Another Darknet Drug Vendor Locked Away Over 600EUR

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A 32-year-old man in Neumarkt received a prison sentence of one year after confessing to purchasing drugs from the darknet. The accused at first denied the charges. However, when brought before judge Rainer Würth, the man confessed and apologized in the form of a retraction. Later he revised his testimony and statement, pleading guilty to possession. This resulted in a one-year sentence. The drugs found in his possession were ecstasy, LSD, hashish, and amphetamine.

The details of the case were unclear to the preceding judge. The judge thought that the 32-year-old was guilty of the charges of ordering cargo drugs from the darknet. However, the accused had denied the charges by saying that he had no prior knowledge of how to get on the darknet. The judge gave him an opportunity to revise his situation, and he did.

Increasing Demand For Drugs

During investigations, it was clear to the judge what the judicial outcome would be. The accused had a well-written book detailing his operations. This was submitted to evidence. This drug dealer’s diary included orders that had increased gradually over time. It was also clear what was being done by the accused after the data from his computer was analyzed. It was found that the accused was very active on darknet sites and had been an active vendor of the Outlaw Market.

In the book confiscated by the police, the accused organized his work using different colors coding systems. This helped law enforcement also understand the business transactions more easily. The provider used statuses with the colors. For example, green meant that drugs were ordered but not yet received. For orders that had reached their destination, yellow orange was colored on their status.

The Light Sentence

Judge asking for order

“Even though you cannot prove that you had the goods in your possession upon your arrest, it is clear from the evidence presented in this case that you ordered them, declared the judge.

The ball was in the accused hands. He could confess and accept a guilty verdict and hope for a short sentence and probation. Or he could remain silent and risk going to trial. The judge further added that there could no longer be a special circumstance for punishment on probation without a confession.

Due to the weight of the evidence brought before the court, it was not possible for the accused to be a victim of a third party attack. This implies that a third party was manipulating his contact details to deliver the drugs to place blame. It was unfortunate for the 32-year-old since he had already been caught with one and a half grams of hashish and marijuana at the Nuremberg station. The judge and prosecutors advised the accused to confess to the crime. It was much later at the trial that the accused decided to confess after consulting with his lawyer. The confession resulted in a one-year sentence and probation.

Battling Darknet Market

The Darknet drug trade increased from 4.5 to 6.7 in the recent year. The crackdown on darknet drug trade and street dealing is quite difficult to handle since the spectrum broadened. As a result of this increase, law enforcement agencies are popping up all over the world. Some of the law enforcement agencies keen on pursuing darknet buyers and sellers include the US, Australia, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

The battle against darknet illegal trading especially on drug trading has become an issue for many law enforcement agencies. With factors such as the ever expanding internet access, new tech generation, the introduction of cryptocurrency and high demand for illicit drugs worldwide is making it hard for officers to bring down the cartels behind darknet. The worst contributing factor is the ease of accessing such dangerous drugs. Anyone with basic internet connection can get drugs on a darknet site such as Silk Road 3 and sell the substances to vendors in the form of pills.

Research On Increased Drug Trade

According to research done by Buxton and Bingham Darknet drug market has in the recent years experienced a dramatic growth with the sale of various illegal substances. Due to increased internet availability, sales are projected to increase exponentially. Drugs sold on the darknet are posing major challenges to not only law enforcement bodies but also the United Nations international drug control system.
The research continues to show that buyers and vendors of darknet use it since it presents a much safer environment for peddling drugs and the risks involved are much lower than buying or selling on the streets.In another research conducted by the EMCDD (an agency that fights drug addiction) showed that most narcotics are being purchased from the darknet markets. MDMA (Ecstasy) and cannabis products are the most frequently purchased substances on the darknet. It is reported that cannabis products are leading with the largest shares. The substance is mostly used for recreational purposes as well as medical purposes by the buyers. Marijuana is legal in most parts of the US and also in the Netherlands.

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