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Darknet Heroes League or DHL is a darknet market that focuses on drugs. It is an escrow market with most of its vendors invited to sell on the site. At the time we did this review, the site has not allowed the registration of new users yet. It’s still an invitation-only basis.

This darknet market stands out from others in its appealing website design. It features a simple modern look with a dark theme that makes it easy to distinguish it from other darknet markets. It’s also intuitive despite being different from the usual layout of darknet markets. This darknet market focuses on recreational drugs and is notable for its emphasis on security in terms of user accounts and transactions.

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How to Access Darknet Heroes League

If you are interested in the Darknet Heroes League market, you have to get acquainted with the following: the Tor browser, using a VPN service, PGP encryption/decryption, and the use of bitcoins.

Actually, you can find Darknet Heroes League websites by doing a search on Google. These websites, however, don’t end with the usual “.onion” link suffix as in Darknet Heroes League link: http://darkheroesq46awl.onion. You may find those that end with “onion.to” or “onion.cab” and they can be accessed using the usual web browsers. We opened some of them and we found that most of them present the same content as the real Darknet Heroes League website. They’re basically like mirror sites of DHL. These sites actually claim to serve as conduits to the actual Dark Heroes League website but we advise against using them. There is no guarantee that they are not phishing links. It’s important to only use the official Onion URL of the site or the alternative links provided on the homepage of the site.

Accessing the site through the Tor browser is still the best way to use the Darknet Heroes League service. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the Tor browser because it’s basically just Firefox with integrated anonymizer feature. We also have a Tor browser guide to help you get acquainted with it.

Moreover, for your security and protection, it is advisable to also use a VPN service and PGP encryption/decryption. Using a VPN service allows you to get rid of your online activity tracks to prevent anyone from tracking you. The use of PGP software, on the other hand, is aimed at ensuring that only you and your intended recipient get to ride the messages or information you share on the Darknet Heroes League market or in any other darknet market. It’s all about making sure that you remain anonymous and secure as you visit and shop on Darknet Heroes League. By the way, PGP is very important in getting a Darknet Heroes League account, as explained in the succeeding section of this review.

Account Registration

When it comes to account registration on DHL darknet website, Darknet Heroes League is strict and demanding. It does not only ask for the usual username, password, and CAPTCHA. It also asks for a PGP key. Yes, the PGP public key is a requirement, not just optional. If you have not set your PGP yet, you can’t proceed to signing up for an account. You can’t also turn to online PGP key generators to get a temporary PGP public key because Darknet Heroes League will know it. The site may even specifically tell from which site you got your automatically generated PGP public key.


This means a high level of security for the site. All users are compelled to encrypt messages or the information they share. If you have already tried other darknet markets, you presumably should already have your PGP key with you so this additional requirement during account registration shouldn’t be an issue.

As of the time this review was written, Darknet Heroes League is estimated to have around 10,000 users. Growth is expected to be slow because the site still has not opened to new membership. Each registered vendor on the site is allowed to invite up to 20 users. Invites are strictly not for sale. Vendors found to have been selling invites are penalized.

Darknet Heroes League Interface and Functions

As mentioned, the Darknet Heroes League website link URL address design is intuitive and easy to get accustomed to despite being different from the usual darknet market design. It features a dark theme but everything you need is easily visible and accessible from the homepage. We’re just not sure if many would like the prominent use of hover menus. In the presentation of the categories and listings in particular, some may find it more comfortable seeing a page displaying all the links instead of seeing different links as the mouse pointer moves through the categories.


Most of the links on the menu part of the site are icons. It wouldn’t be difficult to identify what these icons are for, though. They resemble the icons usually used in most other sites. There’s a cart for the shopping cart, the message balloon for the messaging section, and the other usual icons used for important links like the Settings, Profile, Statistics, and Security.

Darknet Heroes League has a highly secure internal messaging system. It comes with the option to double encrypt the private messages sent.

Product Categories and Listings

Darknet Heroes League specializes in recreational drugs. Its category tree is as follows:

  • Stimulants
    • Cocaine
    • Meth
    • Other
    • Amphetamine
  • Psychedelics
    • 2C
    • 4-ACO
    • DMT
    • LSD
    • Mescaline
    • Mushrooms
    • NB
    • Other
  • Cannabis
    • Weed
    • Hash
    • Synthetics
    • Concentrates
    • Edibles
    • Seeds
    • Other
  • Dissociatives
    • GBL
    • GHB
    • Ketamine
    • MXE
    • Other
  • Ecstasy
    • MDA
    • MDMA
    • Pills
    • Other
  • Prescription
    • Analgesics
    • General Health
    • Relaxants
    • Sidenafil Citrate
  • Opioids
    • Heroin
    • Opium
    • Other
  • Benzos
    • Pills
    • RC’s/Powders
    • Tabs
  • Steroids

Darknet Heroes League, at the time this review was written, had around 5,000 product variants (individual listings) and more than a thousand different types of products.

As mentioned, the categories are presented in hover menu style. We wouldn’t say it’s the best way of presenting product categories but when it comes to DHL, it’s a breeze browsing through the different product categories of the site. It may take some time getting used to and you have to get acquainted with the category icons used because you will only see their names (category names) after you hover your mouse pointer over the icons. The marijuana icon is easy to identify but the rest are not.


The listings are neatly presented in list form with information on the price, weight, and escrow option (whether or not escrow is available). If you go to a listing page, there’s an Ask field at the bottom part through which you can directly send your inquiries to a vendor regarding a specific product.

Search and Listing Filters

Darknet Heroes League of course has a search function. The search bar is located near the upper right corner of the site. It’s not that different from the search and sorting functions you will find in other darknet markets. You should be able to quickly figure out how to use it even without prior experience with darknet markets.

The search tool allows you to filter results according to three factors: shipping (domestic or global), weight range (indicate “from” and “to” values), and price range (indicate “from” and “to” values). You can use all of these filter options simultaneously (i.e. indicate your preferred shipping option and enter weight and price range values before clicking on the Filter button).


How to Choose a Vendor

Similar to other darknet markets, DHL also presents vendor profiles to help buyers in choosing a vendor. Vendor profiles on this site are neatly presented with minimal texts. They show a brief description of the vendor and information on where the vendor ships its products from, vendor deals, and time when the vendor was last seen on DHL. Vendor star ratings are also presented as well as the number of “fans” the vendor has.

Obviously, you need to choose a vendor who has high ratings, active on the site (based on the “last seen” detail), and has a good number of followers (fans). It is also recommended choosing a vendor who can ship products domestically or from within the same country where you are located. Shipping products to another country can be complicated and the package is bound to be processed more thoroughly so the risks are higher. That’s why it’s better to give preference to those that ship from within the same country.


Moreover, it’s advisable not to completely rely on the information presented on the vendor profiles. It’s also recommended getting more information and suggestions about reliable vendors in the official Darknet Heroes League forum.

How to Pay for Purchases

There are two ways of paying for purchases on Darknet Heroes League: escrow or direct pay. With escrow, you will be paying through the bitcoin payment address provided by Darknet Heroes League. It’s the same setup used in most other darknet markets. The bitcoins you pay will pass through the DHL system and will only be released to the vendor once you finalize the order or after the terms of the sale are fulfilled or once the item has been delivered.


When it comes to direct pay, there will be no more DHL payment address to use. You will be sending the bitcoin payment directly to the buyer. We wouldn’t recommend this setup especially if you are a first time buyer or if you are buying for the first time from a specific vendor, since this option is more prone to fraud or scams. Nevertheless, if you have already been transacting with a particular vendor and you already trust that your purchased item will indeed be delivered, you may choose to use direct pay.

How to Order

Placing an order on DHL is similar to how it is done in other darknet markets. You just have to click on the Buy Now button (Escrow or Direct Pay) so you can put the item into your shopping cart. To emphasize, the Buy Now button does not immediately bring you to the checkout page but sends a product to your shopping cart so be careful in clicking the Buy Now button. You may end up repeatedly putting an item in your shopping cart.


You have to click on the Shopping Cart button so you can proceed to checkout. Review the details of your purchase and add your shipping address and (optional) message or question. Your shipping address is automatically encrypted.

Once everything is properly filled out, you can proceed to paying for the product. Just follow the prompts or messages you find on the pages as you proceed.

Bear in mind that you will not  be given a tracking number for your order. Don’t expect vendors to give you a tracking number. This is the norm when it comes to darknet transactions. It’s for your and the vendor’s protection. That’s why you really have to ascertain the reliability of a vendor before you place an order and it is always preferable to use the escrow system.

Darknet Heroes League Support

The messaging system allows you to directly contact Darknet Heroes League’s admin or support team so don’t hesitate to use it. Also, make good use of the official Darknet Heroes League forum. You will find a lot of useful information and insights from the threads there. It can also serve as a support system as you can get help from the site’s admin and the other users of the site.

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive and responsive website
  • Good uptime
  • Option to do escrow or direct payment transactions


  • Invitation-only membership
  • Limited number of vendors
  • Focuses on drugs

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