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Bitmaila is an anonymous email provider that can help you to communicate with other users over the internet, without having the fear of being intercepted by a third party or just bomb with dozens of ads like we see on commercial emails. It is a paid account, not so much but you need Bitcoin to pay for that. It is decent email provider offering for just $1 a 500Mb mailbox, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP, and you can have a very good PGP encryption using mailvelope. Pricing is a paid anonymous email provider that can be used with Tor anonymous browser that can hide your IP, or without it. When you say paid, it’s like you would have to pay every month for a subscription, for you just have to pay once for a lifetime just 1 dollar. This option as a lifetime registration for just $1 is available for the first 1000 customers, at this time there are already 500 accounts registered and we are now in March 2017. The only payment method to purchase a Bitmaila account is Bitcoin, and if you want to get a Bitmaila email you have to get first a Bitcoin account.

Bitmaila Features

  • is an anonymous email provider for just $1
  • You will not be tracked inside your mailbox
  • Bitmaila support Smtp, IMAP, POP3 like other commercial email providers
  • Your IP is hidden when using Bitmaila with TOR
  • In there is no advertising like you can see with Yahoo or Gmail

Even if it is not free, you cannot say is an expensive anonymous email. The price for a membership at this time is just $1 but we don’t know what will be in the future. You can communicate anonymous with other Bitmaila users or other mail provider users, your activity is not traceable and you don’t see commercial advertising like you see in Gmail, AOL, Hotmail or Yahoo. If you use Bitmaila with Tor browser, you can hide your IP. You get SMTP, IMAP and POP services and you get SSL/TLS encryption on port 465.

Bitmaila Advantages

Bitmaila pros

  • Bitmaila is anonymous
  • No trackings
  • Encrypted email communications
  • No ads inside email
  • There is no IP logging
  • You can use it with TOR or without
  • SSL is available with Bitmaila
  • Dovecot, postfix, SOGo
  • SquirrelMail, Spamassassin, ClamAV
  • PGP encryption is a very good anonymous email provider offering great services like any other commercial provider. You can get IMAP, POP3 and SMTP support, you don’t find advertising inside your inbox, no advertising and there is no IP logging. A very big advantage is that you can use it with TOR and you can hide your IP, because the most of the commercial emails, don’t allow the use of TOR browser. You can have SSL and PGP encryption with Bitmaila, you can have Dovecot, SOGo, postfix, Spamassassin, ClamAV and SquirrelMail.

Bitmaila Disadvantages

Bitmaila Cons

  • Bitmaila is not free
  • Just 500MB for 1$
  • Payment just with Bitcoin

Bitmaila is not an expensive anonymous email provider, but still costs $1 and this is not the main problem, but you can not get it if you can’t pay with Bitcoin, so you need to have a Bitcoin account to do that. Another disadvantage is the small storage, just 500MB for 1$. Registration

Registration for a Bitmaila account is not a difficult process, it just takes some steps. When you are ready to start the registration, you need to have a Bitcoin account ready to pay that 1$ for the registration cost. After choosing the username for your Bitmaila account you will be taken to the payment gateway.

Step 1 – Enter The Main Website

Bitmaila Homepage

The first step in this registration process is obviously the visit of the Bitmaila homepage where you will find the signup link in the top middle of the page. Click Signup and you will be taken to the registration page.

Step 2 – Choose A Email Address

Bitmaila Registration
Choose your desired username where you see E-mail and you will see on the next step if it is available or not. The choose also a password and confirm it and then claim the email address you have chosen. If the chosen address is available, you will be taken to the Bitcoin payment.

Step 3 – Pay for Bitmaila with Bitcoin

Bitmaila Payment Process
If the desired username is available, you will be taken on the next page to the payment gateway where you have to fill your Bitcoin username to pay for Bitmaila cost. You will have to pay 0.001000 BTC, the equivalent of $1. If your payment is successful, you will be the happy owner of a Bitmaila account.

Bitmaila Overview

The conclusion of this article is that Bitmaila is a good email provider, offering anonymous services with all other features like the commercial email providers. It is not an expensive email, but you can not have it if you don’t have a Bitcoin account. Of course, there are more advantages than disadvantages, but still, I would choose a free anonymous email provider or the Protonmail which even it is more expensive, but it is more reliable. With Bitmaila you can get other services like any other commercial provider such as SMTP, POP3 and IMAP, you can have an SSL encrypted connection, no advertising inside your mailbox, your IP will be hidden when you use it with TOR and there are no trackings like in Google Analytics for example.

What you may not like is the fact that is not free, even if it is cheap for the moment, just 1$, you have the disadvantage that you have to pay with Bitcoin, if you don’t have this electronic currency, you will not be able to get an account with Another disadvantage is the low storage offered, just 500 MB which is a little bit too small for today’s needs. The conclusion for this email provider is that you can use it with confidence and if you like it especially, but if you would ask an expert in anonymous email providers, I’m sure you will get another recommendation. To find what that recommendation could be, you could read the other articles about the Anonymous email providers.

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