Buying Weed On The DarkNet, An Alpha Bay Tutorial

Buying Weed or other items on a dark web market is as easy is buying on e-bay, amazon or any other online web site. The biggest challenge is to make sure you keep your anonymity and privacy while doing so. Thanks to some tools available to us like the Tor browser and a basic VPN service this task is quite easy to accomplish. No wonder dark web market sales are booming totalling in hundreds of millions of dollars a year.


The first step in the whole process would be to get your hands on some bitcoin. You will need bitcoin to purchase stuff on the dark markets and I would recommend using a VPN service from the moment you start using Tor, the anonymous browser, if you don’t use a VPN already. Pay for your VPN service in bitcoin to keep your anonymity, there are many VPN services accepting bitcoin, I would recommend using IPVanish or Private Internet Access, both accepting bitcoin. Note that using a VPN is in my opinion a MUST nowadays, we take our laptop with us everywhere and connect through public wifi networks all the time. Its simply insecure and even irresponsible not to use a VPN, especially when connecting to public networks. And I am not even talking about privacy, which is a major concern everyone should be fully concerned with it by now.

The best way to get some bitcoin anonymously is by accessing Local Bitcoins. Post a request to buy bitcoin, say $200 worth of bitcoin, and exchange cash for bitcoin meeting someone in public near you. Make sure you don’t talk too much, keep the bitcoin buying transaction as concise and formal as possible. Before getting your hands on bitcoin, you need to download a bitcoin wallet to your smart phone where you would keep your newly purchased coins. I would recommend using MyCelium if you are on an Android phone or BreadWallet if you are an iOS person. Whichever bitcoin wallet you eventually end up using, make sure you backup the wallet passphrase on a piece of paper. You don’t want to lose the bitcoin you are about to purchase in case you lose your phone or your phone gets stolen.

So now that you are a pride owner of some coins, sitting in your mobile wallet you are ready for the real deal: buying weed online!

First, purchase a 30 days VPN service (anywhere from $2 to 9 a month). Since you are going to pay for it in bitcoin, give false information about your personal details and even use a throw away email address to signup for it. I recommend using an email address from Guerrilla Mail, Throw away mail or Temp Mail. All of these services offer a disposable email address service where you are given an email address to use without having to give up any personal details. After paying for the service and getting your VPN service username and password via e-mail keep them noted on a text file and download and install the VPN client software for your operating system. Make sure you enter your given VPN member credentials and that you have successfully connected to a VPN server.

You have your VPN connection enabled, so go ahead and download the Tor browser. Install and run the browser and get to the point where you see the Tor browser default home screen:

Now head on to one of the dark web market places. Note that all of them are using a .onion domain name, thus they can’t be accessed from your regular browser. I recommend purchasing on the biggest market – Alpha Bay. If you ever want to access another marketplace, here is a good resource listing the .onion addresses of all the biggest dark web markets.

AlphaBay market might show a DDOS Protection screen, it is very common for a dark web site to have one installed, so if you are displayed with a page similar to, simply answer the DDOS protection question and continue to Alpha Bay’s register account page.


At the new account registration page, choose your desired username, a password and a 6 digit PIN code. All the other fields are optional, so no real need to fill them up. Note to save this info on a piece of paper, so you can later access your account to check your order status, purchase more stuff, etc.


Once you click the “Join the market” button you will be displayed with your security mnemonic, write it down on the same piece of paper as well. You will need your mnemonic if you ever need to reset your password or recover it. This is common practice on all dark web sites as they never ask for your e-mail address upon registration. Your personal mnemonic is simply a substitute for your email.

Copy & Paste the displayed mnemonic to the input box and click the Continue button to confirm to Alpha Bay that you had noted your mnemonic. Welcome to AlphaBay! You are game!

Congratulations for signing up for a dark net marketplace for the first time. Be patient, pages might load up slowly, but head on to the Cannabis & Hashish category and browse some offerings in that field. Note the description and the price displayed in USD and in bitcoin.


Click on one of the offers and read through the details. Make sure that the vendor has a high vendor and trust levels. If you have questions to the vendor or concerns, use the internal messaging system to chat with him. Once you are ready to buy simply click on the Buy button. Since you have no funds yet on your Alpha Bay account, you will be given a bitcoin address and a QR code will be displayed, which you can scan with your mobile bitcoin wallet to actually send the payment. Don’t worry, the bitcoins you are sending are escrowed by Alpha Bay and are only released to the vendor once you confirm getting your purchased weed.


Fill up the address information where you want your weed delivered to. Consider using a false name if you are giving away your personal address. You can always add a sticker to your post box with that “sort-of-temporary” looking subtenant phony name you specified on your Alpha Bay order recipient name.

Wait a few days for the delivery to come in. Open it up and roll a joint. Sit back and relax. You had just made your first dark web purchase. You deserve that smoke!



If you keep all the above guidelines in tact, there is a very slim chance that someone could trace that dark web purchase back to you. However, you can always improve your privacy and security and take them to an higher level, for the most paranoids among us, here is some more information about that. Let’s start with Tails.

Tails is a live operating system that can be launched on almost any computer by simply connecting a USB drive or a SD card to an existing computer. It’s main purpose is to allow at most privacy and anonymity, to circumvent internet censorship and to allow to leave no trace at all. Tails forces all connections to the Internet to go through the Tor network. It’s biggest advantage, Tails is portable and since you can attach it to almost any computer and use it easily, it is super comfortable to use, especially when the task at hand is a quick purchase on the dark web. You can literally enter an internet cafe, connect your SD card or USB with Tails on it, go to your preferred online dark web marketplace, register an account on the spot, pick a product and pay for it in Bitcoin. By using Tails on a public computer you save yourself the VPN & Tor download stages. It is perfect for a one-time purchase or for those of us that want to stay as “clean” as possible.

In the next tutorial we will discuss Tails and other privacy and anonymity tools in more detail. We will also discuss bitcoin tumbling techniques and other ways to further obscure yourself while buying anything on the dark web.

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