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Dream Market is one of the world’s largest darknet markets. Established in the later part of 2013, it is an escrow darknet marketplace known for its security and reliability. It features listings of product and services typically found in most other darknet markets, many of which are illegal or prohibited on mainstream online marketplaces. These include recreational drugs, drug paraphernalia, banned digital products, hacking and falsification services, counterfeits, and weapons. However, there are also items banned on the site. Know what these are and more by going over our Dream Market review.

Dream Market Front Page

Dream Market Front Page

Dream Market Market URL Address:

  • http://uhivlt5grrqjhad7.onion

Alternative onion and not onion Links to Dream Market chanels:

Official Dream Market Forum:

  • http://tmskhzavkycdupbr.onion
  • Dream Market Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dream_Market/

Things You Need

Before getting an account, we have to emphasize in this Dream Market review that you first need to get acquainted with the following things for safe buying and selling on the site: a VPN service, the Tor browser, PGP, and bitcoins. VPN and the Tor browser are used to maintain your anonymity while buying or selling things on Dream Market on the darknet. There are many VPN services available so you can just look for one online and refer to their respective instructions on how they are to be set up. For the Tor browser, you need to go to the Tor Project website to download it. For PGP, Dream Market actually has good information about it, along with links to resource sites. Just go to the site’s Help page. Lastly, you need bitcoins since to make sure that transactions are kept anonymous.

Be reminded that when you load the Dream Market website, you need this URL: http://tmskhzavkycdupbr.onion. It’s not something you can easily remember so be sure to bookmark or save it to avoid becoming a victim of phishing. You can also only open this URL through the Tor browser so don’t think that the site is down as you try loading it on other browsers.

Dream Market Account Registration

Signing up for a is a rather short process. The account registration form you need to fill out only asks for your username, password, withdraw PIN, and the CAPTCHA code for the registration session. After completing the form and clicking on the Register button, you will be automatically logged into your account.

It’s a very quick process that allows you to get an account without revealing details about yourself, unless you get careless and you end up using the same account name you use for your other online accounts. Dream Market presumes everyone who uses the site to know that everything should be undertaken anonymously or incognito.

Dream Market Account Registration Page

Dream Market Interface

Upon logging in, you will be greeted by a page that presents news about the site at the center, the categories to the left, and a table of bitcoin exchange rates and links to important pages to the right. You can also see a list of Dream Market Onion mirrors to the left (excluding http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion).

It’s a very simple user interface. What you see on the site are mostly texts and links. Also, you don’t have to make any changes to the default settings of the Tor browser to be able to access all of the functions of the site. Even without JavaScript support activated, you can still go to the different pages of Dream Market and use its various functions.

Dream Market Interface

To make sure that you can protect your account, you have to go to your Profile page to set your login method and add your public PGP key. There are 4 login methods you can choose from: Password or PGP, Password Only, PGP Only, and 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication. 2FA involves the use of both password and PGP for logging in. To add your Public PGP key, you have to scroll down to see the field where you can add and update your PGP key.

The Dream Market site comes with a Messages section where messages from the site’s admin and conversations with other members are saved. You don’t have to worry about regularly cleaning your message inbox, though, because all of these messages are automatically encrypted. The Messages section, however, warns users not to trust messages from other users as they may include phishing links that lead to identity or personal data theft sites.

Overall, Dream Market marketplace has a responsive interface and neatly-organized content. It shouldn’t be difficult to find what you need to find on the site since there’s minimal content presented. The links to important pages are also strategically positioned.

Categories and Listings

Dream Market only has 5 main categories. These are as follows:

  1. Digital Goods
  2. Drugs
  3. Drugs Paraphernalia
  4. Services
  5. Other

For Digital Goods, you can find data, drug (guides and literature), e-book, erotica, fraud, fraud-related, hacking, security, software, and information listings. The Dream Market Drugs category does not have an extensive list of subcategories but the most popular items are covered such as barbiturates, benzos, cannabis, dissociatives, ecstasy, opioids, prescription drugs, psychedelics, RCs, steroids, stimulants, as well as weight loss products. The Drugs Paraphernalia category does not have subcategories under it but features almost all of the sought after items. On the other hand, the Services category presents the following subcategories: hacking, IDs & Passports, money (quick money schemes). Lastly, Dream Market’s Other (major) category features counterfeits, electronics, jewellery, lab supplies, defense products and information, and miscellaneous items.

Notice that you will find two Dream Market Drugs categories. There’s the main Drugs category and a Drugs subcategory under the Digital Products section. The one under Digital Products only lists drug-related information products or digital media, most of which are e-books.

Dream Market Categories

Although it seems that almost everything legal or illegal can be posted on the site, there are actually certain items that are prohibited. These prohibited listings are as follows: assassinations or the act of harming other people, weapons of mass destruction including explosives and chemical/biological weapons, poisons, child pornography, and videos or images of hurting people/animals, murder, and live action snuff.

Dream Market Search Filters

Dream Market has a simple listing search system. If you want to find an item without any qualification, just input your keyword into the the search bar on the upper right corner of the site and press enter. Your results will be shown below but with a filter section on top. This filter allows you to sort results based on shipping destination, shipping origin, escrow (yes/no), category, and price range. You also have the option to show results by price (lowest to highest or highest to lowest) and limit the results to only those listings that you favorited.

Dream Market Search Filters

These filters are already self-explanatory. For the benefit of newbies who are unfamiliar with the concept of escrow, though, here’s a brief explanation. Escrow listings are items wherein payment is not immediately given to the vendor or seller. Instead, it is held in Dream Market’s escrow system to be transferred to the seller only after the terms of the sale are fulfilled or after the item has been received by the buyer.

The buyer still pays at the time of the sale but the payment is not immediately given to the vendor. With Dream Market specifically, the buyer needs to finalize the order on the shopping cart page so the vendor gets the payment held in escrow. If you are fine with this kind of setup, you can include escrow items in your search results but if you prefer full payment at the time of the sale, you should choose the no escrow option.

How to Choose a Vendor on Dream Market

Dream Market is more of a buyer-oriented site. It only provides vendor profiles or information about users pertaining to their activity and credentials as vendors. Obviously, vendor profiles are aimed at helping buyers in finding the best possible sellers. What’s special about Dream Market’s vendor profiles is that they include Agora and AlphaBay ratings in addition to their respective Dream Market ratings.

Beside the vendor username are three ratings. The first is for the Dream Market vendor rating (1-5 range) prepended by a number that indicates the vendor’s total number of successful transactions. The second rating is the Agora rating (1-5 range) prepended by a deal count. The last rating is for the AlphaBay vendor rating. There are three numbers here separated by slashes, indicating the respective number of positive, neutral, and negative vendor ratings.

vendor page on DreamMarket

Also presented in the vendor profile is an indicator as to whether or not the vendor is a trusted seller. A trusted seller is not necessary an untrustworthy seller. They just happen to be new to the site and have not advanced to earning a Trusted status yet. Similarly, vendors that have the Trusted indicator are not always necessarily trustworthy. Some of them may still end up doing an exit-scam.

That’s why it’s advisable not to take the ratings, feedback, and details on vendor profiles as they are. You have to exert some effort to assess if the vendors you are considering are really reliable. Examine their terms and conditions and go over the comments posted on the vendor profiles. Since most of the vendors on Dream Market also have accounts at other darknet markets, it shouldn’t be difficult finding information about them in marketplace boards or pertinent subreddits like DarkNetMarkets. There’s also an official Dream Market Forum: /
where you can do some research or make inquiries.

How to Add and Withdraw Funds

DreamMarket only uses bitcoins (BTC). There’s an exchange rate schedule on the right side of the page so you should be able to quickly do estimates of the prices of the items listed on the site. All prices are presented in BTC values so if you want

To add funds, just go to the Wallet section by clicking on the “Account: ฿x.xx” link on the top part of the site. The Wallet page will show you a bitcoin wallet address to where you will be sending the bitcoins you want to deposit. Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of bitcoins, it is advisable to deposit an amount that is slightly higher than the price of the product you plan to buy.

dereamarket wallet page

Your deposit will instantly be reflected in your account balance but you actually need 2 confirmations for the deposit transaction so it may take around 20 minutes before the amount you deposited becomes usable. To emphasize, the amount you deposited may already be shown in your account balance but you can’t instantly use it right after you made the deposit. The deposit address changes after each deposit but each deposit address is valid for one month. To be sure that your deposits get through, be sure to always use the most recent deposit address shown on the Wallet page.

Making withdrawals, on the other hand, is a straightforward process. Just fill out the Withdraw form. You will be charged a transaction fee of 0.0003 BTC.

Note: On the Dream Market Wallet, the deposit is said to require only 2 confirmations but in the Help page, what is stated is that 3 confirmations are required.

Ordering From Dream Market –  Guide

To place an order on DreamMarket, you just have to click on the red Order button positioned on the lower right corner of the listing. If you had scripts enabled on your Tor browser, clicking on the Order button will open a modal window. Otherwise, a new tab will be opened. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of the sale. If you find nothing objectionable, enter the quantity you want to buy, select the shipping option you prefer, and click on the Add to Cart button. You will then be taken to a page where you will have to finalize the order.

product on dream market

Don’t hesitate to enter your real address because it will be encrypted. In fact, many Dream Market users recommend using your real name and address to avoid suspicion. Most people involved in the shipping or delivery business are acquainted with the people they often send packages to. You will only raise suspicions if you use a fake name and address. If you don’t want your package delivered on your doorstep, you can just get a P.O. box; it’s not that expensive.

Don’t expect your items to always arrive on time. You can’t compare Dream Market and other darknet markets to the likes of Amazon and eBay. There could be some delays. Don’t immediately initiate a dispute or request a refund. As a rule of thumb, consider waiting a minimum of 14 days before making a dispute or when the auto-finalize function (the system automatically classifying the sale as “fulfilled”) of the site is about to be activated. If you encounter issues, be sure to contact the Dream Market support team.

DreamMarket Support

User support on Dream Market is provided mainly through its internal messaging system. It is advisable to limit your interactions with Dream Market’s admin/support or with other users through this internal messaging system because of the message encryption it affords. If you want to inquire about or discuss less sensitive matters, though, you can head to the Dream Market subreddit or other authoritative resources like the Deepdotweb Dream Market page.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Commendable uptime
  • Vendor profiles include vendor ratings from other major marketplaces on the dark web


  • PGP public key is not made compulsory during account registration (some users may forget adding it)
  • No buyers’ ratings
  • No integrated or suggested bitcoin laundering option

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  1. Dream Market stealing from customers now? I lost 152 dollars after a direct deposit of bitcoins. It happened it less than 4 minutes. So I contact support and they give some bullshit story about a bad Dream Market link being the culprit of the stolen money. Odd because I only ever used the authorized links associated with site. I always check before signing in. The account is now dead. Passwords changed, everything changr. Customer support vanished quickly thereafter. 4 minutes and the money was withdrawn…I gave a moderator the bitcoin address where the stolen money was deposited. It was evident in my transactions. I asked, kindly, if they could cross check that bitcoin address too see if any of the Sellers I had purchased items from previously was using it. A simple investigation…nothing. I am now convinced this was a inside job. Money does NOT disappear that quick unless someone has direct and immediate access to your account. It would have been nice if they put some sort of conservative effort in trying to investigate this situatiion but the lack of responce would indicate this was a inside job. People should be aware. Doubtless this is going to happen again to someone else. Now I wonder when the next big exit scam will occur on here. Absolute power corrupts…absolutely.

  2. aber dagegen

    Dream Market Support Working with fraudulent Vendors, no proper Escow exists protection, my 320€ is ripped from but on the other hand is the Hansa Market is very reliable my 4200 € I even get back, Thanks again for the Hansa Market – Multi-Escrow protection, and support. This is my experience, So people Watch.

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  4. Bitcoin thieves

  5. beware
    will take your bitcoin and SUSPEND your login ID
    how does a hacker or phisher do that ??
    Seems to me they are stealing from their vendors.
    oh well it is what it is when you open a SEPTIC tank er dark web

  6. Dream Market, intercepted my £1000 bitcoin, it didn’t even enter my wallet.
    Very unhappy as have to go see a street dealer now.

  7. That’s odd. Alternate adresses works. Some known vendors are “on vacation” but other half make business as usual. New feedback from customers arrives.

  8. Moderator is on the take to finalize escrow transactions in favor of vendor selling crap (it happened to me) and many reports of people’s wallets being stolen and their account canceled. Use at your own RISK.

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