Bitcoin Mixers & Tumblres

What is tumbling or Bitcoin mixing? A lot of people interchangeably use these terms for hiding the source from where they are getting their Bitcoins or to whom they are sending out their Bitcoins to use. For this they use the Bitcoin tumbling services.

Best Bitcoin Mixers 2017

Mixer/Service  Helix  Bitcoin Blender Bitcoin Fog
URL (clearnet) (Best for 2018)!/@BitcoinFog
URL (.onion)  http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/?p=5gz3Gigfae  grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/helix bitblendervrfkzr.onion  bitmixer2whesjgj.onion  foggeddriztrcar2.onion
Fees Random service fee 1-3 % + 0.0005 BTC per output  2.5% +0.01 BTC (entry fee)  1-3% 0.5% + 0.001 BTC 1-3%
2FA Verification  No  PGP PGP No PGP
Return Time  Set own return time  10 minutes – 24 hours Set own return time Instant following confirmed deposit  6-96
Minimum Transaction  0.001 BTC  0.02 BTC  None  0.01 BTC  0.035 BTC
Maximum Transaction  5 BTC  21 BTC  None  Varies at deposit time  PGP
 Number of Deposit Addresses  5  1  5  5  5
Number of Withdrawal Addresses  10  5  10  10  20
 Delay  Up to 120 hours  Random – up to 30 minutes  Random  Yes  up to 48 hours
Letter of Guarantee  Yes  No  No  Yes  No

You may wonder why anyone would need such a service if one is using Bitcoins? After all Bitcoins are supposed to be an anonymous currency. Since Bitcoin blockchain is always in public domain and it is a public log of the transactions happening across the blockchain it is easy to track a person from his/her Bitcoin address and any online identity or id associated with the person. So to maintain anonymity Bitcoin tumbling is utilized.


Bitcoin tumbling or bitcoin mixing involves the usage of a third party service to break the connection between a Bitcoin address sending coins and the addresses receiving coins. So if a person does not wish the whole world to know from where he got his or her Bitcoins and to which addresses the Bitcoins are sent out to then tumbling is the way to go. A provider of Bitcoin tumbling service is referred to as Bitcoin tumbler.

So to get started with Bitcoin mixing one should launch the Tor browser. If it is not already installed then one can install it from here. (You can read a detailed post about the TOR browser here)

There are a number of Bitcoin Mixing Service Providers. At the time of writing this post the most popular and trusted ones are

Helix by Grams


Helix URL link address:

As per the instructions on the site the process of Bitcoin Tumbling using Helix involves three steps:

  • Enter you Bitcoin address
  • Send your Dirty Bitcoins to the Helix address Provided
  • Your clean coins are sent to your address

The process starts when you enter your Bitcoin address where you want the clean Bitcoins to be sent to.
Next you are given a Helix address to send your Dirty Bitcoins. You get a time of 8 hours to send your dirty Bitcoins.
You can send an amount between 0.2 to 21 Bitcoins.
Once the coins you send to the Helix address receives two confirmations, the clean coins are sent back to you in one transaction immediately.

Now this process can usually take up to two hours however Helix maintains a reserve of clean coins and from which it sends out the clean coins that are supposed to be sent to you. As a result in 95% of the cases the clean coins are sent out within a period of 30 minutes.
The Fee: Helix charges you a fee of 2.5% for cleaning up and sending out these clean coins to you.
Another useful factor to be noted here is the ease of use.

  • No Need to signup for a Gram’s account.
  • You do not have to pay an entry fee.
  • No PGP key verification required
  • No link to you or your online identity in any way
  • It has the build in feature of one click random delay and randomized transaction buttons. This feature enables not just a very simple and fast but also a very efficient and secure Bitcoin tumbling service.

Trust and Reliability : So far it has services over a thousand (1000+) clients and cleaned over ten thousand (10,000+) Bitcoins.
All these features and a proven track record makes Helix by Grams the most trusted Bitcoin Mixing service present at the time of writing this post.
The second Bitcon Mixing Service Provider of trust is…:

Bitcoin Blender

Bitcoin Blender Link Url Address:

  •  http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion
  • bitblendervrfkzr.onion/?p=login (login link)
  • http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion/?p=quickmix (Bitcoin Blender quickmix)

As per the site http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion and I quote
“We are a hidden service that mixes your Bitcoins to remove the link between you and your transactions. This adds an essential layer of anonymity to your online activity to protect you against ‘Blockchain Analysis’.”

There is a thread about their services on the trusted forum Bitcointalk

Bitcoin Blender site interface is simple and easy to navigate.

To use Bitcoin Blender services one has to register on the site through this Bitcoin Blender URL: bitblendervrfkzr.onion/?p=register


Bitcoin Blender offers some distinct and interesting set of features such as Low, Randomized Fees (1-3%)


As per the claim of the site they charge a random fee between 1 to 3 percent to keep the service affordable: One may ask why a random fee?

The answer as to why Bitcoin Blender charges a randomized fee is that by doing so the analysis of their services becomes less predictable.

They put forward an interesting fact about blockchain analysis and being detected.

Supposed Bitcoin Blender charged a flat fee of say 2% then the job of someone doing a blockchain analysis would become more easy as someone interested in tracking would analyze suspected deposits and withdrawals for a 2% modifier hence a randomized fees would add a degree of safety.

  • Bonus Program (0.5%)
    For those who deposit more then 10 BTC within a period of 7 days then their deposits would get them a 0.5% bonus on the entire deposited amount done in that window of 7 days. The 0.5% bonus can also be looked upon as an additional lowering of fee.
  • Referral Program (0.5%)
    When the combined deposit made by a user and his referred users reaches 10 BTC in 7 days the referring user would be credited 0.5% of all the deposits.
  • Two Factor Authentication with PGP
    The use of PGP Key enhances the security of operation. The user is required to set up the PGP key in one’s profile. This would enable two factor authentication. The added security means that on every login the user has to decrypt a message containing a randomized one time password or OTP. This way only the individual who has access to the private key and password can access the account and the funds associated with the account.
  • Up To 5 Simultaneous Deposit Addresses


A technique adopted by Bitcoin Blender to increase anonymity exponentially is to split the user deposits between five bitcoin addresses at once. Say for example you are being tracked and the person tracking you wants to locate the “10” Bitcoins deposited by you. Since the amount deposited by you is split between 5 different deposits it becomes more difficult to locate the individual deposits.

  • Auto-Withdrawal If a user desires he or she can set the auto withdrawal feature so that one would not have to log back into the site and make the withdrawal.
  • Fast Processing: Bitcoin Blender enables a person to withdraw money deposited into account as soon as the deposits are confirmed. A point of caution here worth mentioning is that it is advised to let the coins sit for some time before a withdrawal is made.

The above two mentioned sites are the most trusted sites and are listed in order of trust and reliability. Following are some other service providers providing Bitcoin mixing or tumbling services as you may like to call them.


  • Link Url:
  • .onion miror link address: http://bitmixer2whesjgj.onion maintains a reserve of coins in its system. A user of the service is provided an address to send his or her coins to. These coins are added to the system to the end of the chain and fresh premixed coin are sent to the depositor. So what if the depositor makes another deposit? then what are the chances that his own coins which were deposited by him through a previous deposit are sent back to him as clean coins? To avoid such a situation uses a process of using bitmixer code. implements it using a generator referred to as “bitcode.”

bitmixer-code Fees: charges a minimum fee of 0.5% plus a 0.0005 BTC for every forward address. recommends to set higher custom fee to prevent advanced amount-based blockchain analysis.

Bitcoin Fog


Bitcoin Fog .onion Url link address: foggeddriztrcar2.onion

The use of Bitcoin requires the user to register at the site. The bitcoin Fog lists a straight forward process for mixing a users coins. First the user is supposed to make a deposit. Bitcoin Fog currently supports a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.03500000 BTC so a user is advised to deposit more then the amount of 0.03500000 BTC plus the fee otherwise the user would not be able to withdraw.

A user is provided with an address to deposit and can have upto 5 deposit addresses to make the deposit. A user can check if the transaction has actually been made by checking the blockchain block explorer Bitcoin Fog requirer 6 network confirmations for the payment to register.

If for some reason even after a delay of two hours the users deposits do not get updated then the user can contact the support team for action. For users who have been inactive for several days on the network it may take a delay of upto 15 minutes after login for the outstanding deposits to register and display.

Bitcoin fog clearly suggests that to increase anonymity the user must create and use new address. The Bitcoin Fog Withdrawal process


Bitcoin Fog Withdrawal page requires the user to enter an amount to withdraw. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 0.03500000 BTC.

The user can enter his or her withdrawal address and upto 20 addresses can be entered here. Time Span of withdrawal: The withdrawal spans from 6 to 96 hours and the user can pick a span accordingly. Delay: Here the user specifies the number of hours to wait before stating the withdrawl process.

A maximum value of 48 hours can be specified and this delay can also be used to cancel the withdrawal process if need be.

Pay Shield


Pay Shield Url link address: http://payshld6oxbu5eft.onion

Pay Shield allows you to mix your coins as well as make payment with your mixed coins.

To mix coins the user is required to enter the withdrawal address. This leads him/her to a generated address where the coins to be mixed can be sent.


To mix coins the user is required to enter the withdrawal address. This leads him/her to a generated address where the coins to be mixed can be sent.

From the time a person enters the forwarding address and a corresponding deposit address is provided a deposit is to be made within a period of 24 hours before an automated system deletes the address.

A person can send between 0.1 BTC to 20 BTC to the address that is provided for the purpose.

Pay Shield Fee: Pay Shield has an upper limit of 2% as the fee. They apply randomized fee to increase anonymity.

Average mixing timeAs per the information provided by Pay Shield it takes about 30 minutes from the time the payment is confirmed.