Darknet Market Drug Funnel Closed with Dealer’s Conviction

Strand Iowa Man Darknet Drug Dealer
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A man from Iowa was convicted of drug dealing. He will serve the next four years in prison thanks to the ruling by Judge Patrick Lang of the Athens County Court of Common Pleas in Athens County, Ohio.

The 27-year-old Tyler Duane Strand, as indicated by court records, is a native of Forest City, Iowa. He was convicted previously of second-degree felony unscrupulous activity, as well as, third-degree felony money laundering. According to Keller Blackburn, the Athens County Prosecutor, upon release, Strand will require three years of post-discharge control.

Prior to this conviction Strand’s accomplice for selling darknet market drugs was Anthony Scott Boeckholt, 47-year-old, of Forest City, Iowa. He was convicted and five felony charges and has been serving a 10-year prison sentence. Prosecutor Blackburn explained the crime entailed selling Percocet and OxyContin worth $2,000, to two Ohio University students. The two students are serving a three-year sentence each. This is becoming a more common affair for college students in America, as witnessed last week, when three Western Illinois students were arrested for darknet drugs.

The investigation was carried out by the Athens Major Crimes Unit with follow up by prosecutor Keller Blackburn. The two Ohio University students told investigators they used a bitcoin wallet to buy narcotics from Strand’s vendor shop on a Darknet marketplace.

Investigators at that point inspected mail and messages sent between the university students and the suspected narcotic dealers, and with search warrants captured Anthony Scott Boeckholt and Tyler Duane Strand.

According to the initial report, Scott Boeckholt and Tyler Duane Strand were accused of sending numerous extensive shipments of narcotics to the students on the dark web.

“Ohio is experiencing an opiate crisis, and this suspect in Iowa was utilizing university student to traffic illicit drugs through darknet marketplace with thousands of dollars,” the prosecutor’s office released.

The two Ohio University students, Zachary Vaughn and Cody Wootton, were each indicted on a third-degree felony conspiracy charge prior this year. Whereas three of Zachary and Cody’s previous roommates each happened to be arraigned with a fifth-degree felony count of authorizing drug abuse in their previous abode on Mill Street, an accomplice of the two students, Connor Brockman, Shannon King and Jonathan McLaughlin, each happened to be arraigned with third-degree felony conspiracy.

According to a separate report Connor Brockman, Shannon King and Jonathan McLaughlin were arraigning for purchasing narcotics from these two Ohio University students. It was a funnel of drug sales starting with Strand at the top. Xanax pills were found on the arrestees creating a bigger of a much larger darkweb drug trade.

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