Danish Woman Arrested For Paying Hitman on the Darknet

Danish woman darknet hitman
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A woman has been aligned in a Denmark court for trying to pay an assassin on the darknet to murder her partner. According to this report, the woman attempted to use her bitcoin wallet address to pay for the hitman’s services. Her attempted murder failed as the killer was fake. This is a common trend nowadays that vendors in Russia and other parts of the world claim to have secret hitmen is specific countries waiting to commit murder on behalf of someone else. The 58-year-old Danish could now face a life sentence if the attempted murder charges go through.

Be cautious when visiting any darknet marketplace. There’s a famous adage used by the majority of the privacy and anonymity enthusiasts and the deep web. Although many people challenge this, it does carry some truth. The majority of people who are new users at the Tor sites think that hiring a hitman can be a walk in the park but often get surprised. A Danish woman ordered a homicide on the menu, paid in bitcoin but what she got was not anything like a pizza!


Crime Bay purports to be run by Chechen gangsters and provides cheap services for the majority of bored web users. Such websites have continued to thrive on the darknet for many years because of scams like these. Over the years, it hasn’t been easy to verify any successful hit ordered on the darknet. Whenever users hire a hit on Crime Bay, they are offered a bitcoin address to which they send the cash. In theory, the escrow account belongs to the darknet website, and; the anonymity-conscious hitman goes ahead to ‘offer the services.’

According to Crime Bay, the money remains in the escrow account until the hit is successful. Then, the operative provides a video confirming that the job has been done. Then, the site sends a link to the video to the customer as proof that the target has been ‘taken out.’ Afterwards, the client will have other avenues such as social media and the press for more details on how and when the job was completed.

The Danish woman ordered a hit for her partner on Crime Bay, and according to reports, the Danish woman submitted her victim’s site and photograph on the darknet. Then, she also asked that the operator use a silencer gun. She specified that she needed the job completed during the first attempt.

Well, for many people who want to see their business partners, love rivals, or other enemies killed off without having to dirty their hands, this may sound simple. But, it does not always turn out to be simple, if this woman’s story is anything to go by.

After unravelling events that could shake the woman, the plot didn’t go as she would have wished. No muffled bullet fire before the murder happened; nor was there even a loud bang in the dark! The investigation is still in its juvenile stage, so; the details of how she got into police custody haven’t emerged yet.

Many explanations surfaced how her plans failed, and caused the 58-year-old Danish to end up being caught. For instance, the law enforcement authorities in Denmark could have already infringed the website and were possibly monitoring all transactions and communications therein. Then, the prosecutor requesting the court to grant that the woman goes to Italy to stand trial, it could also be that there were detectives based out in the European country. Moreover, it could be that either the detectives or the Chechen operatives are Italians.

Everyone on the darknet is wearing a hoodie and dark glasses! This woman was very naive, and as a result, she could face serious charges and possibly, end up serving a long jail sentence. Until now, she hasn’t pleaded guilty and still maintains that she is innocent.

Her case is one of the living examples of absurdities that can result from the use of bitcoin and darknet marketplaces to commit crimes. What the Danish did not understand is that the deep web houses everyone. Not everyone is genuine with their profiles when vending on one of the many top darknet marketplaces. While some users are looking for genuine business activities and offering real services, others want to capture criminals. Everyone on the darknet hides behind dark glasses and a hoodie. Anonymity makes it difficult for users to know who is cheating, and; who isn’t!

The court will resume later this month. It is expected that about six prosecution witnesses will be present at the court. This is the first time that a Danish court is dealing with an attempted murder case that’s related to the deep web.

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