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3.8 (75.29%) 17 votes is a bitcoin mixer established since 2016. Chipmixer can be found on the clearnet as well as darknet, as it has a .onion URL.

Are you looking for a Bitcoin mixing service with the best security privacy? offers top privacy that ensures your transaction remain anonymous.  In addition to Bitcoin mixing, ChipMixer provides the unique and exciting features than other bitcoin mixers available. Let us see how ChipMixer is different than other Bitcoin tumblers.

ChipMixer creates Bitcoin addresses and funds them with specific sizes before the user can deposit their bitcoin stash. The addresses are referred to as “chips” and can have a predetermined value such as 0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC and so on maxing out at 4.096 BTC. When you deposit your Bitcoins, you will receive the equivalent in chips. The chip value in the Bitcoin coin mixer is predetermined before thus ensuring maximum privacy. In addition, since the chips are pre-funded, there is no link between them and the user’s deposit on the bitcoin mixer blockchain.

  • What can you do with chips? Once you have obtained your chips, there are several things you can do to increase your anonymity:
  • Split Your Chip into two halves with the value of the original chip, i.e. one 0.032 BTC chip would split into two 0.016 BTC chips.
  • Merge Your two chips of identical value and combines them into one value twice the value of their original chip, i.e. merging two 0.032 BTC chips would result in one chip worth 0.064 BTC.
  • Bet Your Chips and receive twice as big one or even receive nothing. The chance to double your chip count is 15 out of 32 opportunities or around 47% according to the website, which does not seem even at all.
  • Donate a chip to ChipMixer’s own account. If you only have big chips, use the split function before donating. This becomes they
  • You can withdraw chips. This will unveil their private keys, and you can import into your Bitcoin wallet. Furthermore, you get a receipt after receiving funds from them. Privacy Homepage

Other exciting features is that Chipmixer output is faster than inputs. And from a blockchain perspective, you can spend your output before sending them to the mixer.

How to Open a Chipmixer Account

ChipMixer starts a 48-hour session when you log in to their system. ChipMixer acts like a casino as it allows the users to bet a number of chips where you can either receive double the amount or end up with nothing. Other than gambling your chips, ChipMixer requires no registration and thus makes it easy mixing your coins just like a casino does. After 48 hours of mixing your chips, all your logs are automatically erased. Besides, you can simply request a session extension on a simple request. ChipMixer has full control over chip mixing and will provide you with excellent services. To make it clear no account is required to be created and the no Bitcodes are needed too. session token

How to Access Chipmixer Account

To use, you must be in possession of Bitcoins. These can be from your bitcoin debit card, your bitcoin wallet, or by having bitcoin that is purchased on an exchange sent to your Chipmaker account. You can even use another bitcoin mixer or bitcoin tumbler and have the coins sent to the given Chipmixer address that is activated for 48 hours.

You have two options to access your account:

  1. From TOR using the .Onion URL: https://chipmixerwzxtzbw.onion OR
  2. From a clearnet browser and URL:

How to Use Chipmixer / Bitcoin Mixer / Bitcoin Tumbler

Step One: Deposit Bitcoin

Deposit Bitcoin TumblerTo use the ChipMixer service, click the icon the Start Mixing icon. This will lead you to a deposit page where your bitcoin address will be shown. Simply use the address to send your bitcoin for tumbling. On the same page, you will get a token number which you should save for your safety purposes. You also need a minimum of 0.001 BTC in one transaction. After the process, you will be directed to the next step.

Step Two: Bitcoin Mixing

Chipmixer Bitcoin Mixing

After you have made the deposit has been exchanged, then you can mix them. You can then mix them in 8 ways; split, merge, bet, donate, commonize, withdraw, deposits, and withdraw. You should withdraw or deposit all chips before going to Step 3. Once you reverse chip, you cannot split/merge/bet/donate it.

Step Three: Bitcoin Withdrawal Bitcoin Withdrawal

This is the most private way to make a withdraw. You can then import them into different wallets. You can also split and hide the private keys in different places. The total process of the transaction is notified through a receipt.

Next, you will receive a receipt. It will provide the private keys needed for withdrawing bitcoin properly.

Chipmixer Receipt of mixing

Step four: Finish Bitcoin Mixing, Destroy Session

All your chips have been withdrawn. Remember to write down private keys and vouchers from Step 3. Click the button “Destroy this session” to destroy the session and all linked data. You should note that the private keys and the vouchers cannot be recovered.



  • Easy to use
  • It offers unique features on how to withdraw
  • Each chip has a private key
  • Offer 15 out of 32 chances to win which is around 47%.
  • “Pay what you want”


  • No affiliate campaigns
  • Sessions tokens expire and cannot be used over time
  • Betting chips are not even odds, with a 50-53% unsuccessful rate

After frequently testing the bitcoin mixer and verifying its legitimacy, we highly recommend ChipMixer among the best bitcoin mixer service, with impressive security features and trusted functions. They provided a receipt for all your transaction. It is easy to use, and you can pay what you want.

If you have queries, there are several ways you can get a solution from ChipMixer:

  • Use Chipmixer FAQ page by clicking the “FAQ” button on the top right corner of the website.
  • Click the “Contact” button which is in the right corner of the website, and you will be shown the contact details which include support email and bitcointalk account.


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  1. Transferred BTC in and received 6+ confirmations from the sending account. After 30 hours ChipMixer still had not received the transfer and I emailed them. No reply. Extended the session and emailed again at 50 hours with no response. I’m calling scam. Use at your own peril.

  2. Do not trust this company, they do not get back to emails and service does not work.

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