Chloe Ayling’s Kidnapper Michel Herba Extradition to Italy Appeal Loses

Lukasz and Michel Herba
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Michel Herba, the sibling of Lukasz Herba, who was only last week imprisoned for abducting actress/model/instagram celebrity Chloe Ayling, lost his final appeal of stay in the UK. He will be immediately extradited to Italy, where he will serve time for the same crimes committed as his brother, kidnapping and human trafficking.

Lukasz Herba is now known as the famous Polish National who created a shame kidnapping to make several thousand euro off an unsuccessful model and mother of one. Last week he was sentenced to 16 years and 11 months in prison, for the crimes of kidnapping, trafficking, and illegally sedating. He held Chloe Ayling as a prison for six days before finally turning her into the local consulate.

On multiple occassions he offered her a chance to escape by means of paying a ransom. No one paid in the end and the kidnapping at a distant farmhouse in the Italian countryside quickly unravelled as the brothers tried to sell her on one of various darknet marketplaces.

Michel Herba had refuted continuously and claimed to have no involvement at all. In fact he had no part in the actual according to testimony, because she consented by telephone to agree to meet with the brothers for a photo shoot.

Lukasz Herba alleged in the court room during his indictment earlier this month that he did not harm Chloe Ayling and was never violent toward her. He professed a love for her instead. He was trying to improve upon her career and make her world famous. He was hoping to share the payout from her modeling gigs based on the success of their capture and release together.

The court of Milan however, thought that ridiculous. His story was discredited on public record and he was found guilty with a close to 17 years in prison punishment.

Adding fuel to the fire in court, testimony revealed that Lukasz Herba posted on fake darknet sites and pretended to be a member of an anonymous dark web gangster crime syndicate known as Black Death. Accessing the deep web was the only bluff Lukasz could offer his victim that grew knowledgeable quickly that this was a sham kidnapping. Even the federal agents were miffed by the fact that Lukasz turned himself in with presenting Chloe to consular agents.

The 37-year-old, Michel Herba was not as easy as an arrest. He was arrested after the news broke of Lukasz arrest, because the car used to kidnap Chloe Ayling was registered in Michel’s name. However, he claimed he was indeed not associated with the abduction scheme, and he also fought a court battle for almost a year to prevent extradition.

According to the records, Michel claimed he visited his brother in Milan from Poland and only heard of the kidnapping upon his return. His visit was purely coincidental and his car was uninvolved otherwise.

“The whole incident seems to be a sham,” Michel Herba claimed. “If I took part in the nefarious activity, I will certainly not come back to England to proceed with my work and still reside freely.”

George Hepburn Scott, the extradition attorney, standing for Herba, stated: “We appealed because there is a body of proof that the whole instance is a publicity stunt and that there was in any event, no evidence of Michel Herba being identified with any one of the alleged conduct.”

This case went through multiple appeals all the way to the top at the Supreme Court level. The ruling was in favor of the prosecution to extradite Michel to Italy where he could have a fair trial for the crimes charged in Milan.

Michal’s legal representative maintained that his client should not be extradited considering that the Italian authorities had barely affirmed on the undertaking that he was complicit in the alleged abduction without providing adequate evidence of the part he played during the attack. However, repudiating his appeal, Lady Justice Sharp acknowledged that the warrant was adequate as well as outlined the charges against him.

Before the weekend Michel was transported to Milan, Italy, by flight and was immediately accompanied by officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) and was thereafter turned over to the Italian police. The following day he was steered to the San Vittore jail where he would remain detained until his trial.

During his sibling’s trial, the court was informed the both suspects had been caught on CCTV near the building where Ayling had been taken for the photo shoot that never happened. Italian authorities additionally possessed CCTV photos of Michel driving in Italy; While he mentioned a story about his brother, the date and time of the photos did not match the dates of his supposed trip to see his brother.

CCTV footage of Michel Herba

Furthermore, text messages exchanged between the brothers and emails uncovered by a confiscated laptop revealed the plan between them from start to finish, including how much to ask in bitcoin payments for her eventual release. They even discussed the type of bag to keep her in from initial transport to possible disposal of a body if necessary.

The authorities also have a telephone conversation recording between Lukasz and his mother instructing her to pass the following message to his brother Michel: throw away the car.

Lukasz also admitted in court that this was the second attempt to kidnap Ayling, as the first was aborted due to the terrorist attack that took place in Paris, suggesting together “we worked out another method to kidnap her.”

A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service validated that Michel Herba had been extradited. Italian government officials have not finally resolved the final arraignment proceedings, but a quick trial and sentencing is expected.

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