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CharlieUK is a darknet vendor that specializes in cocaine. Although this vendor’s name somewhat associates it with the UK, its main product is cocaine that is sourced from Venezuela. The site labels UK-sourced cocaine “not really worth the time.” It offers what it calls the “most potent imported aristocrat grade cocaine.” It nevertheless also offers a UK-sourced product, the Lemon/Amnesia Haze.

As of the time this review was written, CharlieUK was already around a year old. It has been maintaining accounts/stores in five leading darknet marketplaces, all of which have already been reviewed here on AlphaBay, Crypto Market, Dream Market, Silk Road, and Silkkitte.

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  • CharlieUK specializes in high quality cocaine imported from Venezuela
  • This darknet vendor does not require account registration and deposits for purchases
  • You may buy CharlieUK’s products through its accounts in the following darknet markets: AlphaBay, Dream Market, Crypto Market, Silkkitte, and Silk Road. The account name is “CharlieUKontor.”
  • Ordering through the CharlieUK website is mainly through email communication.

How to Access CharlieUK

Given its Onion URL, http://eeyovrly7charuku.onion/, it’s obvious that CharlieUK is a website that cannot be accessed by just any web browser. You need the Tor browser to be able to open this website. Don’t worry, though, if you  are not familiar with this browser. We have a Tor browser download and user guide you can refer. You shouldn’t find it difficult using this browser. It’s basically just a slightly different version of the Firefox browser. You can install in it the same collection of add-ons or extensions available to Firefox.

Other important things you need to know in accessing CharlieUK are VPN, PGP, and bitcoins. You will need to use a VPN service to prevent anyone from monitoring your online activity, especially as you shop for cocaine on CharlieUK. PGP is a software intended for the encryption and decryption of the messages or information (especially your name and shipping address) you will be sending to CharlieUK when you place an ordrer. Lastly, you also need to have bitcoins and to know how to use them since this cryptocurrency is the only currency you can use for buying things on the site.

No Account Registration

CharlieUK does not require customers to sign up for an account to be able to place an order. Everyone is welcome to buy on the site. It’s just important for buyers to make sure that they understand what they are going to undertake. The site’s homepage provides a good deal of information prospective buyers need to know so it’s important to go over it.

Just make sure that you are not on some phishing site, that you are on http://eeyovrly7charuku.onion/, as indicated on the site’s logo.


CharlieUK Interface and Functions

There’s nothing much to mention about the CharlieUK interface. It’s just a typical darknet vendor site. Your interaction with the site is likely going to be very limited because there aren’t that many products being offered and you are not going to create an account with it. The site basically only presents information about the shop and its products. There are no extra features like a messaging system and an order processing facility.

You don’t need to activate javascript support on the Tor browser when accessing CharlieUK. The site looks and behaves exactly the same with or without javascript support.

Aesthetically, this darknet vendor’s site leaves much to be desired. It looks like a haphazardly created website. It’s as if there was no effort exerted at all in coming up with the site’s design. Well, maybe there was some thought put in designing the site’s logo but that’s probably the only thing that cannot be heavily criticized about the site. The graphics, layout, font, and color palette of the site could use some improvement.

The Products Offered

On the CharlieUK website, there are only two types of products being offered. These are cocaine and haze skunk.

The cocaine sold on the site are available in 6 weight variants: 0.3 grams, 0.5 grams, 0.7 grams, 1.0 gram, 1.4 grams, and 2.0 grams. They are sold for £30, £50, £70, £90, £130, and £180 respectively. All of CharlieUK’s cocaine products are being offered in their strong clean and uncut form. They may just be crushed during packaging up for stealth purposes so there will be times when they are mostly powdery and sometimes in small rocks. CharlieUK says that for the most part, they do not do anything else with the Venezuelan cocaine they export except weighing and packaging them.


The haze skunk or lemon/amnesia haze being sold by CharlieUK, on the other hand, is being marketed as “not your average medium quality cannabis.” This product comes with high THC content. It is also notable for being sticky and for having a strong hash-like smell when smoked, giving a punchy euphoric high. Unlike  the cocaine on CharlieUK, haze skunk is sourced from the UK. An order of 1.6 grams of haze skunk costs £20.


Search and Search Filters

Obviously, since there are only a few products being offered on CharlieUK, you will not find a search feature on the site. It’s totally unnecessary. You just have to browser through a few pages to learn more about the products available.

No Account to Maintain – No Deposits to Make

Unlike in the case of most darknet markets, you don’t have to maintain a bitcoin wallet account or some similar setup to fund your purchases. In fact, you don’t have to maintain any account at all. As mentioned earlier, there is no registration process you have to complete to be able to buy from CharlieUK. You will only be doing an account registration if you decide to go to the darknet markets where CharlieUK has a store or account (the other option for ordering).

If you buy through the CharlieUK website, you will have to contact CharlieUK’s admin so you can state the product you want to order and indicate your shipping address (more on this below, in the “How to Order” section of this review).

Of course, just like most other darknet vendors, CharlieUK only accepts bitcoins for payments. The prices of the products are presented in pound sterling (£). Unfortunately, the prices are not automatically converted into their bitcoin equivalents. The site also does not show a £ to BTC conversion table or an  automatic tool for converting £ amounts to bitcoins. The site only says that you have to use a converter to see the equivalent BTC price of your order. It would have been better if the site provides a link to a reliable converter or embedded a £ to BTC conversion toon on the site.

How to Order

You have two options when ordering on CharlieUK: through the site or by going to the respective stores or accounts of CharlieUK in the following darknet markets: AlphaBay, Crypto Market, Dream Market, Silk Road, and Valhalla or Silkkitie. Unfortunately, the CharlieUK website does not provide direct links to its specific stores or vendor profiles in these darknet markets. You really have to search for this vendor yourself in these darknet markets if you are interested in getting its products through the major darknet markets. The name you will be looking for is “CharlieUKontor.”


If you place your order directly through the site, you just have to do the following 5 simple steps:

  1. Evaluate the product you want to buy and take note of the price (0.3 g cocaine, 0.5 g cocaine, 0.7 g cocaine, 1.0 g cocaine, 1.4 g cocaine, 2.0 g cocaine, and 1.6 g haze skunk).
  2. Send an email to the following address: [email protected]. The email you will send should include your (1) address and (2) and product you are ordering. Before sending the email, though, be sure to use the PGP key of CharlieUK. There’s a page dedicated to presenting the site’s PGP key; the link is located near the upper right corner of the site, just below the Home link.
  3. Wait for the email reply from CharlieUK. This email will provide you the bitcoin address to where you will be sending the payment. CharlieUK usually indicates in this email the BTC equivalent of the price you have to pay for your order.
  4. Send your payment for the order and make sure to tell CharlikeUK that you have already sent the payment (through email, to the same email address you used earlier).
  5. You then just have to wait for your shipping confirmation.

For the other option in placing an order on CharlieUK (placing an order through AlphaBay, Dream Market, Crypto Market, Silk Road, or Silkittie), please refer to our reviews for these different darknet markets where CharlieUK has an account to get acquainted with the ordering process. The links are already indicated in the introduction part of this review.

All ordered products are set to be dispatched through first class shipping within the day if the order is placed before 2:00 PM (UK time, working days only). If the order is processed past 2:00 PM, it will be dispatched on the next working day. Postage is free.

There is no required minimum or maximum volume of order indicated on the site.

CharlieUK guarantees that its products are shipped with utmost regard for good stealth. Extra services pertaining to shipping may be provided, especially for customers in hard to reach locations. These special services, however, entail additional costs.

Order Cancellation and Refund

It is possible to cancel an order, even after you have already sent your bitcoin payment, if the product has not been dispatched yet. You need to send an email to the same address to indicate your intention to have the order cancelled. You may also ask for amendments to your order if it has not been dispatched yet, within a few hours after placing the order.

If your order has not arrived yet beyond the expected delivery time, be sure to send an email to CharlieUK to discuss the problem. The site will provide a refund if there is enough proof that the delivery really failed. UK to UK orders are usually expected to arrive during the same day or the day after.

Since your purchase with CharlieUK is a darknet transaction, don’t expect to get a tracking number. It’s cloddish to attempt tracking an illegal drug purchase.

CharlieUK Policy on Privacy and Escrow

The use of PGP encryption is recommended when exchanging emails or communicating with CharlieUK. However, emails that have not been encrypted are still going to the processed. The risk is on the buyer. All emails pertaining to the transactions are permanently deleted two days after the order has been received by the buyer.


CharlieUK promises a dependable service but for the protection of buyers, it is recommended doing a test buy of 0.3 grams of cocaine for the first transaction.

Unfortunately, CharlieUK no longer offers an escrow payment system. Accordingly, the site had to stop doing so due to losses incurred at the Agora, Abraxas, and Oxygen darknet marketplaces.

CharlieUK Support

If you have questions, be sure to consult the FAQ page first as the answer you are looking for may already be presented on this page. If you have further inquiries, you can contact CharlieUK through the following email address:  [email protected]. It’s a email account that is known to be secure as it is intended for journalists and activists.

When sending emails, be sure that you are PGP encrypting your messages for your own protection.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple, easy to navigate website
  • Free first class postage
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Limited products available
  • No automatic BTC conversion for the prices shown on the website
  • No forum for users

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  1. hi nice site i agree could be improved but there is a btc convertor link on page when i checked! and now he;s claiming to do bulk and offering 90’S CRACK WHICH WAS MIND NUMBING..
    certainly is working on it!


  3. Got scammed off charlieUK
    Had high hopes for this vendor

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