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A step by Step Guide to shopping on Apple Market:

Welcome to Apple Guide. Apple Market, A Market: OF the Darknet community, BY the Darknet Community and FOR the Darknet Community.


Apple market advices to users on their Market that they should make sure that they know what they are doing. When buying on Apple Market you can follow our advice below and you should be safe.

  1. Conduct research on a vendor before buying from him/her.
  2. If the vendor is a new vendor without any feedback do not be discouraged make sure that you use escrow or multisignature.
  3. When using escrow do not click on “Finalize” button until you receive your package.
  4. When using multi signature never release your private key to vendor even after receiving the package contact us and we will send the redeem key to the vendor.
  5. If you choose to release your private key for a multisignature make sure that you change the public key in the settings before placing another multisignature order.

Transaction Types

On Apple Market you have three types of transactions

1. Finalize Early(F.E.): This releases the funds to the vendor immediately you place the order. Only trusted vendors with a long history on the darknet and a lot of sales are granted the privilege to use this.

2. Escrow: This keeps the funds in the custody of the market until you are ready to release them to the vendor by clicking on “Finalize order”.

3. 2 of 3 Multi Signature: This is the most trusted of all transaction types with zero risk of losing funds. The funds are put in a bitcoin address controlled by three keys. Two of these keys can be used to release this funds.

Product Labels

  • On Every product listing when you look to the to right hand corner you will see a label. This label marks the type of transaction the vendor accepts for that listing. There are three labels representing each type of transaction1.FE- Finalize Early2.Escrow- Escrow3.MSig- Multi Signature

Auto Finalizing

All orders Auto Finalize on Apple Market. Digital items auto finalize after three days. Physical items auto finalize after fourteen days.

Disputing an order.

To put an order in dispute all you have to do is to cancel the order after the vendor has accepted it. Cancelling the order after the vendor has accepted it marks it as disputed and you need to contact the market Admins to resolve it.

Disputing Multi-Signature

Disputing a Multi signature order is the same as Disputing a normal order.

Now, let’s talk more specifically about buying from Apple marketplace.

If Grams were heavily inspired by Google, Apple Market appears to derive inspiration from—guess what—yes, Apple. Sporting the iconic bitten apple logo, Apple Market is a place on the dark web that allows you to buy or sell recreational drugs, digital items, and a few other products or services. It goes by the marketing tagline: “A market of the darknet community, by the darknet community, and for the darknet community,” and touts itself as one of the finest markets on the dark web.

Apple Market Deep web URL Link Address:


Alternative .onion and not onion Links to Apple Market chanels and Apple market Forum:

  • http://ubw577imrzpcixiq.onion/


How to Access Deep Web Apple Market

The http://254iloft5cheh2y2.onion/register.php Onion link URL of Apple deepweb Market obviously means that it cannot be accessed by any ordinary web browser. To be able to open this site, you need the Tor browser (Read more through this page). Don’t hesitate to download and install this browser, though, because it is a safe piece of software developed by The Tor Project, Inc. to enable anonymous web browsing using Onion routing.

Additionally, if you want to buy or sell things on the Apple Market, you need to make sure that you remain anonymous and you don’t leave tracks of your activity on the site. That’s why you also need to use a VPN service, PGP, and bitcoins. You need VPN to make sure that you don’t leave tracks on the dark web while PGP is needed so you can communicate anonymously with other Apple Market users. Bitcoins, on the other hand, are used as the currency of choice because they allow you to pay or get paid anonymously.

Account Registration

Getting an Apple Market account shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds—except when you encounter difficult to read CAPTCHAs. In our case, we had to do three registration attempts because we keep getting the CAPTCHA part wrong. Account registration only asks for your username, password, and PIN. We have to note, though, that you will not get any notification whether or not your account had already been created. After a successful registration, you will just be taken back to the Apple Market homepage (before login). There’s nothing on the screen that tells you that your account has already been created and that you can already proceed to logging in.


Based on many pages online about Apple Market including, this marketplace on the dark web is supposedly an invite/referral market. However, we were able to sign up for an account even without using an invite or referral Apple market .onion URL link.

By default, you get a buyer account when you register. You can become a vendor, though, by clicking on the Become a Vendor button on the Vendor page (link is on the top part of the site). You will not be charged for becoming a vendor but you will have to pay a 1 BTC fee if you want to obtain FE (finalize early) privileges. However, if you have top ratings in other major darknetmarkets like AlphaBay,  the 1 BTC upgrade fee is waived. For the uninitiated, FE means being able to ask the buyer to finalize the transaction even when the product has not been delivered yet or when the sale terms are not fulfilled yet. FE releases the payment held in escrow to the vendor.

The Apple Market Account Interface and Functions

Upon logging into your Apple Market account, what you will see is a slightly sparse interface. There’s a little welcome message, some market news, the categories to the left, and quick access links on the top part of the site. It’s a clean design that makes it easy to find the sections you would most likely be looking for.


One of the first pages you should be visiting in your account is the Settings page. Here, you can add your profile information (just be sure to not add anything that can identify you), add your PGP key, change your password and PIN, add a security currency, set your currency, and enter your multi signature key. You can also two-factor authentication or login (2FA) and activate “Vacation Mode” under the Settings page. The Vacation Mode is used when a vendor is unable to accommodate orders temporarily. Buyers may still place orders but it may take some time before the vendor can act on these orders.


The Wallet Page on your Apple Market account can be accessed through three links on top (Wallet Balance, Escrow Coins, and My Wallet).

There’s also a Statistics section, which shows amounts for the current commission, number of successful orders, number of failed orders, total earned bitcoin balance, total lost bitcoin balance, success rate, number of users invited, and total amount earned for the number of users invited.

The My Messages page is actually just an inbox. If you want to send a message to the Apple Market admin or support, you have to go to the Contact page to use the contact form.

It shouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Apple Market has a decent looking and adequately responsive website. It is intuitive and everything is laid out in such a way that even newbies to darknet buying and selling are able to quickly figure out how everything on the site works. It also helps that the site has a Wiki section that presents guides on a number of aspects of using the Apple Market interface.

You don’t have to activate javascript support on the Tor browser to access all pages and functions of the site. There’s no difference in the way the site looks and behaves when javascript support is activated or deactivated. By the way, we recommend deactivating javascript if you are going to buy or sell at dark web marketplaces. A good darknet market should be designed to not rely on javascript since it can be considered a risk.

Categories and Listings

Apple Market is not as big as the other leading darknetmarkets but it offers thousands of listings and a good number of categories.

At the time we did this Apple Market review, there were 14 categories on the site. The numbers beside the categories listed below are the number of listings contained in the respective categories at the time we did this review.

  • Drugs (3830)
  • Benzos (285)
    • Benzospills
    • RC
    • Power
    • Others
  • Cannabis (1031)
    • Buds
    • Concentrates
    • Edibles
    • Hash
    • Prerolls
    • Seeds
    • Shake
    • Synthetic
    • Others
  • Dissociatives (185)
    • Ketamine
    • GHB
    • MXE
    • Others
  • Ecstasy (676)
    • Methylone
    • MDA
    • MDMA
    • Pills
    • Others
  • Paraphernalia (110)
    • Testing
    • Others
  • Prescription (262)
    • Analgesics
    • General Health
    • Relaxants
    • Sidenafil
    • Stimulants
    • Others
  • Opioids (403)
    • Fentanyl
    • Heroin
    • Opioidspills
    • Others
  • Precursors (24)
    • Benzos
    • Others
  • Psychedelics (276)
    • 2CB
    • DMT
    • Mescaline
    • Mushrooms
    • LSA
    • LSD
    • RCS
    • Others
  • Steroids (19)
    • Anabolic
    • Corticosteroids
    • Others
  • Stimulants (559)
    • 2FA
    • Adderal
    • Crack
    • Cocaine
    • Meth
    • Speed
    • Others
  • Digital (4457)
    • Accountsdrops
    • Cards
    • eBooks
    • Keys
    • Software
    • Hosting
    • Others
  • Others (348)
    • Chemicals
    • Guides
    • Counterfeit
    • Jewelry
    • Porn
    • Services


By default, listings are presented in a list or rows. You can switch to grid view (boxes in multiple columns and rows), though, by clicking on the view button (the small box with boxes in a grid) right on top of the listings.

In the grid view, listings are shown with their item title, item image or thumbnail, payment types (escrow, multisig, FE), price, and the Add to Cart button. You can see more information about the listed items if you use the list view. In addition to the details mentioned in grid view, you can also see if the vendor name, shipping destinations accommodated, and the prices in BTC and USD amounts (or whatever traditional currency you set for your account).

Also worth noting, Apple Market has this so-called Featured section located right under the Search filters. It’s positioned at a mostly inconspicuous place so we don’t really understand what makes them featured when they don’t appear easily noticeable on the site. If Apple Market offers a service to make your listings Featured for a fee, we recommend not availing of such service.

Apple Market Search Filters

Apple Market has a good advanced search system. It allows you to search for an item by setting filters and applying them all at once. You can set advanced search to search only at a specific category (or at all categories) and show listings only for those that come from a specific country (or all countries), those that can be shipped to a specific country (or all countries), those that are available at a particular payment type (escrow, multisig, FE), and those coming from vendors with a certain range of ratings (1-5).


You don’t actually have to use the filters to be able to do a search. By default, when you enter a keyword and press the Enter key or click on the Search button, you will be able to search at all categories, regardless of payment terms, shipping terms, and vendor ratings. However, you cannot sort search results later on. You have to set the filters first before you do a search.

It would have been better if the search bar was located near the top part of the site with the advanced search filters just hidden in a tab or a pull-out element. Still, we have no major issues with how things are shown on Apple Market. It’s just a matter of preference or greater convenience.

How to Choose a Vendor

Like most other dark web marketplaces, Apple Market also presents vendor profiles. These profiles present an overview of the vendors, vendor class and user ratings (range of 1-5), reviews and feedback, and the vendors’ PGP keys. Additionally, vendor profiles indicate when was the last time the vendor signed into the Apple Market.


Obviously, you have to give preference to vendors that have high vendor class and ratings. Also choose those with favorable sale terms like fast delivery, prompt support, low prices, and a good refund policy. It is likewise advantageous to choose vendors that also maintain a presence at other onion dark web markets. Most of the time, vendors on Apple Market present under the About tab of their vendor profiles the Onion links of their stores or vendor profiles in other major Deepdotweb darknet markets.

How to Add Funds on Apple Market

Adding funds to your Apple Market account is a quick and simple process. Just go to your wallet page (through the My Wallet, Escrow Coins, and Wallet Balance links on top) and find the green Generate Address button. Click this button to generate your deposit address and star sending your bitcoin deposits.


Unlike other darknet markets, the deposit address on Apple Market is fixed. You will have only one deposit address for your account. It will not change after every deposit. Your deposit appears on your wallet after two confirmations. It should be reflected within a period of three hours. If you don’t see your deposit reflected in your account within 3 hours, be sure to contact Apple Market’s support team. Apple Market, however, has a policy of reversing wallet credits that fail to have four confirmations within 12 hours from the time the deposit was made. This means that if you had orders you paid using a deposit that has not received enough confirmations, the orders will be reversed or cancelled.

To emphasize, your deposit is usually reflected in your account after two confirmations but if this deposit (which becomes your wallet credit after two confirmations) does not get 4 confirmations in 12 hours from the time it was deposited, it will be reversed.

Ordering Guide

Placing an order on the Apple dark web market is a simple process. Just go to the listing page and evaluate the terms of the listing, click the Add to Cart button, and proceed to checkout.


Be sure that if an item is FE (finalize early), the vendor is really trustworthy. Never buy FE items from vendors with low ratings and volume of transactions. Always prefer escrow or multisig payments to make sure that you can get your money back in case the product does not arrive or what you receive is defective or different from what the listing represented.

If a vendor has already accepted an order and it gets cancelled, the transaction automatically goes into dispute mode. In cases like this and in other disputes, you have to contact the Apple Market admin or support team.

Apple Market Help and Support

You need to use the Contact form for your inquiries or requests for assistance. You may also go to the Apple Market forum board. You will be required to sign up for an account here. The username and password you use for your Apple Market account will not be accepted. You need to register for a separate forum account. It is advisable to use a different identity as you interact with other users in the forum.


Pros and Cons


  • Familiar look and feel, intuitive site design
  • Supports multisig payments
  • Thousands of listings, around 40% are not drug-related


  • Occasionally slow page loading and brief downtimes
  • CAPTCHA needed in almost anything you need to do, can be cumbersome
  • Vendors need to pay 1 BTC for enabling FE payments unless they have high ratings in other darknet markets

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