How To Access The Deep Web – Simple Step by Step Guide

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This page will guide you and show you how to access the deep web. Let me show you how to do it in just copule of steps. You can read more inforamtion abotu deep web access and darknet through out this article, But let me show you a fast way for accessing the deep web (and start spending some $$ on some of the  best darknet markets in the world!)

Accsess the Deep Web: Easy Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to Tor Browser download page and download Tor:
  2. Choose your device: if you like to visit the deep web through iphone select “Apple OS X”. If you trying to access the deep web through your android device use this app: If you visint tor with windows, choose “Microsoft Windows”.
  3. Install the browser and just enter any .onion URL link to the browser, and voilà, you are in the deep web now.

There are ways to protect your identity wile surfing the deep web,we will talk about that later on.

What is the Dark web?

The darkweb (or DW) It is also known as Darknet. This are websites that hide their addresses of the servers that run them though the websites are available for the public.  It is mainly used by users who want to maintain their annonymity as it is almost impossible to know who is using the site.

There are many articles on how to access the dark web, how to access the deep Web and how to access the darkent as they cannot be accessed by normal browsers. You need a special browser called Tor browser and this therefore means if you search the sites on dark Web on normal browsers search engines you can’t find them. If it is not the Tor browser one still needs something special to access the dark web for example a certain software or authentication. The sites on dark Web are able to maintain anonymity by encrypting information using the Tor encryption tool. Tor is well known for ensuring annonymity and protecting the privacy of the user.

Most dark Web sites use Tor as they operate on the same concept where information goes through many layers of encryption and the end user IP is bounced through the multi layer network to appear like it’s at another IP address in the Tor network. So Tor offers even more security for dark Web sites and it means the dark web sites are more secure than sites that are just on Tor network but are not in the deep web.  As much as this is the case, not all dark Web sites use Tor. There are many other security sites that perform the same function as Tor but is different in a way or another. This includes I2P. This is the most common alternative of the Tor network .


what people buy on deep web dark markets you ask yourself?

Dark web is mostly used for illegal purposes as compared to the normal Internet or the deep web and one of the examples of one of the sites is silk road which mainly majors in selling of recreational drugs . dark Web is also used for legitimate purposes such as communication specially in areas where you may feel your communication is being tracked or communication through blocked sites . It can be used for keeping sensitive information private.

As much as one may have interest on how to access the dark web it is important to know about the resource of the dark web. Just like the other Internet web, also the dark web has a resource which is collected through contribution of users before using in order to generate resources and maintain accountability so that there are low chances of the users leaking information . this may include media distribution which deals with specialized and particular interests, illegal content as well as exchanges that involves purchase of illegal goods.

Deep web

As much as the deep Web is normally mostly used with the dark Web ,they are different terms. The deep Web is referred to all the Web pages that cannot be found on search engines. This includes the dark Web as well as webmaster pages, user databases, forums that require registration and pay wall among many others. The deep Web replicate information such that if a page is publicly live on this website there is a copy in the deep web. For the case where one needs passwords to access a site or sites that require sensitive information, that information and password protected bits is stored in the deep web.


Millions are using the deep web and deep web markets

Research has it that the deep Web consists of 96% of the Internet thus the name deposit web sine it has the highest percent of the Internet which is mostly not accessible.

Dark Internet

This term is also used to describe websites, databases and networks that cannot be reached through the internet. It us mostly used in relation to dark Web or deep web.

Differences between the dark web and the deep Web

Having information on how to access the dark web ,how to access the darkent and how to access the deep Web is important but truth of the matter is most people confuse the two and don’t know their differences. The dark web is a substituent of the deep web and is mostly used for illegal purposes as the name dark. It is mostly used by those who have a strong desire for privacy. The deep Web consists of a larger part of the Internet and it’s data is too large to be indexed due to lack of a good software for indexing and crawling. With the deep Web it is not necessarily used for illegal purposes but just for privacy purposes.

To control the access of the dark web ,a log in is not only required to access the page but one has to go a step further to interact with the service such as using a VPN, a proxy, or an unknown network as well as additional authentication .

So, How do i access the dark web?

There has been an increase on interests in accessing the dark Web no wander there are many articles that have been written on how to access the dark web. In order to access the dark Web ,it is mandatory for one to use Tor. Tor can easily be used by going to the official Tor website and downloading the Tor browser. From, one can get the Tor browser bundle from which one can get all the required tools. The process of accessing Tor can be summarized as:

  • Go to and download the browser
  • Run the downloaded file
  • Extract the file
  • Start Tor browser
  • There is a Vidalia control panel that will appear and will handle the network automatically and open when Tor is ready  and browser will open and close when needed.

There are those who prefer a rate of privacy and in this case one can cover the Webcam to prevent any chance of prying eyes. Tin foil or tapes are up for this purposes.

Contrary to popular belief ,dark websites also go down after a while due to its nature. There are aggregation sites that offers a guide on the different sites on deep Web such as Reddit. it has several wikis with all the information.

Reviews of using the Deep Web and the Dark web

Advantages of using the Dark web and Deep web

After having enough information on how to access the dark wen and how to access the deep web, it is also important to know the positives of using the dark wen and the deep web. As much as they have been associated with illegal activities and crimes, there are also many positives associate with it. They include:

  1. They are useful when shopping in the dark market. So long as one knows how to access the deep Web ,one can shop confidently in the dark market without the fear of sensitive information being leaked such as the credit card numbers.
  2. The fact that the deep Web has high encryption, e-commerce sites cannot keep the data of its shoppers and thus there is no chance of buyers in the deep web facing price discrimination on the basis of age, demographics, location among others.
  3. With the deep web, one an shop for whatever they want even those termed as illegal such as drugs, guns, pornography among others without fear of being tracked.
  4. The deep Web is used by journalists where sensitive information needs to be kept safe for example when they are doing research, reporting about different aspects that may pose a threat to them.
  5. The deep web is used for storing databases of Companies without the worry that the information will be leaked to the public especially sensitive information.

Disadvantages of the Deep Web and the Dark web

As much as the deep Web and the Dark web has its fair share of advantages, it also has major Disadvantages and this is why still many people are sceptical about using the deep Web in their normal browsing.

  1. It is mainly associated with criminal activities. As much as there are many people who use it for legal reasons, most of the people use it for illegal activities as they want to remain anonymous in their dealings . most people who are interested on how to access the deep Web and how to access the dark web mainly want to access it for malicious deals. These may include drug dealers , pornography lovers, hackers among many others. Due to the fact that there are many criminals in the dark web, there has been many attempts to find out the users and those involved in the dark Web and thus the users of the dark web and thus it might not be very safe to use the deep Web after all.

How to stay safe in the deep web


stay anonymous on the darknet

For efficient and secure use of the deep web,one has to know the rules of the game and understand the concepts involved so as to minimize the risks involved in the deep web. It is not only important to know how to access the deep Web and how to access the dark web but also important to know how to stay safe in the deep web. Due to this reason we will share steps to ensure maximum security while using the deep web.

1.Secure communication

This is very vital in the deep web as it is all about secure communication and this is for silk road users among others. To ensure secure communication, one needs to:


This will ensure a high degree of anonymity according to standards.However, there are chances that the NBA can Crack the code and thus one should be careful with the information being shared. When you communicate with your computer into the Tor network your computer enters the network through an entry code which is also known as your IP address.Your entry node then passes the encrypted information onto the relay node which ensures that your IP address remain anonymous to the exit node. The exit node decrypts information and sends it to the internet. These three nodes ensure high security and privacy while ensuring the anonymity of the user. As much as Tor is safe, it is not advisable to enter sensitive data to any websites that you are accessing using Tor because if the nodes in the network are compromised your information will be decrypted and thus leak to the network.

To address this problem, there are many servers that offer hidden services which offer end to end encryption of information. This can be found in the address of .onion. It makes that information is not taken to the exit node where it is likely to e compromised rather it is taken back to the network and thus the Web server of the hidden service now becomes the exit node.

Make sure the site you are visiting uses Http Secure. You can know this by checking the prefix at the website. If it has Https:// then it means that it is secure. This makes sure that only the server has the right of decrypting information and not any other such as the exit node. It ensure end to end encryption of data and lowers the chances of one sending information in plain text as data in plain text can easily be compromised. As much as Https provides a form of security, one should be aware of the level of encryption of the site. This is because one encrypts data on Https using the public key and it can be decrypted using the private key. So  a high level of encryption of a minimum of 4096 bits will ensure a high level of encryption.

2. PGP, Tails and virtual Box

Most users of the Deep Web never want to put their personal details online so that in case there is decryption of information all that can be found is username and password. This is especially common for silk road users . And Inn choosing a password or a username one considers many factors that will help them to remain as anonymous as possible.

  • PGP Encryption: This uses a high level of encryption also known as cryptography. Cryptography is used for encrypting, decrypting and signing of tests, emails and files. It mainly works to ensure his level of security in email communications. Technical users of PGP use symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography. PGP can be used as follows:

Create a private key and a public key. Public key is given out to the public especially to those you wish to send encrypted information. Private key is kept by you and it is the only key that can unlock data locked by the public key. This is basically called cryptography and works to ensure that no one can decrypt information unless they have the private key. The down side of things is that if one loses the private key there is no chance they can recover it. For newbies and people not so conversant with the PGP, there is a live operating system that helps one to run PGP on any operating system and makes encryption and decryption very easy. This system of downloaded into the system and one is set to go. It is advisable to save the private key on a USB drive or SD drive. It should never be saved on the hard drive of the computer

  • Virtual Box: This is mainly used to run the live operating system and enables one to run live windows as they run the live operating system without the need to reboot the computer. Virtual box can be officially downloaded from the official virtual box site which is Https://
    The advantage of this is that it prevents your computer from being attacked by viruses and mallard that is exposed by using windows.
  • Tails: This is a live operating system  that ensure high security levels once installed. It an be found on Https:// The system comes loaded already with many security features. To use it however one needs the Tails ISO file that can also be found from the Tails official site and once downloaded it is loaded into a virtual box or a DVD or a USB drive. It is however advisable to use Tails and virtual box on either USB drive or SD card so that fits are not saved on the hard drive off the computer for more privacy.

3. Disk Encrypting and File shredding

One of the main reasons why you should use Tails is the fact that it has an inbuilt feature of the full disk encryption. This is mainly to protect its users from any sort of attacks. This feature makes sure that it formats the drive and rewrites it in a way that it is fully encrypted and the file can only be accessed by one who has a pass phrase. In case once looses the pass phrase there is no chance of recovery. Just like in PGP, the pass phase should not be stored in a USB drive or SD  card but should never be stored in the hard drive of the computer.

File shredding is important as any file that is lost in the computer can be recovered  by using the file recovery tool but file shredding works by over writing the files to make sure that it is not recoverable. Unlike the file recovery tool that removes the files location file shredding over writes the file. It is however advisable to overwrite several times so as to make sure that all files have been recovered. File shredding is done by some program Files and they can run on Windows or whatever operating system. They normally empty the recycle bin and may lean up the disk. It is advisable to empty he recycle bin using the shredder.

4. Java vulnerability


As much as there are many uses of Java and an increase in usage, it has been said to expose one to vulnerabilities and thus it is advisable to disable java in your browser especially when visiting sites in the Tor network such as silk road. Sites in the deep web that are JavaScript enable may compromise the security and the privacy of the users since they are injected with malicious JavaScript that identifies the users. There are however browsers that disable JavaScript such as Ice weasel that keep you safe whenever your favourite site is compromised.


5. Remove metadata

Meta data is something that is early forgotten while it can compromise the privacy of the user. When one logs online and uploads some day such as photos on the Web even if they delete the data somehow it will remain online. This is what is known as meta data . meta data needs to be removed. If one is using Tails one can easily remove meta data through the meta data anonymization tool.

6. Posting online

When one is using the deep Web or Tor it is important to know the precautions to take when posting online .As much as one will know how to access the dark web, how to access the deep Web or how to access the darkent, it is important to also know the security involved when posting online.

It is important for one to have multiple identities for different entities. Having the same log in for different entities raises the risk of insecurity. For example if one is involved in buying and selling it he market place and is active in forums it is advisable to have different log in credentials to ensure more security. For Tails users, there is a program called KeePass X that helps one to save different usernames and passwords as it may be cumbersome to remember all of them.

One should avoid to repeat the same grammatical mistakes over and over again as it maybe used as a basis of identification.

Proof reading content is highly recommended before posting any kind of content online as the feeds may be used to identify you. One should also be careful about what they contribute in forums as it collects information.

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