Big Raid in Germany Focused on Darknet Drug Trafficking

german customs seizure of darknet drugs
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Over 200 Munich police in collaboration with the Munich Customs and prosecutors in Germany, conducted a raid on darknet drug traffickers. In the district of Munich under the code name “Clear the darknet,” multiple darknet vendors were taken into custody. The action was preceded by months of investigations and many transnational cooperations with the customs investigation offices in Berlin, Essen, and Frankfurt.

Throughout last year, the investigators noticed an increasing number of orders going through the district of Munich. The suspects ordered drugs from Darknet marketplaces, which was delivered to them through the mail, or to abandoned addresses. In some cases, postage was incorrect and the package was searched, discovering drugs on site.

European Police forces

The drug distribution caught the attention of the customs officers, and the action made the investigators monitor the packages distributed with precision. About 20 suspicious packages addressed to the suspected perpetrators were intercepted.

Over 600 grams of amphetamine (“speed”), 677 Ecstasy tablets, another 40 grams of the party drug in the form of crystalline MDMA, 50 LSD tabs, 115 grams of marijuana, seven grams of heroin, 45 grams of cocaine, as well as, 28 Ritalin tablets were confiscated from the distributed drug hands. These drugs were spread across all 20 packages.

The Munich police arrested three connected darknet drug dealers who were alleged to be the masterminds behind the nationwide drug smuggling. The three, all in their 30s, were accused of conspiracy to the distribution of illegal substances in Munich. The three are currently under the arrest of police forces and being questioned on the use and access to the deep web.

Over 50 Darknet vendors accounts were pinpointed, as well as. Each one is specifically linked to actual people who have made purchases prior from Dream market and other sites. No word yet on the investigation pending but they are all being pursued by the authorities.

Special agents already raided the residences of 32 accused darknet drug vendors in the district of Munich with an authorized search warrant. The investigators found and confiscated over 215 grams of cannabis, 25 grams of amphetamine, seven grams of heroin, and 2,526 XTC tablets. Additionally, 100,000 tramadol tablets, 100 grams of fentanyl, and an additional confiscation of Oxycodone, MDMA, knives, firearms, 15 pill presses, and three cars were seized by the authorities.

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Thirteen other suspected consumers and dealers between the ages of 21 and 64 were surprised at their homes by anti-narcotic officers. Their warehouse primarily used as a place to hide the packaging as well as the storage of the narcotics was taken. There the investigators seized 40,000 ecstasy pills, synthetic drugs, opioids, cannabis and more than 2,000 packages together with postal letters. Additionally, bitcoin was confiscated.

With the darknet drug smuggling on the rise in Germany, the German government is working to put an end to all dark web dealing. In arresting small groups such as a trio of darknet drug traffickers at a time, slowly, the crime rate will drop. But only slowly. Such is the case, as a young man from Schwabach, Germany, was also arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to 90 days in prison. But this was one man, who led to no other vendors or buyers.

Various countries are on the rise to combat the illegal distribution of drugs and other products in their country. In June this year, the United States conducted the first Nationwide Undercover Investigation targeting dark web vendors that ended in the arrest of two Parma residents.

More recently, over 35 criminals were apprehended during a nationwide arrest, targeting specific darknet market vendors and their buyers. But this problem is not just epidemic to individual countries. This is a worldwide problem. Every continent is suffering from the explosion of darknet drug dealing.

Australia was formerly regarded as the leader in the drug trade and global sales for over a year. The Australian Border Force made a move to control the marketplace of drugs, child pornography, guns and illicit activities and on June this year, confiscated more than $350,000 worth of cryptocurrencies in a recent darknet drug bust.

But with news in Munich and other parts of Europe, Australia may lose its title. It is unclear which country at the moment is truly on top, but the governments are banding together to bring everyone involved down.

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