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DarkRabbit Market is a relatively new marketplace in the dark web. It appears to have Chinese origins. It uses traditional escrow but also supports multisig payments. It features listings related to recreational drugs, fraud, counterfeit items, digital products, jewellery, and weapons. As of the time, this review was written, the site reports a total membership of 10,072.

DarkRabbit Main Market URL Address:

  • http://drmarketcie6vdos.onion

Alternative onion and not onion Links to DarkRabbit chanels and Forum:

  • http://drmarketcie6vdos.onion/forums
  • http://drmarketcie6vdos.onion/forums/viewforum.php?f=4 (this is DarkRabbit help URL address)

** Please note: Those are .Onion DarkRabbit Marketplace Link (url addresses). .Onion links will open in Tor browser.



How to Access the DarkRabbit Market

If you are reading this, you are probably one of those who don’t know that the Onion link http://drmarketcie6vdos.onion/ of DarkRabbit Market marketplace is not an ordinary URL. It is an Onion URL that can only be opened using a special web browser: the Tor browser. If you are not familiar with what the Tor browser is, refer to our Tor Browser Download Guide for different platforms.

In addition to the Tor browser, you should also get acquainted and be able to use the following: VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins (BTC). VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and is used to hide your online activity tracks and prevent the possibility of having your online activities monitored. PGP is for the encryption of the messages or information you will be sharing with others online. It ensures that only the intended recipient of your message gets to decipher your message. You will need it as you communicate with vendors or buyers, especially as you send your shipping address to a vendor. Bitcoins, on the other hand, serve as the currency of choice in for dark web marketplaces. Some darknet markets also use monero (XMR) but bitcoins are the most common. Bitcoins enable anonymous payments and makes it difficult to associate a transaction with a particular person.

Interestingly, unlike most other darknet markets, DarkRabbit Market appears to have an aversion to CAPTCHAs. We rarely see CAPTCHAs on the site. Even logging in does not require a CAPTCHA. Perhaps this is due to the criticisms from users. We found quite a few complaints about the “Chinese CAPTCHA” on DeepDotWeb.


DarkRabbit Account Registration

Signing up for a DarkRabbit Market account shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. The site’s account registration form only asks for a username, password, and a PIN (must be 6 digits). One to two seconds after clicking on the Register button, you should already have your DarkRabbit account and you should already be automatically logged in. Don’t be intimidated by the Chinese characters you see on the site. There are corresponding English texts displayed. However, if you prefer to use the site in Chinese, just click on the language toggle at the lower left corner of the site.


Like most other darknet markets, once you register for an account, you will only be getting buyer functions. To get the ability to sell on DarkRabbit Market, you have to pay an upgrade fee of 0.3 BTC.

DarkRabbit Market Account Interface and Functions

DarkRabbit Market is far from being one of the better looking dark web markets. While it may not be extremely difficult to use, it could really use some improvements to become more intuitive.

As you get automatically logged into your account (the first time ever you get logged in), the first page you will encounter is the Settings page. Here, you can proceed to adding your bitcoin public key since you can’t really do anything much with your account if you don’t have your bitcoin public key added. In your succeeding logins, however, you will be directed to the index page of the site, which shows the categories and listings available on DarkRabbit Market.


Like most other darknet markets, the links to the most important pages on the site are presented on top. Quickly access the Message, Order, Settings, Vendor Center, Forms, and FAQ pages through these links.

The Message page has complete message sending and inbox viewing functions. An archive of your sent messages are also kept here. Bear in mind, though, that to be able to send a message, you have to know the account and remember name of your recipient (to enter in the Receive[r] Username field). That’s why most of the time, you can only be able to send messages to other users by using the Send Message button on the listing pages. There is no contact list here so you really have to memorize the names of the other users you want to interact with.


The Order, Forum, and FAQ pages are self-explanatory. We just wish the FAQ page had more to offer. There’s very limited information presented in it. The Settings page, on the other hand, is also a bit limited. It only presents your referral address (an Onion link of course) and allows you to add your bitcoin public key, set your timezone and primary language, add your PGP public key, and change your password and PIN. The Vendor Center page can only be accessed once you gain vendor privileges for your account.

The DarkRabbit Market account interface is not awfully bad but it certainly isn’t among the best. It looks unpolished and incomplete. It looks and acts the same with javascript turned on or off but the site undeniably looks boring. You can’t find an image on the site. Even the listings don’t have accompanying images.

Fees and Referral Program

DarkRabbit Market imposes a 3% market fee for every transaction. This is lower than the usual 4% charged by other darknet markets but we are not implying that DarkRabbit is better. There are still many factors take into account, especially when it comes to reliability and the security of users.

DarkRabbit Market also has a referral program to encourage users to invite other potential users to sign up on the site. The commission for this referral program, however, is not detailed on the site.

Categories and Listings

DarkRabbit Market is not as big as other major darknet markets. It only features 7 categories with a few listings. The category tree is presented below:

  • Fraud
    • Account and Bank Drops
    • CVV and Cards
    • Dumps
    • Personal Information and Scans
  • Drugs and Chemicals
    • Cannabis and Hashish
    • Ecstasy
    • Opioids
    • Prescriptions
    • Steroids
    • Stimulants
    • Tobacco
    • Weight Loss
    • Paraphernalia
    • Psychedelics
    • Drugs
  • Guides and Tutorials
    • Hacking
    • Security and Anonymity
    • Social Engineering
  • Counterfeit Items
    • Clothing
    • Electronics
    • Jewelry
    • Money
  • Digital Products
    • E-books
    • Fraud Software
    • Game Keys
    • Legit Software
  • Jewels and Gold
    • Gold
    • Silver
  • Weapons
    • Pistols
    • Long-Range Guns
    • Hand Weapons
    • Explosives
    • Ammunition


Unfortunately, there are no indicators for the number of listings contained in the different categories and subcategories of the DarkRabbit Market. As such, you really have to open categories and subcategories to see if they have something to offer—and probably get frustrated in opening categories without anything in them. There are several categories in DarkRabbit Market that don’t have anything in them or contain only a very few listings.

When it come to the listings, the way the are presented on DarkRabbit Market appears lacking. What you will see are only the title, shipping from and shipping to information, number of stocks available, vendor name, vendor score (which was 0.00 for all of the vendors we encountered)

DarkRabbit Market Search and Search Filters

The search filters on DarkRabbit Market are unfortunately very limited. It can only sort results according to the shipping information. You can set it to display listings based on the Ship To or Ship From options. You can’t apply both. Also, this means that you will have to specify a country as the filter. DarkRabbit Market’s filter basically only allows you to show listings according to the country where the item is located or the country from where orders are accommodated. There are no other filters available. You can’t sort listings based on the price or vendor rating.


It is also worth noting that DarkRabbit Market actually does not have a search bar. We tried activating javascript support on the Tor browser but no search bar appeared. Apparently, you really have to go category by category if you want to find specific items you would be interested in.

How to Choose a Vendor

With DarkRabbit Market, there are no vendor profiles. We tried our best to find vendor profiles on the site but there’s just none of them. Certainly, there are vendors on the site but what you can find about them are just the names and some information regarding their sale terms as presented on their listing or product pages. It appears vendor ratings or scores should be available but at the time we did this review, all of the vendors we encountered had 0.00 scores. It’s either none of the vendors have been reviewed and rated by buyers yet or the DarkRabbit Market system has become erroneous that the scores have all become 0.00.

If you want to know more about a vendor, you can send a message to the vendor through the Send Message button in the listing page. You may also use the official DarkRabbit Market forums to inquire about certain vendors.

Adding Funds on DarkRabbit Market

DarkRabbit Market does not require users to make deposits to the site to be able to make purchases. You have to fund your purchases from your own bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet yet, DarkRabbit recommends using Coinb.in or Electrum.

Although you are supposed to pay vendors directly from your own bitcoin wallet, DarkRabbit requires you to add your bitcoin address public key. You have to go to the Settings page and find the section labeled Bitcoin Public Key to add your bitcoin public key. This is necessary because DarkRabbit Market forces a multisig payment system for all transactions. According to the site’s FAQ section, the multisig system is compulsory. That’s why you should provide the public key and have your private key secured with you.

DarkRabbit Market has a tutorial on how to get your bitcoin public key from your bitcoin wallet.


Ordering Guide

The listings on DarkRabbit come with “View Detail/Buy” buttons, which are actually the only way to go to the listing page since there are no other links to the listing page provided. On the listing page, you can then click on the Buy button to proceed with the purchase. Be sure, though, that you have properly read and terms of the sale. If you have questions or things you need to clarify, don’t hesitate to use the Send Message button.


Once you’re done adding your shipping details and completing your order, all you have to do is to wait for your item to arrive. Monitor your order using the Order page (link is on top of the site). Orders that have been finalized are automatically removed from the Order monitoring page after 10 days.

DarkRabbit Market Support

If you have questions or you need assistance with your account, DarkRabbit has a forum for users, which showed a total of 70 topics and 117 posts at the time we did this review. However, it appears this forum is not really adequately active. Based on the forum statistics (which was readily presented on the forum itself), the “most users ever online” was 3, and this was last November 2015.

Pros and Cons


  • Relatively low market fee and fee for getting vendor functions for an account
  • Decent page responsiveness and uptime
  • Multisig payments


  • Dated-looking, unappealing site design
  • No detailed vendor profiles, ratings, and feedback
  • Insufficient information about using the site
  • No Two-Factor Authentication

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