Crypto Market Review

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Crypto Market is a dark web market notable for its policy of not allowing sales to or from Russia. It claims to be “the darknet’s most resilient marketplace.” It brags of being one of the oldest as well as one of the most secure marketplaces on the dark web.

Crypto Market Main Market URL Address:

  • http://cryptomktgxdn2zd.onion

For Crypto Market alternative onion and not onion Links to Crypto Market chanels are:

  • http://qmxatp67yinspsuf.onion/


How to Access Crypto Market

Just like the many other dark web markets we have reviewed here, accessing the .onion URL for Crypto Market http://cryptomktgxdn2zd.onion is not possible with ordinary web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. What you need is the Tor browser. Download and install the browser. We have a guide in using the Tor browser in different platforms for your reference.

It’s not enough though that you have the Tor browser if you are really thinking of buying or selling on darknet markets. You must not leave traces of your identity and activities in any part of the dark web. To make sure that you remain anonymous and untraceable as you use Onion site dark web markets, you also need a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins.

VPN erases your online activity tracks or prevents you from leaving traces that make you identifiable online. PGP enables the encryption of the information or messages you exchange as you communicate with vendors or buyers in darknet markets. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is the currency you will be using as you buy or sell items since it allows you to transact anonymously and securely. You may also use other established cryptocurrencies such as monero (XMR), which is used in darknet sites like Oasis Market and AlphaBay.

Anyway, before you get to access the Crypto Market site, you will have to enter a CAPTCHA code, just like what many other darknet sites require. At first, we thought that the CAPTCHA code requires javascript because we had to repeatedly reload the page since the CAPTCHA kept refusing to appear. It turned out javascript was not necessary. It was just some server/connection issue.


Moreover, Crypto Market also has an anti-phishing mechanism wherein you will be asked a question before you can proceed to accessing the actual Crypto Market homepage. You might be a little confused by the anti-phishing instruction but basically, what you just have to do is to pick the letter, number, or character in the Crypto Market .onion URL based on the order mentioned in the instruction. For example if you are asked to enter character 8, the answer is the letter “c,” the eighth character in this link  cryptomktgxdn2zd.onion from the left (http:// is not included in the count).


Account Registration

Getting a Crypto Market account is supposedly a quick and simple process. It may even take more time passing through anti-DDoS and anti-phishing steps as you try to access the Crypto Market homepage. The registration form online asks for an account name, password, PIN code, currency, and the CAPTCHA for the session. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds unless you keep encountering connection problems.


The standard Crypto Market account is just a buyer account. If you want to sell things on this dark web marketplace, you will have to pay for a vendor upgrade (0.13 BTC for escrow vendor, 0.39 if you want to become an FE vendor). Go to the Settings page and find the Pay for Vendor Upgrade link. You may not have to pay for the vendor upgrade fee if you only intend to sell low price goods (those sold at $4 or lower) or if you have high sales in another darknet market. Just contact Crypto Market’s support team to avail of this privilege.

Buyers also have the option to upgrade to a Pro Buyer account to get a “Pro” tag (greater perceived credibility), gain access to a Pro private discussion area, and gain the ability to give +10 to -10 feedback reviews instead of the usual +5 to -5.

The Crypto Market Account Interface and Functions

One of the most distinguishing features of Crypto Market is the site’s design and setup. Most of what can be seen on the site are texts and tables and not many may like it. Those who have gotten accustomed to modern websites would likely find the site’s design unappealing and not so intuitive. It doesn’t help that the clicking a link on the site occasionally returns a “404 Not Found” error.

The first page you will see upon logging in appears to be a message sending form, as shown in the screenshot below. Scroll up and you will find the links to the important pages of the site. You will also find your account recovery key, site updates, and messages from the Crypto Market admin.


Crypto Market has a News section but it does not really present news or updates on recent developments on the site or in the dark web. Instead, what’s posted here are new items being offered by vendors. Apparently, the News here means “new listings from vendors.”

Moreover, Crypto Market has a Messages section with an indicator for the number of messages contained in the inbox. The interface for the Crypto Market Messages function is rather cluttered or unintuitive. There’s a lot going on in the page. Presented on the top part of the page are site update, vendor news, and account recovery key. You need to scroll below to see your message inbox and the message sending form, or to see the buttons for drafting a new message, viewing the messages in your inbox, viewing your sent messages, and seeing your blocked messages.


Overall, we can say Crypto Market is a bit puzzling. You may need some time to get used to how the site works. The site does not require javascript support, though. We thought it looked unusual (looking bare and unfinished) because it needs javascript but we turned javascript support on and there’s actually no difference in the way the site looks and behaves with or without javascript support.

Categories and Listings

While doing this Crypto Market review, we really thought that the site does not have a section for categories and listings. It’s because the categories are at the bottom part of the homepage. It’s not a very sensible position for presenting the categories and listings. It’s as if they they are being hidden. Crypto Market should consider putting a link or button above to help direct users to the categories and listings section.

Anyway, most of the listings offered on Crypto Market are related to drugs. The categories and subcategories are as follows:

  • Cannabis
    • Weed (7064)
    • Hash (961)
    • Edibles (289)
    • Concentrates (421)
    • Seeds (225)
    • Others (6094)
  • Stimulants
    • Stimulants (791)
    • Cocaine (1873)
    • Speed (932)
    • Meth (598)
  • Ecstasy
    • Ecstasy (1194)
    • MDMA (1550)
    • Methylone (201)
    • Pills (1422)
  • Opioids
    • Opioids (872)
    • Oxycodon (808)
    • Heroin (992)
    • Opium (105)
    • Methadone (153)
    • Fentanyl (245)
  • Benzos
    • Benzos (768)
    • Valium (262)
    • Xanax (1010)
    • Diazepam (111)
  • Dissociatives
    • Dissociatives (68)
    • Ketamine (661)
    • MXE (68)
    • GHB (129)
  • Psychedelic
    • Psychedelic (347)
    • 2C (170)
    • DMT (182)
    • LSD (682)
    • NB (106)
    • Mushrooms (294)
  • Prescription
    • Prescription (3070)
    • Steroids (616)
    • Relaxants (105)
    • Analgesics (62)
  • Others
    • Digital (4910)
    • Bitcoin (248)
    • Accounts (1755)
    • Money (2294)
    • Software (713)
    • Misc (564)
    • eBooks (8057)
    • Services (576)
    • Others (3963)


When it comes to prohibitions or restrcitions, Crypto Market does not accept the following:

  • Weapons, explosives, and items related to terrorism
  • Illegal porn
  • Carding on Russian citizens
  • The sale of items from or to Russia

Search Filters

Crypto Market really needs to work on its user interface. We initially thought the site does not have search filters. We only realized it’s located near the top part of the homepage, right below the site news and updates section. It’s oddly positioned far from the listings and categories.


The site’s filter enables the sorting of search results according to two factors: payment type and shipping. For the payment type, there are three options: FE, escrow, or both. For shipping, you can set the filter to search based on shipping origin (Ships From) or shipping destination accommodated (Ships To). Unfortunately, you can’t do a search by specifying a country for both shipping origin and destination.

For the uninitiated, FE is an acronym for “finalize early.” It means that the vendor can ask the buyer to finalize the transaction (and have the payment held in escrow released to the buyer) even when the item has not been delivered yet or even when the terms of the sale are not yet met. Escrow means the payment sent by the buyer is withheld by the Crypto Market system and is only released to the buyer after the delivery or after the terms of the sale are complied with.

How to Choose a Vendor

Just like other darknet markets, Crypto Market also comes with vendor profiles to help buyers in making decisions. Vendor profiles typically present the following information:

  • Number of positive feedback, number of negative feedback, and vendor rating (%)
  • Vendor feedback reviews
  • Vendor overview, policies or terms, shipping information, and updates
  • Vendor PGP public key
  • Last login time
  • Notifications or notes about the vendor (provided by Crypto Market). As shown in the sample vendor profile presented in the screenshot below, Crypto Market may post notes about the vendor, especially if a vendor is under investigation and there are sanctions imposed.


Obviously, it is preferable to choose a vendor with the highest number of positive feedback, least negative feedback, and highest vendor rating. It is also recommended choosing a vendor that is regularly active on the Crypto Market site (as indicated by last login time and feedback). Additionally, it is very important to carefully examine the terms or policies of the vendor. Vendors should not ask for early transaction finalization unless they have already established credibility or a favorable reputation.

It is also important to pay attention to the notes added by the Crypto Market admin about the vendor. If you want to find more information about the vendor, check out the forums.

How to Add Funds on Crypto Market

Crypto Market does not employ a deposit system for buyers. You can proceed to buying without the need to make a deposit. Crypto Market will just display a pay address. Send bitcoins directly form your own bitcoin wallet to the pay address indicated.

If you don’t have bitcoins yet, Crypto Market recommends getting them from The site discourages using services like Coinbase because they may aks for your ID.

Ordering Guide

When placing an order, be sure to review the listing thoroughly. Be mindful of the terms. The listings on the Crypto dark web marketplace provide a comprehensive range of information. You just have to take the time to go over the typically long listing page. Because of the poorly designed website, going over listings on Crypto Market is not going to give you the most pleasant dark web market shopping experience. The way the details are presented has lack-of-optimization or wasteful-space-use written all over it. We’re not saying, though, that you will have a very difficult time going over Crypto Market’s listings. Perhaps, this is just about being too used to modern and well-designed websites. We hope Crypto could do something about its web design.


Anyway, to place an order, you have to go to the lower part of the listing page to find the Place Order section. Here, you will have to specify the quantity you want, enter your shipping address and some notes (optional), and select the shipping option you want.

Once you click on the Place Order button, you will be brought to a page that will display the bitcoin address to where you have to send your payment for the product. After sending the payment, you have to wait as the processing of the payment may take some time. You will be notified of the status of your order through Crypto Market’s messaging system. Once you receive your item, be sure to finalize the order to release the payment to the vendor. Crypto Market only supports escrow or FE transactions. If it’s not an FE item, the payment is understood to undergo an escrow system. Crypto Market will withhold the payment until delivery is made or the terms of the sale are met.

If the vendor requests to have the transaction finalized early, refuse. Only listings that are explicitly tagged “FE” should be allowed to be finalized early.

By the way, the listings on Crypto Market always come with FE/escrow tags along with indicators if the item is “Highly Sold” or if “Free Shipping” is provided. Shipping details (ships from/ships to) are also provided along with vendor levels, vendor ratings, and an indicator if the vendor is PGP verified.

Crypto Market Help and Support

Crypto Market has a Support page that presents various questions and answers regarding the use of the site. There’s also a separate Q&A section on the site. We find it difficult to use these resources, though. They are not grouped in categories so you have to go through the different pages to find something useful for the question you have in mind. The different question and answer threads also don’t have proper titles. The questions are not shown as the title. Instead, what you will see for the title is this format “[View This Question]*Topic*.” The topic is just a few words representing the question being asked. It’s not helpful. It would have been better if the title is the question itself.

Even if you use the search function to find specific question and answer threads, it’s still not going to be easy figuring out which threads are actually useful for the issue you want addressed because of the lack of proper titles.

The questions and answers serves as  growing knowledge base for all Crypto Market users. Users can provide more answers to the questions posted. However, you need to have a minimum of +5 review score to be able to post answers to the questions.

Pros and Cons


  • Page loading is fast unless you encounter the 404 error (which can be frequent at certain hours)
  • Free vendor account for those with high sales volumes in other darknet markets
  • Strict session timeout system (good for security)


  • Site could use some major design improvement for better function and aesthetics
  • Sometimes the CAPTCHA code does not get displayed when you open the site for the first time (making you unable to login)
  • The 404 Not Found error can appear quite frequently
  • A tad too meticulous login setup (you need to enter a CAPTCHA and go through an anti-phishing test and enter your login details and another CAPTCHA)

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