Austrian Drug Dealers Sold Narcotics to Finance Their Addiction

Austrian Police
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Recently, three men at the age of 19, 21, and 25 were arrested in Linz, Austria for selling narcotics they bought from the dark web to finance their own addictions.

According to the police, the suspects bought and sold drugs from the summer of 2015 to February 2017. The investigators stated that the gang needed the money coming from the sale of drugs since they were addicted to narcotics, and they needed to finance their addictions. In addition, since the defendants sold large amounts of drugs to local customers, the suspects could also use drug dealing as a substitute to work.

Police information disclosed that the accused are suspected of importing a total quantity of more than 900 grams of speed (amphetamine) from the Netherlands into the Austrian federal territory. To conduct the purchases, the suspects allegedly used the dark web and paid in cryptocurrencies. This is common place today, as other European countries are seen an influx of drugs to their country from the Netherlands. For instance, Ukranian police are cracking down on darknet markets and these types of drug problems. As in almost all darknet orders, the drugs were shipped to the defendants using the national postal service. After the narcotics arrived, the suspects sold the majority of drugs in the city of Linz to well-known customers.

Furthermore, the defendants also imported a total of about 210 grams of high-quality crystal meth from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands to Austria, according to the police. Investigators said that the defendants either smuggled the narcotics by car through the border of the countries or ordered the drugs from the dark web, which was shipped via the postal service.

While the 19-year-old and the 25-year-old partially denied the allegations, the 21-year-old showed full cooperation with law enforcement authorities during the questioning. All three accused were arrested on the basis of judicially approved arrest warrants issued by the public prosecutor’s office in Linz. According to the police, law enforcement authorities are only investigating the 21 and the 25-year-old suspect.

In April, Austrian law enforcement authorities arrested a 28-year-old unemployed man in Linz who is suspected of drug dealing. However, police learned during interrogating the suspect that the defendant was not selling the narcotics for money, but instead, he gave them away. It is a question though if the 28-year-old asked for anything else than money from his “customers” or just simply gave the drugs away for free, asking nothing in exchange.

According to the investigators, the 28-year-old allegedly ordered 60 grams of heroin, speed, crystal meth, and marijuana from the dark web, and, as the drugs had arrived, he passed them on to his “customers”. Police estimate that the narcotics the man allegedly gave away worth approximately 10,000 euros.

Law enforcement authorities arrested the defendant at a tramway stop in Linz-Kleinmünchen. When investigators searched the apartment of the suspect, they found drugs, however, police failed to disclose the exact amount and the specific substances they had seized from the man’s home. Although, law enforcement authorities added that the 28-year-old partly confessed.

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