Mixing Bitcoins with Bitcoin Fog

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Bitcoin Fog is the Bitcoin Mixing and Tumbling service that covers up your tracks in the Bitcoin world.

  • Bitcoin Fog Darkent link: http://foggeddriztrcar2.onion
  • Registreation URL: http://foggeddriztrcar2.onion/?page=register
  • Bitcoin Fog login Link: http://foggeddriztrcar2.onion/?page=index
  • Twitter updates clearnet link : https://twitter.com/#!/@BitcoinFog

Is it not interesting when a lot of people start transacting with Bitcoins they believe that they are anonymous and that privacy is secure. However so many of the users do not realize that the basic working of the blockchain is such that it logs in every transaction. A lot of the readers of the post would be surprised to read this but yes it is true. Do not take my word for it check it out yourself.

Just visit the link https://blockchain.info/address/

blockchain check

On this page you can enter a Bitcoin address in the search field in the top right corner of the page and search the transactions done on that Bitcoin address.

Bitcoin address in the search

You would be surprised to see that you can dig up every Bitcoin transaction done on that Bitcoin address. That too just using your browser and having the information where to look.

You could scroll down the page and see all the transactions listed there in chronological order.

You may say you have nothing to hide but frankly speaking who wants to lay bare his bank statement and credit card transactions for the world to scrutinize. This is a lot of information pulled up about a person just by looking up his Bitcoin address. Now think of a person doing Bitcoin Blockchain analysis who has access to a lot many tools and he can dig much deeper and can dig up much more information about any Bitcoin transaction, address or user.

So this is where a Bitcoin mixing or tumbling service provider comes into picture. Bitcoin Fog is a Bitcoin service provider that does just that. Bitcoin Fog can be reached by opening its Bitcoin Fog link URL site foggeddriztrcar2.onion in the Tor browser.

The Bitcoin mixing service enables the transaction of money to be routed between the sender and receiver of Bitcoins in such a way that the possibility of establishing a direct correlation between the sender and receiver of Bitcoins is greatly reduced and so are the chances of Bitcoin money transaction being tracked to the user of the service.

Bitcoin Fog is an account based Bitcoin mixing service thus a user needs to register an account and login every time he wishes to mix his Bitcoins. The way Bitcoin Fog mixes Bitcoins is that it lets the user make a Bitcoin deposit into his account. Once the deposit is made then Bitcoin Fog mixes the user’s Bitcoins

to an internal pool. The internal pool contains other user’s Bitcoins as well. The user’s Bitcoins get mixed with other users Bitcoins. The user gets paid back his Bitcoins. He can get the bitcoins paid into one Bitcoin address or multiple addresses depending upon his choice and requirement. For providing this service Bitcoin Fog charges a fee on all deposits. This fee varies between 1% to 3%. The reason of this variable fee is to make the process of detecting that Bitcoin mixing has been performed very difficult to perform.

Suppose Bitcoin Fog charged a fixed fee for Bitcoin Mixing service. Now this fee would be known to every one and let us say it is X %. So now a person doing blockchain analysis would only need to scrutinize the transactions with a differential of X %. However in the service provided by BitcoinFog since the service fee varies between 1-3% so it also varies the amount paid out to the user in a band that varies between 1 to 3% thus detection of a Bitcoin tumbling transaction gets that much more difficult. This increases the security and anonymity of the user.

To start the Bitcoin mixing process with Bitcoin Fox mixer first the users needs to make a Bitcoin deposit.

The user can add upto 5 Bitcoin deposit addresses into his account. Multiple deposit addresses increase the anonymity of the transaction.

Bitcoin Fog has a minimum limit for the deposits to be made. The user must check this limit at the time of making a Bitcoin deposit. The minimum Bitcoin deposit limit prevailing can be seen under the deposit page of the account

Bitcoin Fog deposit page of the account

There after Bitcoin Fog operates on the principal of mixing the users coins with an existing pool of coins which are sent in by other users. Once the user executes a withdraw option clean and mixed coins are sent out to him.

Step By Step Guide to use Bitcoin Fog service

For this guide we would be using the term Bitcoin tumbling and Bitcoin mixing interchangeably. They mean one and the same thing to clean up the Bitcoins before they reach your actual wallet and to protect the users identity and secure his anonymity.

  • Use a secure VPN that does not keep a log of your activities.
  • Use Tor browser as Tor is the browser of choice and an important tool in your toolbox to start with the Bitcoin mixing process.

In case Tor is not installed on the device that the user is going to use to perform Bitcoin mixing than it is required to install this browser.

The Tor browser can be downloaded and installed from the torproject.org download page here .

Depending upon the operating system of your device you can install a tor browser that is supported by your device.

At the Tor browser download page https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en

There is a Tor browser download link for the following operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OS X
  • Android
  • The good news for smartphone users is that a version of Tor browser is now also
    available that can be installed on smartphones.

Using the Tor browser increases the anonymity of the user. To lower the learning curve of learning how to use this new browser there is a well written and detail article that is available here .

Step 1. Start up the Tor browser installed on your device.

Step 2 Open the Onion site address of Bitcoin Fog website link foggeddriztrcar2.onion in the Tor browser. This opens the Bitcoin Fog home page

Bitcoin Fog home page

Step 2. Register a user account and Login.

A new user needs to register an account. Click on the register button (as shown in image below)

Bitcoin fog Register

Register details

Registering to create a Bitcoin Fog account is a very straight forward process and involves the filling up of the following steps

  • 1) Chooose a username that is between 3 to 32 characters long
  • 2) Enter a password and Confirm the 2 password fields. Make sure that the password you choose is alpha numeric and cointains at least one of the special characters belonging to the set [email protected]#$%^&*() The password that you choose must be between 6 to 128 characters long
  • 3) Enter the Security text
  • 4) Then click the register button

Upon succesful registration the user is redirected to the login page

login page bitcoin fog

Now the user can enter his login details and login into his account.

Note that user registration to Bitcoin Fog is a one time process. Users who have an account can straight away login to the account.

Upon successful login the user is directed to the following page

bitcoinfog balance

As a logged in user a person is able to see his username and Bitcoin account balance in the top part of the page.

Step 3 Deposit Bitcoins

To initiate the Bitcoin mixing process first the user needs to deposit Bitcoins. To do this click on the deposit tab (as shown in the image below)

Deposit Bitcoins to bitcoin fog

This takes the user to the following page

bitcoin fog address

This pages displays the address to which the Bitcoins to be mixed are to be sent. This is also the address that should be given to someone who is sending in the Bitcoins that are to be mixed.

  • An important point to be noted here is that to keep the service viable Bitcoin Fog maintains a minimum withdrawal limit. At the time of writing this post the Current minimum withdrawal limit is 0.03500000 BTC . So a person must send in a minimum payment of 0.03500000 BTC plus the service fee for the mixing process to be carried out.

The user can generate more Bitcoin addresses to deposit the Bitcoins. The maximum number of Bitcoin addresses that can be generated is 5.

Once a Bitcoin deposit is made by the user he can check if the transaction shows up in the Blockchain by checking →Blockchain →Block Explorer for the address assigned to him in his account’s deposit page. A good safety practice is to visit the page https://blockchain.info/address/ and manually enter the address to check if the transaction got executed.

Once 6 confirmations are made the amount would get registered in the users account.

In case the deposited amount does not get reflected even after a span of 2 hours then the user is advised to contact the Bitcoin Fog support.

Bitcoin Fog support

Important note as per the site: In case a user has been inactive for several days, it may take additional 15 minutes AFTER user login to register any outstanding deposits.

Once the deposit is received into the account the Bitcoin Fog service would add the coins to an existing pool of coins and mix them with other user coins that are present in the pool.

Step 4. Withdraw the mixed bitcoins.

To withdraw the cleaned up coins click on the withdraw tab as shown in image below.

Withdraw page

This takes the user to the section where he can choose the Bitcoin withsrawal options.

The user needs to enter

a) The amount to withdraw from his account the Minimum is 0.03500000 BTC


b) The addresses to withdraw to these can range from 1 to 20 that the user needs to add in the box below.


c) Enter the time span across which the transactions must be spanned across. This ranges from 6 to 96 hours.

time span

d) The Delay:


Here the user needs to enter the number of hours to wait before starting the transactions. The maximum delay the user can pick is 48 hours. As long as the transaction is pending he has the option to come back and cancel the transaction.

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    Someone can use?
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  3. Beware it’s a scam, my deposit never showed-up. After some days my login blocked.

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