Another Salzburg Man Arrested Ordering Darknet Drugs

salzburg police car
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A 26-year-old man residing in Salzburg, Austria has been arrested for ordering drugs worth 26,000 euros on the darknet. The Austrian authorities targeted the Salzburg man because of the suspicious package delivered to his residence through the general post. Unfortunately for him, the order first fell into the hands of customs officials, rendering him an immediate suspect upon opening the package.

The Austrian police have completed the investigation against the 26-year-old, and he will be charged with ordering over 50 drug pieces illegally across borders. In March 2017, the Austrian investigators were alerted to a package sent to an unknown man at the customs office at Vienna-Schwechat airport in the afternoon. According to the customs officials, the contents of the parcel includes 10 pill presses, copious amounts of cannabis, ketamine powder and 30 ecstasy tabs.

According to the investigators, in July and September last year, the narcotics police at the parcel inspection unit found another delivery to the same location. The delivered substances were five parcels including 2 kilograms of a coffee-cocaine mixture. As a result, a search was conducted on the suspect at length, with any remaining parcel ordered with the same address to be immediately confiscated and flagged by investigators.

To strengthen their case, the suspect’s residence was raided. With a team of police, drug sniffing dogs, and a warrant, the man was shocked by the presence of the police officers in his apartment conducting such an intense search operation in his house. Agents confiscated several laptops and mobile phones. Additionally analysis would reveal browser histories showing darknet marketplace activity and access to the deep web.

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Earlier this year, another raid took place in Salzburg and two brothers were arrested for purchasing narcotics and reselling them on darknet vendor forums.

After hours of interrogation, the Salzburg man confessed to having ordered 1,300 pieces of XTC tablets, 1,600 grams of a cocaine-coffee mixture, 500 grams of amphetamine and 100 grams of cocaine over the last year. Moreover, he also confessed to an outstanding order from the Netherlands which he ordered from the famous Dream Market. He admitted to having made the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in transferring funds to the vendor in order to remain anonymous.

He further admitted to having sold the narcotics to 15 customers in Salzburg. To reduce the menace of darknet drug sales and its abuse in Salzburg, the special agents investigated the 15 customers and made further arrests. Additional dark web drugs were seized and over 200,000 euros was taken.

confiscated drugs

According to the Austrian police investigation report, there is an upward trend of online drug purchases with the help of the darknet, and a number of youth are getting involved quickly. Easy sales and daily shipping is on the rise. A huge number of packages containing drugs from dark web centers around the world are continually intercepted on a regular basis and every month. One instance is the unfortunate case of an 18-year-old Burgenlander who order drugs and was caught by the traffic control at Kemeten by the Oberwart highway police officers.

Prosecutors hope this most recent arrest will be the deterrent to the rest of the community thinking it can get involved in darknet activities in Salzburg.  “His indictment in court and possible imprisonment will serve as a warning to the Austrian youths,” said the prosecutor.

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