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bitcoin blender
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Bitcoin Blender is a service that blends your Bitcoins and makes tractability of transaction hard to detect. If you are planning to use the Bitcoin Blending services of Bitcoin Blender then you can access the site by accessing the sites onion address that is http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion

Clinking on the link above in your tor browser takes you to the home page of Bitcoin Blender which looks like this

bitcoin blender homepage

Bitcoin Blender .onion URL Address: http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion

Now you may be wondering what this service is all about and why would a person actually need to use such a service at all?

Every Bitcoin user should know that every transaction of his can be read as Bitcoin Blockchain maintains a ledger of every transaction made in the lifetime of a Bitcoin address.

So there is a need to guard one’s privacy.

This is where Bitcoin Blender pitches in and performs the role of your privacy guard

In the conventional mode of transaction a user receiving Bitcoins hands out his address to the sender of the Bitcoin money and who in turn sends out the Bitcoin to this address.

Similarly while sending out Bitcoins to a person the user may not know exactly what the person does and what is the origin of the money. Is it drug money or money stolen from someone. Every transaction is in the open just like the image below. While the unsuspecting user in the center does not know every user that he transacts with and neither does he know the source of the money. However to agencies investigating shady deals or a person doing Blockchain analysis presence of tainted Bitcoin money in your wallet can certainly point the needle of suspicion in your direction and may be enough to get you implicated.

btc transaction

So Bitcoin blender comes in handy in maintaining the privacy of the user.

All Bitcoin transactions are routed through Bitcoin Blender

Bitcoin blender transaction

Here the user is relatively safe and remains anonymous.

Some Salient features of the Bitcoin Blender service are

  • While receiving Bitcoin money he can share a Bitcoin address generated by Bitcoin Blender and linked to his account. He then has the option of making a withdrawal of his account Bitcoin money to another wallet or multiple addresses using a maximum of 10 address input options.
  • In case the user wants to make payments and remain anonymous then he can add the recipient’s
    Bitcoin address in the fields designated to enter withdrawal Bitcoin address.
  • The sending out of the payment can be delayed or canceled if not already executed.
  • Another salient feature which enhances security is the random fee that varies between 1-3 %. The advantage is that a non fixed fee makes the Bitcoin amount vary by a random amount in the range of 1 to 3% so a person trying to do Blockchain analysis is less likely to notice such a transaction as compared to a fixed fee component.
  • The User can access his profile and enter a PGP key and enable a 2 step authentication process to enhance the security and privacy.
  • Bitcoin Blender Bonus and referral Program. In case the combined Bitcoin deposits made by a user and the users referred by him reaches a sum of 10 BTC in 7 days then a bonus of 0.5% would be given to the user on all deposits made after reaching this, adding 0.5% to all the deposits to the users account after this.

Step By Step Guide to use Bitcoin Blender.

Here I have listed the steps and tried to explain the need of the steps.

  1. Use an Internet connection that cannot be tracked to you. Bitcoin blending is all about maintaining anonymity of Bitcoin transactions. A persons journey of anonymity starts by using an internet connection that cannot be tracked to him. As a person is accountable for his home and office internet account usage and the internet activities can be tracked by the ISP, government or a 3rd party agency. Try doing this at a library or a cafe offering free internet. As long as they do not track you it is fine. This is the first level of security that we seek as using home or office network creates the possibility to be tracked for the sites that one visits. Avoiding using home or office network is a good idea while performing Bitcoin Blending or tumbling (both are terms used to mean the same thing)
  2. You need the trusted Tor browser to browse the internet and carry out the Bitcoin mixing transaction with Bitcoin Blender If you do not have the Tor browser installed on your internet device than you can download it from here At the time of writing this post there is a version of the Tor browser available for Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and Smartphones. The tor browser is similar to a normal browser in its appearance.
    welcom to Tor pageHowever the advantage of Tor over a regular browser is that it enables anonymous browsing. This is a users next level of security. It is a good ideas to be well versed about the useful features of the Tor browser. There is a very useful article about the Tor browser which can be found here .
  3. In the tor browser we need to open the Bitcoin Blender link http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion The homepage offers a simple interface that is easy to navigate.
    bitcoinblender homepage
  4. Register an account on Bitcoin Blender or Login If you are a first time user of the Bitcoin Blender site then you need to register on the site and create an account.

Registering on the site is simple and straight forward. For creating an account follow these steps

  1. Click on the register tab on the top (Shown encircled in the image below)
    bitcoin blender registration page
  2. This leads the user to a page that is shown in the image below
    User and password bitcoinblenderThe user is required to select and populate 4 fields in the form

a) Username- Fill a username here

b) Password- Select password

c) Confirm Password (Make sure you enter the same password)

Note down and keep the password in a secure place.

d) Fill the captcha

Click the register button

Registration is a one time process. Successful registration would lead the user to his accounts main interface from where he can carry out the Bitcoin mixing/tumbling operations.

Registration process Successful

Returning visitors need not register again. Instead they just need to click on the login tab from the home page (refer image below)

login bitcoin blender

This would lead the user to the login page of Bitcoin Blender

user and password login bitcoinblender

A use can enter the username and password and access his account.

Step 5. Enter your PGP Key (This is a one time process)

Click on your profile tab (refer image below)

edit profile

The profile page gives you the option to enter your PGP key and create a more secure transaction environment for your account.

profile page bitcoin blender

In case you need a detailed article about how to download the PGP software and use the key generated for you then you can find the detailed instructions here.

Step 6.

To initiate a Bitcoin tumbling/mixing operation one needs to make a Bitcoin deposit. To do so click on the deposit tab.

bitcoin blender tumbling/mixing page

Click on this tab and it would lead the user to an interface that looks like an image below

deposit address bitcoin blender

Here the user gets the address to make the deposit. The user has the option to delete the address and add a new address to make a deposit. In case the user wishes to generate a new deposit address then all he needs to do is click on the “Get new deposit address” button as shown in the image below

alt new deposit address

The user needs to send the Bitcoins to be mixed to his personal address on this page.

The fee for processing the Bitcoins varies between 1 to 3% .The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 0.01 BTC .So make sure the deposited amount is at least 0.01 BTC plus the fee amount.

A point to be noted here is either he can give this address to the person sending him some tainted Bitcoin money or alternatively he can add an additional step to increase the anonymity.

The additional step to increase anonymity is as follows:

In the tor browser open the site of an online Bitcoin wallet provider that works in Tor browser. Bitaddress is a Bitcon provider that would suit our purpose. The has a simple easy to follow interface that looks like the following image


To generate a bitcoin address one has to move the mouse around or enter some random text in the box provided.Once the randomness reachess 100% click on wallet details. This leads you to the following page

generate a bitcoin address

You are required to enter a private key over here. Please note down and store this private key safely. Clicking the view details button would display the New Bitcoin address for you.

Use this address to receive the Bitcoins to be mixed. Once these Bitcoins arrive in this wallet send them to the Bitcoin address shown in your Bitcoin Blender account that appears under the deposit tab.

This additional step increases the level of security for you.

Step 7. Time to withdraw your clean Bitcoins. Click on the withdraw tab to pick options to withdraw your mixed bitcoins

bitcoin blender withdraw your clean Bitcoins

The withdraw page looks like the following image

withdraw page

This gives the user a couple of options to chose from. These are:

a) Entering the Bitcoin addresses where the user wants to withdraw the bitcoins. Here the user can withdraw in upto 10 Bitcoin addresses.

The advantage of this option~ Instead of getting one combined large payment into one Bitcoin address. The payment is split over several addresses. This makes lesser chances to come under the scrutiny of someone doing Blockchain analysis.

b) Selecting the delay. Here the user can select the delay for the transaction to be executed. This again makes the process look random.


c) Single Payment option: If the user chooses he can withdraw the Bitcoins as a single transaction.

Single Payment option

d) Automatic Withdrawal: In case the user wants not to login again to execute the withdrawal process he can enable the automatic withdrawal feature. Here he can enter up to 10 Bitcoin addresses to receive his mixed Bitcoins.

e) Abort all pending withdraws.

In case the user wishes to abort the withdraw process due to any reason then he can do so by clicking on the “Abort withdraws” button. This operation can be executed only if there is a pending withdrawal.

withdraw process bitcoin blender

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