Authorities Investigating Darknet Drug Usage at Naval Academy

Naval Academy Drug Problems
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Darknet marketplace related arrests happen daily without end in sight it seems. The latest addition involves the Navy investigating an alleged drug ring at the U.S Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, involving 10 midshipmen and this is according to a senior Naval Academy official with knowledge of the investigation.

The investigation is still developing and no formal charges have been brought against the accused as of now. David McKinney, spokesman for the Navy stated that the “command-assisted investigation” began two and a half months ago after a midshipman told authorities about the darknet drug dealings within the Brigade. This is the first case made known that a government defense agency has been the center of the problem. In the United States especially you typically read about individuals like a Pennsylvanian man arrested for selling Fentanyl from the darknet.

“The results of the investigation are still pending. We are continuing to work with NCIS on these reported allegations. The Navy has a zero tolerance for drug abuse and takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously,” said McKinney.

Mr. McKinney continued that the results of the investigation are still pending and that the academy will continue to work with NCIS on the reported allegations.

Reports suggest that the estimated number of students caught up in the investigation could be more than 20. Three cadets have since been accused of buying cocaine, LSD, and ketamine (a powerful sedative) on the darknet, using their bitcoin wallets to make the purchase. Afterward, they secure sales of these drugs to their classmates, receiving the return on their investment and more in the form of more BTC debit card payments.

The Naval Academy has since responded with actions to these allegations of drug use. Capt. Robert B. Chadwick II, who is second in command of the school, ordered an unexpected drug test against the usual protocol. At 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, last week, the entire Brigade of Midshipmen made up of 4,500 people were all tested without the normal routine of giving them a heads up about the test a night before. Also, the tests are done at the company level involving 150 men at a time but that wasn’t the case this time as all 4,500 were tested at once.

Colleges campuses typically are flooded with drug use, and this is common around the world. Recently in India for example, authorities responded by taking out an LSD Kingpin on a college campus. We have also seen the hacking work of the Titanium Stresser Operator attacking UK Colleges with DDoS attacks. However, nothing has ever been seen at this level of university and government-connected involvement to the darknet and drugs.

Two of the accused whose names are withheld have been previously enlisted midshipmen, who spent time in the fleet before their appointment to the Naval Academy. One of them also tested positive for a drug test in January after the Christmas break.

This wasn’t the only time a midshipman tested positive for drugs as according to reports over 27 midshipmen lost their careers in an 11-month NCIS investigation into the use of synthetic marijuana by midshipmen which can easily be purchased from any of the Top Darknet Marketplaces.

Seven midshipmen were also kicked out for failed drug test between 2010 and 2017, according to Naval Academy Officials.

The Naval Academy trains young men and women to become officers in the Navy or Marine Corps and the penalty for illegal drug possession or use is a mandatory separation from the Academy.

Drug-sniffing dogs from the DEA, in addition to the surprise drug test, were brought in to search rooms of the suspected users and discovered cocaine in one. The cadet suspected of possessing the cocaine at that time was at athletic practice and according to reports, tried to run but was caught and brought in for questioning. But no evidence has been made public about the transactional trades for the drugs. Whenever anyone tries to access the deep web, they are given ample opportunity to remain anonymous and protect any financial transactions made, including those for purchasing drugs.

When reporters asked about the depth of the drug ring, how and where sales occurred, the number of midshipmen might be involved, officials from the academy refused to answer.

Ketamine has been around for more than a decade and has been used as an anesthetic and recreational drug. A recent research has shown that Ketamine is capable of producing an antidepressant response in two hours as compared to other medications which take weeks.

The drug is now used in a whole new approach to treating depression because of its ability to relieve symptoms of depression very fast. However, its exact effects on the brain are unknown.


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