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CGMC (Cannabis Growers & Merchants Cooperative) as the name implies is a private, invite-only cannabis marketplace which has been in operation since June 2016. They are known for offering the finest in cannabis products and mushrooms to their members. It somehow is a mindblowing darknet marketplace with a very complicated homepage scattered with numerous logos of active vendors. Bitcoin is the choice of currency used in this darknet marketplace since it allows anonymous transactions and also reliable security for people who want to invest in such products.

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How to Access CGMC

CGMC is not just an ordinary marketplace. It, therefore, cannot be accessed with any browser given its onion link. It requires the use of a unique web browser known as the Tor browser. To be completely safe while using darknet marketplaces such as CGMC, it is important to use a VPN service and PGP encryption/decryption. The VPN service prevents anyone from monitoring your online activities. PGP, on the other hand, is used to make sure that the messages you send as well as the information you share can only be accessed by you and your intended recipient.

CGMC invite request page

Account Registration

Since CGMC is invite-only cannabis marketplace, you will first need to go get an invitation before you can proceed to the registration process.

is the website to obtain the invitation. It is given out exactly 5 days after placing your request. After clicking on the request button, you will be directed to another page where you will be told that your request is being processed.

The remaining time duration of your 5 days is also displayed to help you keep tabs just in case you forget. You will, however, have to copy the URL of that page because it is where you will have to visit again after the 5 days to get your invitation code. After laying hands on the invitation code, you can then move onto CGMC’s website to start with your registration.

Apart from the wait of getting an invite, the rest of CGMC’s registration is very simple. You will only have to fill out the boxes which include username, password, a CAPTCHA and your invitation code. After finishing that, you then click on the register button.

CGMC registration

You will be asked to type in your password again just to verify. You then click on the register button once again to complete the process. It shouldn’t take more 2 minutes of your time. Account alteration can further be done in the account settings or dashboard.

Available options there includes password change, an addition of a PGP public key, enable PGP encryption and authentication, and a bitcoin public key.

CGMC Interface and Functions

CGMC has a more complicated site or better still dashboard. It has displays of logos of active vendors all over the page as well as popular categories. Images are very large and colorful giving very little room for space.

The lower part also has vertical arrangements of top sellers and new arrivals. Each product also has below it, the price in dollars and its equivalent amount in bitcoin and also the name of the vendor. On the top part exists the usual menu made up of FAQ, Forum, the user control panel, messages, and orders.

CGMC interface
On the left side is the logo of CGMC body shown in boxes which spin after some seconds displaying images of cannabis, mushrooms, the bitcoin symbol, and a white love symbol. The cannabis and mushrooms referring to the products being sold on the marketplace, the bitcoin symbol indicating the preferred currency used in the marketplace. With the heart symbol, it can be attributed to many things.

There is a “my account” box located on the upper right part or corner. Clicking it enables you to make any changes you want to make on your account. There is also a small box located just before it which gives you the option to choose what currency to display there. It has a longer automatic session timeout.

The duration is unknown but no timeout was experienced over an hour of browsing through the marketplace. The lowermost part has a multisig guide located at the left side which upon clicking takes you to a page which has a quick escrow setup elaborating on the use of escrow on CGMC including how to extract a Bitcoin public key from your electrum Wallet. On the right side is a support box and a donate box.

Categories and Listings

CGMC has four main and popular categories with most of the listings being concentrates and flowers. CGMC though does not have a lot of listings with just 271 at the time this review was done. Below is the category tree.

  • Concentrates (95)
    • Shatter (21)
    • Speciality (12)
    • Carts (7)
    • Rosin (1
    • Wax (2)
  • Edibles (16)
    • Baked Goods
    • Chocolate
    • Hard Candy
  • Flowers (156)
    • Hybrid (88)
    • Indica (33)
    • Sativa (9)
  • Mushrooms (4)

As mentioned earlier CGMC does not have many listings and vendors. Some are in a panoramic view whiles others are also in rows below.

The panoramic view comes with descriptive images of the product, quantity, the price below it which also is in dollars and its equivalent amount in bitcoin, ratings, vendor name with little words from the vendors regarding their product and shipping methods.

Located beside them are three boxes in a vertical order of arrangement. The first one contains details, the second one is a purchase box and the last one is a favorites box.

There is also a sort box located on the very top of the panoramic view of listings which helps you sort out your searchings by way of price, name, popular and the newest of commodities. Those in rows also do have a search box on top of them which allows you to search for any commodity or product of your choice.

Pages load quickly and the interface is also casual. It should, however, be noted that Baked Goods, Chocolate and Hard candy in the listings are not the very common or known commodities we use in our everyday lives. They are of different ingredients and nutritional values.

All of this categories and Listings can only be accessed only when you are logged on the marketplace.

CGMC categories and listings

Search and Listing Filters

Like many other darknet marketplaces, CGMC does have a search bar but can only be found after you click on the browse all products box on the homepage. It is located just above the list of categories.

This search box works perfectly, giving out precise results in relation to your search. However, this search function focuses on titles of listings and content only. Any search out of context or out of the listings will produce no results.

It does not display any kind of detail whatsoever relating to that search. A message will be displayed on your screen stating that there were no results found giving you an option below to reset filters.

The word “guns” for instance was searched and absolutely nothing was brought out. This is because there is no listing on the marketplace with the word “guns” in its title.

CGMC search and listing filter

How to Choose a Vendor

Synonymous to many other darknet marketplaces, CGMC has vendor profiles and logos in place. Active vendors on this darknet marketplace are displayed on the homepage.

There is also a view of all vendors boxes which gives you an option to further browse a list of more vendors. Upon clicking it will lead you to a page with a vendor directory displaying all the alphabets vertically in green and white colors.

Alphabets in green indicate that there is a vendor name starting with that letter. All those in white implies the absence of any vendor with that letter. Below them are also a display of vendors horizontally in an alphabetical order. You can click on a vendor profile to access its activities which include his or her ratings, a display picture or logo, last seen, forum posts, and also followers.

CGMC vendor directory

Located on the left side below the logo also displays the vendor’s menu/currents strains, shipping, and refund policy. Furthermore, inquiries about vendors can also be made by visiting CGMC’s official market forum. This is to make sure you are completely satisfied with a vendor before you start any sort of engagement.

How to Place an Order

To place an order on CGMC involves four steps. You will have to go to click on the product page before any of the steps begin. Upon arriving there, you can then click on the start transaction button.

This will take you to another page where you will have to select the quantity you wish to buy and also provide a shipping address and a note which is the first step.

The second step involves a review of your order just to make sure you have everything right. Afterwards, this will take you to the third step which will require you to click on a confirm order box which will lead you to another interface for you to select your preferred transaction type.

This is either the direct-pay type or the multisig escrow type. With the direct-pay type, the payment can be withdrawn immediately upon vendor accept and you should only choose this option if you completely trust the vendor. CGMC cannot be held accountable for undelivered shipments, unsatisfactory product quality or any other incidents. Upon selecting it, you will need to provide an address from your personal bitcoin wallet. The last thing here is also to provide a refund address to receive payment if the vendor cannot accept your order.

CGMC order
The multisig escrow type will, on the other hand, require you to provide your bitcoin public key alongside a refund address as well. The vendor will not be able to withdraw transaction funds until you have received the product and finalized the transaction. In the event of an undelivered shipment, a dispute may be started after 5 days.

The third step will need you to deposit the amount of the product into a bitcoin address provided there for you. Payments will be confirmed within a few seconds but also if full payment is not detected within 30 minutes, the order will be canceled and any partial payment will be returned to the refund address provided (subject to standard transaction fees and processing delays).

The fourth and final step is to provide feedback.

How to Pay for Orders

Bitcoin (BTC) is the only currency accepted in this marketplace and in order to pay for transactions on CGMC, you need to have funds in your bitcoin account. Payments on CGMC can be held in escrow through multisig payments and also by direct type method. On CGMC, funds are sent directly to multisig order addresses.

CGMC direct pay or multi-sig

CGMC Support

When in need of assistance or answers to your questions on CGMC, you will have to click on the contact support button down below on the website. You will be given a box for you to write your message or problem and then click on the send button.

The recipient, whether the admin or a support member is actually is unknown. Responses take minutes to come and it is brought by the name Magnus whose identity is also unknown.

CGMC get support

You are however advised by CGMC to visit the FAQ section. An attempt to visit there would take you back to the login page and after login in will take you straight there.

Pros versus Cons


  • Traditional escrow
  • Availability of a market forum
  • Buyer protection available by submission


  • Limited number of listings and vendors
  • No 2FA

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