due to the fact that the individual had already tried to turn his life around.

It has been two years almost since his start. Back in December 2015, he discovered darknet marketplaces and the illegal niche of trading and buying illegal drugs and other serious narcotics. Sure he was feeding his own addiction at first but once he became an apprentice, he started ordering in larger numbers, including 600 EUR worth of amphetamine to resell to friends and other people in his neighborhood.

However, like all things that sound good but end up bad, one of his drug suppliers failed to correctly address his package. In general, the darknet provides a level of anonymity for people to buy illegal goods, but when you deal with an idiot it will likely end up poorly. However, the 24-year-old was unaware of this and with not enough postage for delivery, the package was returned to the sender. But this sender was obviously not the original and raises suspicion within the authority circles. The company chosen to be the “sender” immediately turned the package into the police and the investigation began and immediately resulted in an arrest.

Even with the defendant in the foresight of the police, it took more than a year to warrant a search of his residence. There the investigators found a cooler under his bed with a backpack inside. Within the bag was over 400 grams of marijuana and 90 grams of cocaine. Both drugs were of a very potent quality according to the authorities on the scene. After further analysis, post-arrest, it was determined in the criminal report that the defendant could have made more than 100 sales of cocaine and additional 150 sales of marijuana from the quantities in his possession. The market value of the drugs at the time was around 30,000 EUR while the defendant only claimed it cost him 8,000 EUR to purchase.

90 grams of cocaine

The court listened to the defendant’s story about how he ended up in this mess in the first place and he recalled about a trip he took to Amsterdam in 2016. He met a cab driver who convinced him to score cocaine to sell. He did so in January when he took all his savings of 8,000 EUR and traded it at a local coffee shop in Freiburg for all the drugs found by the authorities. He managed to cut up all the cocaine on his own and portioned out all the marijuana appropriately. His only intent was to sell, the court determined.On a vacation trip to Amsterdam in December 2016, the business had begun. Coincidentally, he had talked to a taxi driver about cocaine.

When asked to provide details of his list of buyers, he refused. Instead, he took all responsibility upon himself. Even a friend who was questioned as a suspect and accomplice was let go because this 24-year-old took all upon himself.

Giving up others would have led to a lighter sentence, even, no conviction at all, but he refused and forfeited any rights to a light sentence. The prosecution demanded minimally two and a half years in prison. The lawyer of the defendant, Klaus Malek argued, and favorably in the eyes of the judge and juror, to suspend a convicted sentence of two years. This was based on the grounds that the defendant immediately confessed to the crime upon his arrest and that he was hurt significantly by the financial losses. Moreover, this was his first and only offense and spent four weeks in a jail cell. He also has cleaned up his act, living a stable life, without drugs, and with a very steady job. The court sympathized with this story and the 24-year-old is free as a result. This is not the first case of a darknet drug vendor or buyer getting off easy. Recently a 33-year-old Canadian was given a suspended sentence for darknet drug trafficking.


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