Cybercrime Experts Say: New Zealand Businesses Can Benefit From the Darknet

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For years people thought the Darknet was not profitable for business and only for criminals. With crime bosses laundering money for centuries, many have turned to launder bitcoin and drugs, as it is easy profits, especially at darknet marketplaces. However, the tables are turning and experts are realizing money can be made by anyone.

British cybercrime expert Dr. Stephen Hill, who has clients from Europe to the Middle East strongly believes that New Zealand of all places, and Kiwi businesses can prosper. Dr. Stephen Hill stated that “for online investigators, the internet is a vital tool as search engines and social media monitoring tools have developed with far more capabilities to assist in the retrieval of information.” He says that the Darknet has information which could improve intelligence.

In the past companies have used security intelligence groups to protect them from the dangers on the darknet. However, this dangerous place has more than 90% of the internet’s data including big sites like Facebook. This data is what could possibly be used for businesses to use and make money on the information and intelligence. For information, a business looks it up on the regular web using search engines. But there is still a ton of data unused.

Think of it like the universe. The clearnet is matter. It is what you can see and experience. It is physical, and what you would say is “real”. However, what about everything else in the universe, the darkness and the black. The things behind the light that is hidden. Is that not “real” too? Is that not termed dark matter, dark energy etc. That represents the vast majority of the universe but it is on the other side of light, on the other side of what is clear to us.

An accounting firm in Auckland, New Zealand says that “cloud systems rely on web integrity and information.” Something which the Darknet has a plentiful amount of. He also says the information can be used for more reliable data which is essential to success.

Big companies are realizing the great power on the Darknet and are using it. It is not just New Zealand but all over the world. An example of companies using it, is for sophisticated social media search techniques.

Since the regular web only hosts 10% of the internet, companies may not be able to find everything out. The Darknet comes in where businesses are developing tools for finding the information. These tools get better information and things they could not find on Google or Bing.

That is a thing which a few companies are developing in New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand already have a lot of restrictions on the Darknet. They collect and store all your data on the internet and are against VPNs. Cases where there were copyright infringements the government used the logs of the person doing it against them.

Private investigators are trained to know where to look for information. But like before they use the regular internet search engines to get them the information, but not all of the information. The Darkweb opens them up to information they have never seen before. Future private investigators might possibly be trained to look for information there sometime soon.

Lawyers have a similar case to private investigators. Their job is simply to get evidence to beat the court or the other person. So information is key to have good evidence. Some people have such evidence which could possibly be used against them. So using the Darknet for information can land them with some good evidence. This makes the job easier and a whole lot better by winning cases. But both lawyers might be using the same technique of using the Darknet for information. Old crime cases unresolved can be opened up again. Leaving the lawyer a whole other place to gather information for his case.

New Zealand and American companies see the growing popularity of the Darkweb. With growing numbers of people using Darknet marketplaces, they can set up shop. Although it has not been tried yet, companies in addition to their website on the “normal web.”

Companies which mainly show ads on the normal web are missing some profitable chances. They could be advertising their brand or whatever on the dark web. There is always a risk but definitely worth a company looking into this potential investment.

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