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Berlusconi Market
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Berlusconi Market is a darknet market notable for not having an account wallet. All transactions are paid directly from the user’s own wallet to the seller’s wallet, albeit with an escrow service involved to help prevent cases of scams or embezzlement. Also worth pointing out is the visual similarity of this darknet market with another market we have already reviewed earlier: Hansa Market. Berlusconi focuses on bitcoins and litecoins for the payment of transactions.

Berlusconi Market market link  and alternative Links / URL:


Berlusconi Market Account Registration Online Link:


Take note that these are .onion links so you can’t access them by using an ordinary web browser. Read below for more details on how to access this darknet market website.

Berlusconi market

How to Access Berlusconi Market

Being a darknet site, Berlusconi Market cannot be accessed by ordinary web browsers, not even by the latest versions of Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You have to get the Tor Browser to be able to open this website. If you are not familiar with this browser, refer to our Tor browser guide. It’s not something that requires time to learn. It’s basically just Firefox with built-in anonymity and restrictions-bypassing features. You can even install Firefox add-ons to this browser.

The Tor Browser, however, is not enough to guarantee your anonymity when using darknet markets like Berlusconi. To ensure that you will not be leaving tracks as you transact with sellers or other users of darknet markets, be sure to use VPN. We have reviewed a number of the leading VPN services you can use so take time to go over them.

Moreover, it’s important that you use  PGP encryption/decryption when you communicate with anyone on Berlusconi or in any other darknet market. This is to make sure that nobody can use the messages you send or receive to trace you or to learn about your identity. Go over our our PGP guide if you’re not familiar with the use of PGP.

You can use the following links in case you can’t access the Berlusconi Market through the Onion URL provided above.




Account Registration

To sign up for a Berlusconi Market account, you will have to fill out a registration form that asks for your desired username, password, and a CAPTCHA. It could be a very quick and easy process, something you can complete in less than 10 seconds, if you immediately get the CAPTCHA right. Of note, you need to have some patience with the CAPTCHA part as you may get it wrong several times even if you feel so confident that you got it right. It’s likely due to the difficulty in distinguishing the lower and upper case of the letters.

Once your registration process succeeds, a recovery key will displayed on your screen. Be sure to save this securely as you will be needing it in case you couldn’t access your account later on. You will not be automatically logged so proceed to logging in after saving your recovery key.

By default, you get a buyer account after the account registration. If you want to have a vendor account, click on the Become a Vendor button under the account dashboard page. You need to add and confirm your PGP key before you can apply for a vendor account.

You can expedite the process of having your vendor account application approved by listing the different darknet markets where you have obtained a trusted vendor status. Also, you can pay for instant acceptance (as a vendor) and the elimination of restrictions on orders. The payment is a one-time deposit of 0.04515765 BTC.

Berlusconi Market Interface and Functions

Upon logging into your Berlusconi Market account, you will easily recognize a familiar look and feel if you have already used Hansa Market before. This darknet market appears to be using the same script used by Hansa. There are only slight differences in the colors and, of course, the listings. Certainly, this is not a big issue as many other darknet markets have been using the same scripts used by other darknet markets, especially those used by popular markets.

The interface is simple and intuitive. You don’t have to enable javascript support on the Tor browser. It looks and behaves the same whether or not javascript support is activated.

If you want to view or make changes in your account, just click on your account name/(account name) dashboard near the upper right corner of the site. Doing so will bring you to a page that lets you change your password, add your bitcoin/litecoin address (for refunds), enable two-factor authentication, and set up and confirm your PGP key. Take note that the field that asks for your bitcoin/litecoin wallet address is not your account wallet. You only have to add them to make it easier for refunds, if there are any, to be sent to you later on. You may not add anything into these fields but it’s advisable to enter your wallet addresses.

The Berlusconi Market user interface comes with its own messaging system. Use it to communicate with other Berlusconi users or to send a support ticket to the site’s admin or support team. All messages in the Berlusconi messaging system are automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

Berlusconi Market Categories and Listings

At the time we did this Berlusconi Market review, the following categories with their respective number of listings were shown on the site.

  • Fraud (538)
    • Account and Bank Drops
    • CCV and Cards
    • Dumps
    • Personal Information and Scans
    • Other
  • Drugs and Chemicals (2330)
    • Benzos
    • Cannabis and Hashish
    • Dissociatives
    • Ecstasy
    • Opioids
    • Prescription
    • Steroids
    • Stimulants
    • Tobacco
    • Psychedelics
    • Paraphernalia
    • Other
  • Guides and Tutorials (189)
    • Drugs
    • Fraud
    • Hacking
    • Security and Anonymity
    • Social Engineering
    • Other
  • Counterfeit Items (93)
    • Clothing
    • Jewelry
    • Money
    • Documents
    • Other
  • Digital Products (222)
    • Ebook
    • Fraud Software
    • Game Keys
    • Legit Software
    • Other
  • Jewels and Gold (2)
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Other
  • Weapons (45)
    • Amunition
    • Pistols
    • Long-Range Guns
    • Hand Weapons
    • Other
  • Carded Items (17)
    • Clothing
    • Electronics
    • Appliances
    • Digital
    • Other
  • Services (49)
    • Social Engineering
    • Carding
    • Other
  • Software and Malware (17)
    • Botnet and Malware
    • Exploits
    • Exploit Kits
    • Security Software
    • Other
  • Security and Hosting (10)
    • Hosting
    • VPN
    • Socks
  • Other Listings (30)


The product categories are conveniently shown on the left side of the site and are readily accessible from the time you log in. It’s easy navigating to the different categories and product listings although it would have been easier and more convenient if the subcategories can be accessed (as dropdown or hide/show lists) without having to reload the page everytime you want to go to a new subcategory. Of course this is not a major issue though.

The listings are shown in list view or in rows, each with their respective thumbnails, listing title, price, vendor name (with link to vendor page and ), information on escrow type, and the number of units of the listing sold so far. There are also indicators if a vendor is “Trusted” or a “Top Vendor.” Also, some listings may include links to related products.

Search and Search Filters

The Berlusconi Market search bar is conveniently located near the top part of the site. You can’t filter the results but you can do an advanced search, wherein you can configure filters or parameters for the search results. Just click on the green Advanced Search button right below the search bar.

We like how Berlusconi Market created its advanced search bar as it lets you apply multiple filters or parameters all at once. You will not be made to reload the page every time you use a new filter.

With the advanced search function, you can filter results according to listing class (physical or digital), shiping origin (country), number of orders a vendor has completed (5+ to 2000+), minimum price, maximum price, and sorting.

Sorting can be from the most popular to the least popular, least popular to the most popular, lowest priced to the highest priced, highest priced to the lowest priced, and time added (from the most recently added to the earliest added or from the earliest added to the most recently added). Additionally, you can limit search results to items from trusted vendors only by ticking the Trusted Vendors Only tick box.

How to Choose a Vendor on Berlusconi Market

When choosing vendors, be sure to check out the page of the vendors you are considering. The vendor page provides a comprehensive range of useful information including feedback ratings (number of positive, neutral, and negative feedbacks), number of orders finalized by the vendor so far, and an indicator as to whether or not the vendor is allowed to do “finalize early” transactions.

The vendor page also presents a profile the vendor (written by the vendor), announcements, postage details, and information on the address format that should be used by buyers, Additionally, the vendor page includes details on when the vendor was last seen active on Berlusconi Market, the date the vendor signed up for an account, and details on where the vendor’s products are shipped from.

Some vendors may show some information about their activity in other darknet markets. For example, a vendor may have an account in Gammagoblin Market. The site will show a small box right below the vendor name and present the number of positive and negative feedback the vendor has in that darknet market.

Obviously, you should choose vendors with high positive feedback and very minimal negative feedback. Also, give preference to those that have been on Berlusconi for a long time and have completed a good number of orders. Additionally, as much as possible, choose vendors that don’t require buyers to finalize early. Give preference to those that support escrow transactions to avoid getting swindled.

Carefully examine the vendor’s terms and conditions. If there are things that you think are not clear, be sure to send an encrypted message to the vendor. The vendor’s PGP key is presented in the vendor page, right beside the Terms and Conditions.

How to Place an Order

There’s no Buy Now or Add to Cart button on the listings and results page so you have to go to the listing/product page so you can place an order. Before clicking on the Buy Now button, though, be sure to carefully examine the details of the product. If you have questions, you can quickly send an encrypted message to the vendor through the product/listing page.


Once you are ready to proceed with your order, click on the Buy Now button. This will take you to the New Order page wherein you can send a message to the vendor. Enter your shipping address in the message field of this page. Be sure to check the option for encryption.

How to Pay for Orders on Berlusconi Market

As mentioned earlier, Berlusconi does not have an account wallet. As such, you have to send your payment for an order by sending bitcoins or litecoins directly from your wallet to the wallet address indicated on the Order page. You have to send the payment within an hour from the time the new order was created. The Order page shows how much time you have left to make the payment.

If you have already made the payment, click on the green “I have paid” button to notify the vendor about the payment. After this, you just have to wait for feedback from the vendor. You may notice that nothing changes on the page after you click the “I have paid” button. The page simply refreshes briefly. This is not unusual. The notification reaches the vendor after you click on the button. You just have to wait for feedback regarding the shipping of your order.

Berlusconi Market Market Support

Customer support on Berlusconi Market is provided mainly through a support ticket system. Just click on the Support link on the top part of the website. You will then be asked to indicate the topic your question is about. If your support ticket pertains to an order, you must provide specific details about it including the order ID number and the payment address.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple and intuitive market interface
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Supports bitcoins and litecoins
  • Direct payment from buyer to vendor (no Berlusconi account wallet) can be an advantage for some


  • Went offline for a number of times during the week this market was reviewed
  • No multisig payments unless the buyer successfully negotiates with the vendor to undertake a multisig transaction
  • Does not have many users yet

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