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Bloomsfield is a darknet marketplace that once started as a vendor shop called “Biocanna.” It is a simple dark web market with a minimalist website. At the time we did this review, the site only featured a few hundred listings, a majority of which are related to drugs. Apparently, Bloomsfield used to be called Bloomsfield but it has undergone rebranding and now sports a simple logo the features a cloud with the letters “Bf” in it. At the time this review was written, Bloomsfield reportedly had 19,253 users.

Bloomsfield Market URL Address:

  • http://spr3udtjiegxevzt.onion/

Alternative onion and not onion Bloomsfield  Market Links channels and Hansa Forum:

  • Bloomsfield Market Registration page: http://spr3udtjiegxevzt.onion/index.php/register
  • Bloomsfield Sub-Reddit:
  • Bloomsfield Market Login page .onion URL address: http://spr3udtjiegxevzt.onion/index.php/login


How to Access the Bloomsfield Market

Before you proceed to accessing the Bloomsfield darknet market, there are 4 important things you need to know. These are the Tor browser, VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins.

The Tor Browser is an essential tool you need for opening the Bloomsfield Onion URL link http://spr3udtjiegxevzt.onion/. As you may notice, the Bloomsfield address ends with a .onion suffix. This means that the site resides in the dark web, a concealed portion of the deep web. You need a special web browser to access the site, and that’s the Tor browser. If you are not familiar with this browser, we have a Tor browser guide for different platforms so be sure to check it out.

VPN, on the other hand, refers to Virtual Private Network. You need it to hide your online activity tracks. Be reminded that you are accessing the Bloomsfield darknet market as you want to buy or sell things anonymously and without having to worry of getting traced and identified. You need to use a VPN service to make sure you protect your identity.

PGP is intended for the encryption of the messages or information you may have to share with vendors, buyers, or the Bloomsfield admin. Encryption is also important to protect your identity and avoid leaving incriminating digital bits of information online.

Lastly, you have to get acquainted with the use of bitcoins. Bitcoins allow you to pay or accept payments anonymously. You may also have to learn about bitcoin tumbling and mixing to have a higher level of security as you use bitcoins.

Account Registration

Bloomsfield has a slightly longer account registration form (compared to those of other major darknet markets) but you should be able to complete your registration in around 30 seconds. You will be asked to enter your username and password then proceed to choosing if you want to get a buyer or a seller account (Role) and set your location and currency of choice.


If you get a seller account, you will be required to enter a PGP public key, so that will make the account registration process a little longer.

All of the fields in the registration form are required to be filled out. You can’t just leave out the country field as you try to not reveal your location. The registration process will not proceed if you leave anything blank. However, you don’t have to enter your correct country.

Also worth noting, the Bloomsfield account registration form will not notify you if your registration failed and the reason why it failed. You will simply be returned to the base registration page. You will only know if your registration was successful if you are redirected to the login page after you click on the Register button.

Bloomsfield Account Interface and Functions

Bloomsfield has a minimalist intuitive site design, which should allow even newbies to darknet markets to quickly get the grasp of using the site. Everything is neatly presented. The layout looks familiar. There are Bloomsfield links to the most important pages on the topmost portion of the site.


Upon logging in, you will immediately see the different categories and listings the site offers. Like in most other darknet markets, the categories are on the left side while the listings occupy most of the page. It’s a simple and straightforward presentation. You don’t need javascript support to access the pages and functions of the site, except when you have to create a key from your wallet passphrase.

The Inbox section comes with the ability to send messages to other Bloomsfield users, provided that you know their names. There is no list of contacts here (you can’t add contacts) so you really have to remember the names and accurately write them in the message recipient field.



If you want to do some changes in your account, just click on the Bloomsfield market Account link URL. In the Account page, you can add your bitcoin public keys, refund address, and PGP key. You can also configure your two-factor authentication feature here to make your account more secure. Unfortunately, you can no longer change your preferred currency. If you chose BTC, all prices will be presented in BTC with no USD or other currency equivalent. You just have to consult the exchange rates at the bottom part of the site if you want to get the equivalent USD, GBP, or EUR amounts.

Categories and Listings

Bloomsfield only has two major categories and a few hundred listings. These major categories are Drugs and Others. The category tree for this darknet market is as presented below:

  • Drugs (104)
    • Benzos
    • Cannabis
    • Dissociatives
    • Ecstasy
    • Opioids
    • Prescription
    • Psychedelics
    • Stimulants
  • Others (155)


As mentioned at the start of this Bloomsfield review, most of listings in this darknet market are related to drugs. Even the Others category, which has no subcategories, actually includes several listings related to recreational drugs. If you actually remove the drug-related listings under the Others category and put them in their correct categories, you will see that there are really more drug-related listings on this dark web market than non-drug-related ones.

Despite having just a few hundred listings, Bloomsfield’s listings are not that well-organized. This does not bode well for this supposedly promising darknet market. It’s not reassuring to know that even with its current size, the site’s admin are no longer able to properly organize the main content of the site. This may not be a big deal for now but it’s worth pointing this out to help Bloomsfield grow into a credible and intuitive place for darknet users.

More importantly, some of the subcategories on the site don’t show listings even though they have numbers beside them indicating how many listings are contained in the category/subcategory at the moment. This seems to be some system glitch and hopefully it gets resolved soon.

The listings on Bloomsfield are in list view (in rows), each presenting a thumbnail/image, listing title that also serves as the link to listing page, price, payment method indicator (FE or escrow only), reviews (number of review), and star ratings. If items are escrow-only, there is no more tag or indicator put on the listings since all payments on the site are held in escrow by default.

Most of the listings under the Others category are stolen or hacked accounts, carding, guides and tutorials, and software. Unfortunately, the listings don’t come with tags or indicators as to whether they are physical or digital items.

Bloomsfield Search and Search Filters

Bloomsfield has a supposedly good search filter or more aptly, an advanced search function.  With it, you can set parameters for the search before doing a search (not search then sort). We’re just a bit unsure why it should be positioned at the bottom part of the site, where it is mostly inconspicuous. There’s a “Click here to search for a product” link on top of the listings, which leads you to the advanced search function, but it’s mostly unnoticeable. More importantly, we were disappointed to learn that this search function was not working at the time we did this Bloomsfield review.


It’s such a letdown because this advanced search feature on the Bloomsfield market is arguably one of the more decent ones. It allows you to limit your search to a specific category. It also allows you to do a search based on a price range, item location (origin country/ship from), shipping locations accommodated, payment type (FE, escrow-only, or both), and vendor trust rating. Moreover, you can specify the order or sequence (the “Order By” option) of the search results based on date, price, product name, vendor name, and category.

You can set the ordering of the results to be on an ascending, descending, or random basis. We’re not sure if the random order option makes sense but if you want to be a little adventurous as you look for items you may want to buy, you can use this function.

Anyway, there are two search buttons here (Search and Advanced Search). We just couldn’t ascertain what these buttons actually do since, as mentioned, the search function was not working when we did this review. It returned an error message every time we do a search.

How to Choose a Vendor

To evaluate a vendor, there are vendor profiles on Bloomsfield you can scrutinize. The vendor profiles present the vendors’ locations, average ratings, number of completed orders, PGP public keys, and latest listings. Unfortunately, these information are not enough to help you make an informed purchase decision. It also does not help that most (all of the listings and samples we sampled) of the vendors on Bloomsfield don’t have ratings and feedback from buyers. Perhaps there’s a glitch in the Bloomsfield system as it is apparently doing a rebranding at present, but the way things are when it comes to vendor profiles is not reassuring.


For now, it may make good sense to just wait first until Bloomsfield returns to what can be considered as a normal operation, before using the site. For now, it seems the most credible vendor information you can get through the site is something you can obtain by using the (send) Message button on the vendor profile page. Sans an official Bloomsfield user forum and vendor feedback and ratings, it’s really difficult to evaluate vendors on Bloomsfield.

Adding Funds on Bloomsfield

The currency section of the account registration form allows you to choose bitcoin (BTC), US dollar (USD), British pound sterling (GBP), or euro (EUR). This does not mean, though, that you can use USD, GBP, or EUR for transactions on Bloomsfield. The currency used in this darknet market is only bitcoin, just like most other dark web markets. The fiat currencies mentioned are only to determine how the prices are to be shown on the site.

To add funds to your account, follow the following guide below:

bloomfield - adding funds

Ordering Guide

There are four steps in placing an order on the Bloomsfield dark web market. First, you have to go to the listing page to click on the Purchase button. Clicking on this button will bring you to a page where you will have to enter the number of items you want to get and confirm the order. Next, you will be asked to enter your shipping address and send the payment. You then have to wait for the item to be dispatched. Once you receive your order, you have to complete the transaction so that the escrowed payment can be released to the vendor, unless the item is for FE payment.


Bloomsfield uses a traditional escrow system and also supports multisig transactions. If a listing does not bear the FE tag, it is automatically presumed to be subjected to the site’s standard escrow system.

You will be sending payments to order addresses that will only be generated once you set up your extended public key. Bloomsfield has a guide on how you can set up your keys so refer to it if you have not set your keys yet.

Bloomsfield Market Support

If you have questions or things you need to clarify regarding your account or the Bloomsfield service in general, you can send a message to the Bloomsfield admin by clicking on the Support link on the upper right corner of the site. Don’t expect much from this darknet market’s support, though. Based on some of the comments on Deepdotweb, support and admin responsiveness on Bloomsfield is far from ideal. Also, it’s unfortunate that this darknet market does not have an exclusive or official forum for users. If you want to try getting information or insights from other sources, the risk is all yours to bear.


Pros and Cons


  • Minimalist intuitive site design
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multisig transactions supported


  • No user guide, FAQ, or help/reference page
  • Advanced search feature not working
  • Limited number of categories and listings
  • Limited number of vendors
  • Vendor profiles lack some important useful information
  • No official Bloomsfield form for users

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  1. FAQ:
    Official subreddit/forum:
    Advanced search feature works only with button “Advanced search”

    … “some of the subcategories on the site don’t show listings even though they have numbers beside them indicating how many listings are contained in the category/subcategory at the moment.”

    >> That is because some vendor is still in autovacation mode (idle/afk). If you set filter in advanced search to searching for inactive vendor then you’ll be able to see that kind of items.
    Advanced search require minimum of two chars for start searching.

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