Bavaria’s Justice Minister Calls Meeting in Fight against Darknet Marketplace and Illegal Trades

Winfried Bausback
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Fighting against illegal activities on the Darknet has become a global priority. Governments across the world are having meeting upon meetings to come out with a common conclusion of a method to make this the shadow of the past.

News reaching us is that the Bavaria Justice Minister, Winfried Bausback, and the Lander have scheduled a Darknet marketplace focused meeting to tackle the issue of illicit trade there. A meeting which is expected to come off as of Wednesday in the Rhineland-Palatinate has two major important Topics at hand: to better protect stalking victims and provide investigators for the fight against illegal activities on the Darknet marketplace.

Germany as a country has felt the blowing air of terrorist attacks in the past, especially after revealing that the weapon used by the gunman was bought on the Darknet marketplace. To prevent any future reoccurrence, measures are being put in place. It is hopeful that the meeting will come out with something fruitful to help Bavaria combat drug overdose which is also a Darknet market problem in Germany.

Bavaria authorities have been vigilant in Darknet related dealings as some individuals were busted late 2016 for using Darknet marketplace purchased counterfeit Euros.

Darknet market-related deaths only continue to increase year after year. The largest increase over the past five years was from 2014 to 2015 when Germany saw 1,226 darknet related deaths.

A spokesperson for the Green party, Harald Terpe, believes that drug “prohibition has failed. People who have died due to drugs are victims of the repressive drug policy which the government pursues. Addicts need help and not punishments.”

Concerning the need for strengthening agencies, Mr. Bauback said to reporters that: “With the anonymity of the digital world, which makes investigations very difficult, the goods have to be dispatched regularly. ” He also said that: “investigators must get their feet on the legal ground by receiving information about the sender and recipient of mailings.”

The Justice Minister believes that the legal uncertainty surrounding the Darknet marketplace and its suspects must be cleared: “One thing must be clear: especially when it comes to the transition from the virtual world to the real world.”

According to information, a directive can be sent by investigators, to various postal providers to ensure that the names and addresses of the senders and that of the receivers are sent to them. This will be aimed to help secure the postal service from the penetration of any illegal deliveries from the Darknet marketplace.

Darknet marketplace purchased weapons and other deliveries of large quantities are usually mailed in smaller components. The postal service is the main channel of passage for illegal substances bought on the Darknet, and this vindicates the statement of the Minister to start the trace of Darknet illegalities from that service.

The need for such a meeting in Bavaria talks much about their involvement in Darknet marketplaces. Bavaria has recently experienced a high drug overdose, and one main reason is the engagement of the Darknet marketplaces.  Augsburg recorded about 27 darknet marketplace influenced deaths a new record in the city, in 2016.

The fight against the illegal trading on the Darknet marketplace was raised by the German police last year when the head of Germany’s Federal Police (BKA), Holger Muench, said to reporters that “We see that the Darknet is a growing trading place and therefore we need to prioritize our investigations here.”

Even before the meeting, Data Protection Unit has already taken steps to curb darknet hacking and all other forms of video surveillance in Bavaria.

The Bavarian police officials made an important revelation on what can be linked to the meeting called by the Justice Ministers. The Bavarian police said: “The man who killed nine people at a shopping mall inMunich on Friday was a local 18-year-old obsessed with mass killings who had bought his reactivated 9mm Glock 17 pistol on the dark web.”

The engagement of Darknet marketplace activities is not only limited to weapon trade but also, a cyber crime which cost Germany $44.5 million in 2015 according to the report of the Germany Federal Police (BKA). Holger Muench said “If we look ahead we see a little relief,” he said. “Cyber crime is still a growing phenomenon – you could say almost a growing business, even a growing industry.”

The rise of activities on the Darknet marketplaces has made the Justice Minister call for funds to help eradicate this problem.

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