Drug Lab Found Behind Furniture After Vendor Bust

drug Lab Found Behind Furniture
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In April, a package of drugs returned to sender—a travel agency—due to insufficient postage. Incidentally, insufficient postage resulted in an arrest and lab discovery. Such packages began routinely returned to sender. Police started working in lab findingscooperation with Deutsche Post. Travel agencies always received the packages. Investigators then found the suspect’s most-used mailboxes. He cycled through several within the city.

After that, the investigation became a waiting game for police. Officers stationed themselves at every known drop-spot and waited for the suspect. On December 1, he did. Officers arrested a 27-year-old as he attempted to drop-off four packages at a city-center mailbox. They then obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s Rosenheim home. Police found the lab they had been looking for.

Authorities executed the search warrant the same day. News outlets then reported the raid taking place at 1:30 in the afternoon. Police found 1.2 kilograms of amphetamines, 680 ecstasy pills, 65 LSD trips and 1.7 kilograms of psilocybin. They also found a small amount of marijuana.

The Press Release Said:

The narcotics officers of the Kripo Rosenheim and officers from the Rosenheim police investigated the case intensively. The quick progress was made by the fact that Deutsche Post helped the investigators and showed extraordinary commitment. The security officer of the Kolbermoor post office center supported police investigations. And he finally managed to determine those mailboxes from which the drugs had to make their way to the customers. Here is the Official press release

 The Lab:

lab doorThe 27-year-old stored the aforementioned drugs in a regular living area. And that was a substantial pull. But, police continued the search and found a padlocked cellar. The search team located keys to the padlocks during the search and “discovered a real drug lab.” Within it, they found 881 grams of marijuana, 40 grams of cocaine, 80 grams of MDMA, and 153 LSD-tabs. Next to the drugs were scales and packaging materials.

The Kripo (or CID) returned to the suspect’s home for another sweep. They found, by chance or by a “good nose,” a marijuana grow operation. A wardrobe obscured a hidden room that police missed during the initial search. Police called the secret room a “professional nursery.” Officers found 4.2 kilograms of cannabis plants that appeared to be ready for harvesting. Reports distinguished from the kilograms of marijuana plants and umbrels (or stalks).

drug lab

At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the judge issued an arrest warrant for the 27-year-old. Police then placed him in investigative detention for suspicion of illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs. The judge’s arrest warrant was extended to the 23-year-old girlfriend (or simply female cohabitant), with conditions imposed.

Bernd Hackl, head of the CID in Rosenheim:

The excellent cooperation of my employees with the officials of the police inspection Rosenheim led to this remarkable investigation success. Even if we are facing Islamic terrorism, cybercriminality, or the issue of housing burglary at the moment, we are not neglecting the fight against drug crimes.

This case resembles one from November; police caught another vendor due to lack of proper postage. His packages returned to sender. He too used local businesses as the return address.

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