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Darkmarket is a rather curious entity in the dark web. While doing this review, we were somewhat confused as to whether it is a marketplace or just a shop. On the first page that appears after clicking on the homepage (which is just an image), Darkmarket is referred to as a market. However, in the FAQ section, it is referred to as a store. Based on its slogan, “Sell Anything. Anywhere. Anytime” the site appears to be more of a market.

Darkmarket takes pride in being one of the top Onion sites. It is ranked 212 among 10,001 Onion sites. This market features a variety of items and has more than 500 listings.

Darkmarket Market URL:


Darkmarket Account Registration and Login Links:




How to Access Darkmarket

With its Onion link, http://darkmarabrstwfuh.onion, accessing Darkmarket requires the Tor browser. It’s not possible to open it using just any web browser. If you are not familiar with this browser, read our Tor browser guide to get acquainted with it. Tor browser is basically just Firefox that enables anonymous web browsing. The interface is the same. There’s no need to configure anything. You can even install any of your favorite Firefox add-ons on the browser.

You will also need a VPN Service, PGP encryption and decryption software, as well as bitcoins to access Darkmarket. The VPN service is to prevent anyone from monitoring your online activities. PGP will secure messages so that only the intended recipient can read them. Bitcoin is the preferred currency in darknet markets as it allows individuals to carry out anonymous but reliable transactions. Once you have all these in place, you can proceed to buy and sell on Darkmarket.

Account Registration

Registering for an account in Darkmarket is a slightly tricky process. There is no Signup or Register button on the homepage. To create an account, you have to click on the button with a power icon on the top part of the site, right beside the “Hub” button. This will take you to a form where you will be asked to enter a CAPTCHA.


After entering the correct CAPTCHA, you will see a login button. Click on it so you can proceed to the next step. Be mindful of what you see on the page because you might think that you entered the wrong CAPTCHA as the form is still shown on the page and the login button is inconspicuous.

Once you click on the login button, you will be directed to the login page. Click on the register button, then enter your username, password, email address, avatar, and PGP public key on the registration form. The last two fields (avatar and PGP key) are optional. You can create a new email for registration purpose if you don’t want to use any that’s associated with your other online accounts.

It may take you around a minute or two to complete the registration process. Part of the reason it takes long is because you have to enter the CAPTCHA and navigate a confusing SignUp interface. To speed up registration, use the link we have shared above. You will be able to sign up in about 10 seconds.

Darkmarket Interface and Functions

Once you log into your account, you will be presented with the option of proceeding to the account dashboard or to the online store.

The dashboard looks simple and intuitive. The buttons are somewhat large. Just click the appropriate one to edit your profile, monitor your orders, contact the admin, file a bug report, and view or send messages.


You can update login details, email, and PGP key once you register.

Darkmarket’s messaging page isn’t the best out there. It comes with all the basic features including the ability to draft and send messages (unlike in other markets wherein you still have to go to the profile pages of vendors so you can send messages).

The Darkmarket account dashboard also features an Ideas page which lets you send suggestions to help improve the site. It also has a questions section, which is basically just a forum where you can post questions about pertinent topics and view the answers in one continuous thread.

The online store resembles most darknet markets. The design is intuitive and minimalist. It has a responsive web design (adapts to the size of the screen) and big buttons with few content shown on the page. The menu buttons/links on top are fixed (they don’t move as you scroll down). You should be able to access it via your tablet or smartphone.

Support is available. Just go to the  online store page and click on the Hub link on top. You can request support for account or send a bug report. Feel free to contribute suggestions to help improve the site, or go over questions and articles about Darkmarket.

You don’t have to activate Javascript support on the Tor browser to have full access to all of the pages and features of Darkmarket. The site looks and behaves in exactly the same way, with or without javascript support.

Categories and Listings

Darkmarket has a total of 21 categories with just over 500 listings. Though it’s not as big as other leading darknet markets, each category has some listings. The category tree is as follows:

  • Fraud (39)
  • Hacking (51)
  • Videos-Tutos (86)
  • Games & Stories XXX (5)
  • Courses (2)
  • Bitcoins (10)
  • Drugs (2)
  • Cannabis (2)
  • Accounts Premium (50)
  • Megapack (2)
  • Open Your Store (8)
  • Aliens/UFO (117)
  • Miscellaneous (18)
  • Resellers (2)
  • Weapons (3)
  • Custom (2)
  • Lucky Star’s (9)
  • LSD-25 Crystal (6)
  • Wow Blotters (10)
  • Martial Arts (127)
  • Services (5)


Most of these categories are self-explanatory but there we wish some of them were merged in one category. LSD-25 Crystal, Wow Blotters, and Cannabis, for example, could be presented in the Drugs category, which only has 2 listings. This is a minor issue, though, and does not affect the user-friendliness of the site.

The Megapack category is for the products from Megapack. Please see our review for more details.

We’re not sure what the Open Your Store category is about. There’s also a Custom category, which does not really provide adequate details as to what its listings supposedly are. Both of which are intended for those who want to set up darknet stores. We did not get a reply when we inquired about these at the time we posted this review. Darkmarket should provide enough information regarding these ambiguous categories or they should at least put a note and a convenient Contact link to tell customers to contact support or admin for more details.

Moreover, we have to note here that if you click on the “All” category, you will just see a blank page. Instead of showing all listings, you will see nothing. However, you can actually apply search filters/sorting parameters (discussed below) and see listings appearing on the page, arranged according to the filter you used.

Like most other darknet markets, Darkmarket also has a list of forbidden items. They are as follows:

  • Child porn
  • Animal or bestiality pornography
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Bombs
  • Poison
  • Human trafficking schemes
  • Human organs
  • Murder or assassination services
  • Living animals
  • Doxing

Search and Listing Filters

The Search bar on Darkmarket, located near the upper right corner of the site, seems to be malfunctioning. We tried it with and without javascript support but it does not provide search results. The page refreshes after clicking on the Search button but no results come out.


The site, however, has another “Search” feature located just below the Darkmarket logo. It is actually not a search feature but more of a sorting facility. If you hover your mouse pointer over the Search link, you will see four filtering options: New Listings, Discount, Top Sales, and Feedbacks.

If you click on New Listings, the items shown will be arranged based on the date they were posted, from the newest to the oldest. If you click on Discount, the items offered with discounts will be displayed first on the list. The Top Sales filter, on the other hand, puts bestsellers on top of the list. Lastly, clicking on the Feedbacks filter rearranges the items listed by putting those with the best feedbacks first.

How to Deposit Funds

Darkmarkets does not have a wallet page. You will not be making deposits to the site to fund your purchases. The site, however, uses bitcoins. You will be paying vendors directly from your bitcoin wallet.

How to Choose a Vendor

Darkmarket has vendor profiles but they don’t offer as much information as the vendor profiles presented by other darknet markets. You will only be shown one page that shows the name of the vendor, email address (usually a sigaint.org address), the date the vendor registered on the site, and the listings offered. There are no ratings or feedback from customers.


Overall, the vendor profile page is not that helpful in coming up with a well-informed buying decision. It even lacks information about the volume of orders the vendor has already processed so far. It does not help that Darkmarket does not have a forum where other users can share their perceptions or impressions of the different vendors on the site. Once

How to Order

The process of making an order on Darkmarket involves a number of steps. First, you have to the listing/product page to click on the blue Order button. Doing this will take you to the Add New Order interface where you can review your order and proceed to clicking another Order Now button. After you click on the Order Now button, you will be shown your Orders page (that presents a list of orders placed), where you can act on your pending order.


After clicking on the blue Order Now button, you will be taken to the following page:


The page after clicking the gray Order Now button:


If you want to proceed to paying for the item you ordered, just click on the Next Step button. Otherwise, you can just go back to the store to continue shopping for other products.


The Next Step will take you to the “real” product ordering process. There are three more steps you need to do here after your order has already been. You will then have to send your shipping details (be sure to encrypt using the PGP key shown on the page) and send your bitcoin payment to the vendor.


Darkmarket does not hold payments in escrow but is promoting the use of multisig bitcoin payments for the protection of buyers and vendors alike. The site has a section explaining multisig payments (under FAQ) so be sure to go over it if you are not familiar with the process.

Once all of these are done, all you have to do is to wait for your product to arrive.

Darkmarket Support

To ask for assistance or support from Darkmarket’s admin, as mentioned, just click on the Hub button on the top part of the site. This will take you to a page that allows you to send requests for assistance (through the Support link). It’s a ticket system so you can’t expect real-time responses. You may also go over the questions and answers (Questions link) as well as articles presented on this page of Darkmarket.


Pros and Cons


  • One of the more aesthetically pleasing darknet markets although the whole web design does not look in tune with the times
  • Promotes multisig payments
  • Good customer support system


  • Limited number of listings and vendors
  • The CAPTCHAs can be difficult to read sometimes
  • No forum for users (although there’s a page for it saying “coming soon”)
  • No option for two-factor authentication
  • No vendor feedbacks and ratings

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