EROS, the Future of Sex, is it an Uber for Prostitution Opening in September or a Darknet Scam

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Two American entrepreneurs have announced that they will launch a platform that is “Uber for Prostitution.” They are calling it Eros, and the platform will list the escort services offered by registered prostitutes around the world. This is a concept at least questionable that many Internet users doubt is anything more than a hoax and scam to make money fast.

Eros Client

“Eros is a decentralized market for meeting consenting adults, looking for sex on one side and money on the other.” The two founders and CEOs of Eros, Michael O’Brien and Kevin Yang, also assume their pimp prospects 2.0. “First market of prostitution 100% decentralized”, Eros will, according to them, without complexes, be a “bazaar of the ass”. A similar application called “Ohlala” had already launched in 2015 in the Berlin region, but the ambition of the creators of Eros is Global, not regional.

Eros Founders

These darknet markets are kind of online black markets which makes it easy to buy narcotics and other prohibited or strictly regulated goods and products. The anonymity of the person connecting to it is preserved, and transactions are virtually untraceable thanks to the use of bitcoins. Thanks to blockchains, a technology allowing “to store and transmit information in a transparent, secure and without central control” and with its own cryptocurrency, Eros should thus be secured and anonymous. Michael O’Brien and Kevin Yang guarantee that, for lack of servers, the site will not get censored in the future.

As for applications to order a meal or a car, Eros users will be able to compare the rates and the “services” available, and follow the route of the prostitute woman – called an “escort” on the site – thanks to geolocation. This Uber of prostitution will even offer its customers their choice of service on a well-illustrated catalog. This catalogue seems to be 100% feminine, with entrepreneurs speaking only women escorts.

It must also be noted that this report and the geolocation of women induce a certain control and follow-up of the “providers,” despite the objective claimed by Michael O’Brien and Kevin Yang to simply provide them with assistance. According to them, the platform would guarantee them more security, since “the bulk of prostitution” is taking place today on the street, leading to undesirable effects for all the parties involved. They would, therefore, like to help them in their activities while optimizing the transactions.

“By adding transparency and removing girls from the streets, we believe we will have a significant positive social impact while satisfying the sexual needs of millions of people around the world.”

Eros Uber Map

For Michael O’Brien and Kevin Yang, as prostitution has been around for a long time and promises to continue for a while, finding a way to protect sex workers and optimize transactions was important – while claiming the economic potential for investors, which are already numerous: more than six and a half million dollars has indeed already been lifted.

Earlier in 2016, the CEO of an Escorts service had been arrested for procuring in the USA, but this does not seem to frighten the founders of Eros. And for good reason: the site also highlights the lucrativeness of the world market of prostitution, which would reach almost 190 billion dollars.

However, the face-to-face presentation of the two entrepreneurs could be explained differently. The Black Mirror concept of Eros indeed intrigues many Internet users who, besides questioning the morality of the platform, doubt its very existence. The Crypto Insider site, for example, denounced the Eros white paper, which would be a copy of a 2016 academic work from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The identities of the two founders, Michael O’Brien and Kevin Yang, are also questioned, their names matching only an empty LinkedIn profile and GitHub. Response on September 23rd, which is the official opening date of the platform.

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