Dark Net Vendor Ausking Shares His Experience With the Class

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Ausking is one of, if not the largest Dark Net Market vendor in Australia, and he recently did and interview for an Aussie website.

Ausking’s business stretches over a few Dark Net Markets, selling everything from weed and coke, to meth and heroin. Scoring 10-10 on what seems to be Alpha Bay, it’s no wonder he’s climbed the ranks of the few elite Australian vendors of the Dark Net. Aussie’s can expect next day delivery when dealing with Ausking, and given his delivery and feedback score, I’d say it’s a safe bet his packaging OPSEC is good as well.

The key to Ausking’s success? He chocks it up to “honesty, integrity, quality and hard work.” Not the kind of answer you would expect to come from a man in Ausking’s line of work. A lot of times the Vendors of Dark Net markets are associated with the violent, street drug dealers and organized crime violence that is so readily shared on the news. Well, turns out at least for Ausking, that he treats his illegal enterprise the same way as any regular business owner would.

When Ausking was asked about his business, and how violence ties into the day to day, he explained that by using the Dark Net to conduct business eliminates the violence associated with the drug business almost 100%. He also said as far as his business goes, violence is an unwanted, and much unneeded factor.

Statistics would prove him correct. He was also confronted with the moral question of how he felt peddling his product on the space of the web that is known as a haven for pedophiles and hired killers.

Ausking noted most of the markets do not allow things of that nature to be posted for sale. While he did not deny the fact that there are those who use the Deep Web to market and sell such things, he explained that any one of the major Dark Net markets do not allow people to sell such things, nor are they on any forums attached to the Dark Net Markets. He also expressed his severe dislike for these things, and the people that sell them.

Ausking was also fast to talk about the profits, which he says comes from his harder selection like his pure Afghan heroin. Ausking said profits from this particular product are sky-high right now. As he is currently one of the most trusted, and largest vendors on the DMNs, he said he services customers all over the world; and that if these substances were ever made legal he would sky rocket to the size of a fortune 500 company


Seeing as how one of his biggest sellers is heroin, he was challenged with the question of how much care was given to the buyer, who in smaller scale buys is often the user, too.

He also explained that he doesn’t just collect his payments and call it a day. He goes out of his way to issue warnings and advice to his users. He mentioned that he tries to give as much knowledge and insight to users of his product as he can. Ausking went on to state that the review system gives the buyer the information he needs as to the potency and effects of the drugs he sells; as apposed to buying off the street where you can’t read reviews and feedback on their products.


His answer is reminiscent to the case of Daniel Skelly who died after taking synthetic drugs sourced from the deep web in 2014. The vendor in Skelly’s case is still unknown.  In any case, Ausking prides himself in taking the utmost care and consideration for the buyer and user.

People should have the right to use substances when not harming others. We are allowed to get intoxicated and high on what we are told is okay by the government even though there is often greater side effects from legal drugs. Why is it a crime to use another type of drug? If you look into this, you will see the reasons behind drugs… If the war on drugs were ever stopped and drugs were legalized, cartels and violent drug gangs would vanish over night as legitimate companies would replace them. With all this extra money now free from the drug war they could educate people and look into the issues as to why some people abuse drugs more than others. How many lives would be saved overnight?

When he was asked what he thinks about all the people that claim the drug vendors of dark net are evil he answered by saying

This stereotype comes from narrow minded people. In fact, he explained that vendors come from all walks of life and situations. From college kids to cartel members to FBI agents; your vendor could literally be any of these and more.

The final question of the interview was how he thought business was going to be affected by the ever-changing online laws and technology. Ausking believes that the markets of the Dark Net will forever fill the void that lacks in certain areas. If someone can’t find a certain substance, it is too easy not to source it from the Dark Net. As far as getting shipments to their destination he said they do everything they know to do, and as of now is more than satisfied with their techniques

While most go on the word of law enforcement, and local and national media, it is clear that there is a major difference from the streets and the dark net. After all, it’s terribly hard to get into a gun fight online

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