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Although its website is still accessible through its old domain name, what was once called ANXBTC is now known as ANXPRO. It also has a brand new website and offers three main services: debit cards, a mobile wallet, and a platform for buying and selling altcoins.


ANXPRO Overview

ANXPRO is described as “an advanced trading platform designed for experienced digital asset traders and specializes in Altcoins, Algos and Performance.” It’s just unfortunate that this bitcoin debit card service does not serve citizens or residents of the United States. Also, it is meant to support multiple fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies but at the time we did this review, it only accommodated Hong Kong dollar accounts.

ANXPRO is run by ANX International, a financial technology company specializing in harnessing the advantages of blockchain technology. It seeks to provide a one-stop solution for services that employ blockchain technologies to bring together traditional payment networks with the digital assets ecosystem. ANX International is owned by Mega Idea Holdings Limited, a licensed money services operator in Hong Kong with license # 13-09-01268.


Account Registration

To sign up for an ANXPRO account, you will have to fill out the registration form that only asks you for your email address and country. This registration form automatically detects your location. If you are signing up for an account in a country deemed restricted, you will not be able to proceed to signing up.

Once your account is created, you will be required to click the activation link sent to the email address you entered during the registration. After clicking the account activation link, you will be led to a page (with the domain name) asking you to set a password for your account. Once you’re done adding your password, you will be automatically logged in and redirected to your Portfolio page or account dashboard.

Account Dashboard, User Interface

The ANXPRO account dashboard (labeled YOUR PORTFOLIO) is simple and intuitive. It shouldn’t be difficult finding your way around it. To the left, you will see your balances and notifications. To the right, you will find buttons for the important sections/functions of your ANXPRO account (Cash Out, Trade, Deposit, Withdraw).

To access the main services of ANXPRO, just click on the Funds (for the mobile wallet), Trade (for digital assets exchange), and Debit Cards (for the debit card service of course) links on the top part of the site. They respective interfaces are simple and highly intuitive so it shouldn’t be difficult figuring them out.

If you want to set your base currency and timezone, change your password, configure your notifications, and enable different account security options (two-factor authentication, Yubikeys, One-Time Password), you need to go to the Settings page. The link to the Settings page is accessed by clicking on the Account icon on the upper right corner of the site, and clicking on the Settings option right below Reports.

ANXPRO Services/Functions

ANXPRO, just like CoinsBank, offers three services: mobile wallet, debit card, and altcoin exchange or digital asset buying and selling. Learn more about these below.

Mobile Wallet – As a mobile wallet, ANXPRO enables the quick sending and receiving of bitcoins. To send bitcoins, all that needs to be done is to enter the amount you want to send and the bitcoin wallet address of the recipient (or scan the QR code of the recipient). Since ANXPRO also serves as a currency and altcoin trading platform, you can maintain balances in different currencies and just exchange them into the currency you want to use later on.

Debit Card – ANXPRO offers two types of debit cards: ANX ELITE and ANX PREMIUM. Both are in USD and don’t require a credit check to get. They are inteded to serve as a global payment solution, worldwide loyalty cards, corporate gift cards, co-brand cards, and traveling business cards. They can be used to make ATM withdrawals and pay for POS and online purchases. They are both reloadable, easy to load, and can be used for purposes covered by international merchant network. At the time we did this review, only ANX ELITE supported online account management.

The main differences between ANX ELITE and ANX Premium are as follows: there are no limits on maximum card balance and for POS and online transactions with ANX ELITE while ANX PREMIUM supports speed loading and does not impose monthly fees.

Digital Asset Exchange – ANXPRO also serves as a platform for buying and selling bitcoins and altcoins. The good thing about it is that it is designed to be simple enough to be usable for beginners but at the same time it comes with a good level of sophistication to appeal to professional traders. The altcoins or digital assets being traded at the time we did this review were litecoin (LTC), dogecoin (DOGE), stellar (SRT), and ripple (XRP).

Currencies Supported and Countries Served

Since it also serves as a currency and altcoin exchange platform, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that ANXPRO supports multiple currencies. These currencies include US dollar (USD), Australian dollar (AUS), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), euro (EUR), Hong Kong dollar (HK$), Japanese yen (YEN), New Zealand dollar (NZ), Great Britain pound (GBP), and Singapore dollar (SGD). For the cryptocurrencies or altcoins, the following are supported by the site: bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), dogecoin (DOGE), stellar (SRT), and ripple (XRP).

Unfortunately, citizens or residents of the United States and its territories are not allowed to get an ANXPRO account. Unfortunately, there’s no comprehensive list on which countries are deemed restricted and which are not. We did some trial and error and we found out that it’s not only the US that is considered restricted. While citizens/residents of other countries like Singapore may get an account, those who reside in the Philippines, are apparently prohibited. It appears, you will only know if your country is restricted once you attempt to register an account. The registration form apparently detects your IP address and automatically determines whether or not you should be allowed to get an account.

To clarify, the USD currency is supported but US citizens or residents are not allowed to get an account.

Mobile Apps

We initially thought that ANXPRO does not have mobile apps since the chart comparing the ANX PREMIUM and ANX ELITE cards mentioned that the mobile app is yet to be made available. We almost failed to notice the app links at the bottom part of the site. ANXPRO does have mobile apps, for Android and iOS devices. Use the link provided on the site or search for them on iTunes or the Google Play Store. The official names are ANX Vault: Your Digital Assets Wallet (iOS) and ANX Vault: Your Bitcoin Wallet (Android). The iOS app requires a minimum of iOS 8.0 while the Android version works with Android 4.0 or the newer versions.


Security is guaranteed on ANXPRO through a number of strategies. The most notable of which are the two-step process for logging in, two-factor authentication, Yubikeys, and 3 levels of verification required when making withdrawals. Just like other similar services, the site also implements 128-bit SSL encryption to protect the data transmitted between the account owner and the site. The site employs proprietary procedures for protecting passwords, not MD5 hashing for password encryption. Moreover, the digital currencies aggregated by the site are not maintained in cloud servers but are hosted in Tier 3+ ISO 27001/9001 compliant data centers. ANXPRO likewise employs strict database security through multi-firewall protection, DDoS protection, and encryption and protection from SQL injection attacks. ANXPRO performs hourly backups in multiple locations.

Policy on Anonymity

Looking for a bitcoin debit card that allows you to remain anonymous? ANXPRO may not be a good option as it requires personal details from account holders. As stated in its Privacy Policy, users are guaranteed anonymity when browsing the site but not when using the ANXPRO services. ANXPRO also clearly states in its Terms and Conditions that providing false or misleading information, particularly when it comes to location or residence and citizenship, is strictly prohibited.

More importantly, ANXPRO adopts Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies. Using the services of this bitcoin debit card provider and altcoin exchange platform is practically similar to dealing with a bank so don’t expect anonymity.

ANXPRO Fees, Charges, and Promo Offers

ANXPRO’s website has a comprehensive a summary of the fees for all currencies so we will just be presenting a screenshot of it here. Just go to the Fees page of the site (the link is on the footer part) so you can view the fees based on the currency you intend to use.

ANXPRO’s fees and charges can be considered reasonable or competitive, although the fees for trading may be on the high side. ATM withdrawals cost 3.5 USD for ANX ELITE while it’s 1.5% of the transaction cost (minimum of 7 USD) for ANX PREMIUM. POS purchases are free for both cards as well as the card loading fee. The ANX ELITE card charges a monthly fee of 1 USD (none for ANX PREMIUM) while ANX PREMIUM charges 0.5 USD per ATM balance inquiry (none for ANX ELITE).

For its promo offers, ANXPRO has its so called Welcome Offer that provides a 5,000 USD load (for both cards) as a refund for the shipping fee when you charge the required amount on your first loading.


If you want to get an ANX ELITE card, you will be limited to just 1 card. On the other hand, if you get ANX PREMIUM, you will be allowed to own up to 2 cards. There is no maximum active card balance for the ELITE card but there is a 12,800 USD maximum set for PREMIUM. The maximum load amount per card for ELITE and PREMIUM are 20,000 USD and 12,800 respectively.. There is no maximum annual card load limit for the ELITE card but there is 32,200 USD maximum card load limit per year allowed set for ANX PREMIUM. When it comes to daily ATM withdrawals, the ELITE card has 2,000 USD maximum while PREMIUM only has 1,000 USD, both of which are still subject to the limits imposed by the local ATMs being used. For POS purchases and online transactions, there are no limits set for ANX ELITE but the PREMIUM card sets a maximum of 32,200 USD annual maximum for both.

How to Make a Deposit/Withdrawal

Note: Before you can make a fiat currency deposit to your account, you need complete the verification process.

There’s actually a detailed tutorial on this at the page of ANXPRO (both deposit and withdrawal). It’s quite long but clearly presented so be sure to check it out. Basically, what happens is that you just have to add your bank account details so you can proceed to making a fiat currency deposit. At the time this review was written, ANXPRO only supported HKD fiat currency deposits but ANX, BTC, DOGE, LTC, SRT, and XRP cryptocurrency deposits were accepted.

If you will only be using bitcoins or altcoins (cryptocurrencies), the process becomes simpler since you will just have to send bitcoins to the deposit address indicated on the Deposit interface for the specific cryptocurrency or altcoin you want to use.

Customer Support

Contacting ANXPRO can be done through email or a telephone call. Send an email for your questions and requests for assistance using the following addresses: [email protected] and [email protected] If you want to reach them by telephone, dial the following numbers: +852 2892 2686 and +852 2892 2635. Unfortunately, ANXPRO does not have a live chat support option. The persistent green little Help button on the lower right corner of the site only opens an email sending form, not a live chat window.

Pros and Cons


  • Multiple functions (bitcoin debit card, merchant tool, wallet, and bitcoin exchange)
  • Supports a number of cryptocurrencies
  • Simple presentation, intuitive website that makes it easier to understand what ANXPRO does
  • Quick account registration process but with good account security options (3-step factor authentication, etc)


  • Fiat currency option was limited to Hong Kong dollars (HKD) at the time we did this review
  • Does not accept registrations for residents or citizens of the United States
  • Does not support anonymity


ANXPRO is one good bitcoin debit card service option that also offers other financial services. It’s just a bit of a letdown that it does not accept US users. Also, at the time this review was made, ANXPRO only accepted fiat currency deposits in HKD. Nevertheless, it’s a good option if you just want to use bitcoins and altcoins. Again, it’s not just a bitcoin debit card service but also a digital assets exchange platform and a mobile wallet. Additionally, the user interface is simple and intuitive. Signing up for an account is also a quick and easy process. Perhaps, ANXPRO will eventually expand and accept more fiat currency deposit options, serve users in more locations in different parts of the world, and improve its services. When that time comes, it shall become one of the formidable bitcoin debit card options users worldwide should consider.

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  1. Victor Muller Ferreira | September 8, 2017 at 7:09 am | Reply

    Their cards are not working. It is all a scam! I have three pending top-ups on my ANX Elite card since august. The money left my account but were never delivered to the card. The support simply does not respond to my requests. This is outrageous! The money were just simply stolen! If they don`t answer within this week I plan to address my lawyers to file a report and appeal to the court directly. I am growing tired of this.

  2. Can I just use this card for online purchases and is there a fee for transactions?

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