BitCloak Review and Tumbling Guide

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Bitcoak is a darknet mixer which was founded back in 2016. It is already among the most popular mixers on the web. Bitcloak is the best alternatives on the deep web especially for those people who are not interested in creating an account. It has a randomized fee of approximately 2% and con confirmations are required to help process amounts of up to 0.5 Bitcoins.

Bitcoin will allow you to choose two options: You can decide to clean Bitcoins (Mix My Bitcoins) or you can opt to make purchase anonymously (Pay Anonymously). The difference between the two is that the Mix My Bitcoins options will allow you to send any value from where the random fee will be deducted while the Pay Anonymous option will allow you to send the exact value by allowing you to pay both the amount you want sending together with the random fee anonymously. Although this distinction is simple, it can be very useful depending on the situation you are in.

Bitcloak Specifications

  • No account required
  • Service fee 2%
  • Minimum amount is 0.028 BTC
  • Maximum Amount is 25 BTC
  • Multiple address withdrawals up to 10 addresses
  • Customizable delay up to 8 hours

The maximum mixing amount must either be higher than or equal to 0.028 BTC which is approximately $30 at current exchange rate. However, it cannot be greater than 25 BTC.

Simplicity of Bitcloak is one of the best things about this mixer since one does not have to register an account. The process is very easy and simple, and one does not have to remember a password.
It is also very useful for anyone who is in a hurry since all the transaction will only require one or no confirmations depending on the amount you will be mixing although it would be advisable to use a time delay.

It is possible to have your mixed Bitcoins sent from up to 10 different addresses and a delay of up to 8 hours. This is a wonderful way of throwing off any type of chain analysis and ensuring your privacy.

Open a Bitcloak Mixer Account

With the Bitcloak mixer, you are not required to register an account and it comes with a free API which gives developers and webmasters same functionalities for both mix and pay features.  This is what makes this mixer a great tool for both e-commerce and market website.

How to Use Bitcloak Mixer

Find the Mix Your Bitcoins tab.
Click “Mix your Bitcoins”.
mix your bitcoins

Insert the address where are interested in having your bitcoins sent. You can enter up to 10 wallet addresses separated using a single dash (-). It is advisable that you use more than one address to do away with any form of similarity between the amount of coins that will be coming out and coins sent to Helix.

mix my bitcoins bitcloak

Enter the amount of BTC you want to mix.

mix my bitcoins small amount

Select the time delay you want to use. Time delay is very important since it will help separate the time you will be spending on the service from all transactions you will be receiving. Then click Mix My Bitcoins.

mix my bitcoins delay

Remember to check if the PGP Proof has been properly signed to be sure you are not being scammed or phished. You can always get the PGP signature at the bottom of the page.

public key bitcloak

Click on the “Check PGP Proof” to see the message once that is downloaded.

get pgp proof bitcloak

Here is the PGP key page:pgp key bitcloak

Send Bitcoins to the address displayed.send your dirty bitcoins bitcloak

Click “Check Order Status” to check the status of your order.

order status bitcloak

You also have the option to Pay with Bitcoin anonymously.

This is a similar option although it will allow you to pay using the exact value. The fee will always be added on top of the value you are interested in sending and will not be deducted from it.

pay with bitcoin anonymously bitcloak

    • Click on “Check PGP Proof” to see if the message is signed once that has been downloaded.
    • Enter the address where you want your bitcoins to be sent.
    • Enter the amount of clean Bitcoins you are interested in sending.
    • Click “MIX MY BITCOINS”
    • You can always check if the PGP Proof has been properly signed. You can always get the PGP signature at the bottom of the page.
    • When you do this send the exact amount of bitcoin shown to the address displayed.
    • Remember to check on the status of your order by clicking “Check Order Status”

That is it! You have successfully managed to clean your Bitcoins whether you were making a purchase or withdrawal from a dirty source. It is possible to clean your Bitcoin using Bitcloak.

Only Use Mix My Bitcoin when:

  • Withdrawing from an exchange
  • Cleaning all your Bitcoins
  • Withdrawing from a market

Only use Pay anonymously when:

  • Cleaning an exact number of Bitcoins in order to make a future transaction or purchase
  • Paying for a service or product

Additional Features

Bitcloack provides a free API. In case you are selling a service or a product, you can always allow your customers to pay anonymously.
Although the escrow service is not part of the mixer itself, you can always access it by clicking at the top right corner of the page. It is perfect if you are interested in selling or purchasing something online but not interested in registering an account.

Bitcloak Support

All frequently asked questions (FAQs) list can be found at the bottom of the page. In case you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, you can always contact the Bitcloack team and they will always get back to you.

Bitcloak Conclusion


  • Free API
  • Easy to Use
  • Has Mix My Bitcoins and Pay Anonymously Options


  • No clearnet support
  • No affiliate campaign

After testing the Bitcloak mixer and verifying its legitimacy we can comfortable say that it is one of the best mixers in service. It is fast and simple. No account registration is required and its fee is always randomized at approximately 2%. The Mix My Bitcoin and Pay Anonymously options make Bitcloak more practical depending on the situation.

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