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AlphaBay is one of the largest if not the largest darknet market in the world. Launched in December 2014, it operates on the Tor network and is believed to currently have over a quarter of a million users. It is owned by Admin & DeSnake and was founded by noted carding forums frequenter alpha02. It is an English-only commercial darknet market that features a wide range of categories including fraud, recreational drugs, chemicals, counterfeit products, digital goods, weapons, carded electronics and appliances, carded clothing, jewelry, gold, software, security and hosting solutions, various services, as well as guides and tutorials.

AlphaBay Main Market URL Address :

  • http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion

Alternative onion and not onion Links to Alphabay channels:

  • Alphabay Forum
  • Reddit: /r/AlphaBay

Some more alternative alphabay market links (and thanks to deepdotweb for the up-to-date information)

  • http://stbux7lrtpegcra2.onion/register.php
  • http://jsbpbdf6mpw6s2oz.onion/register.php
  • http://zdfvqospmrbvzdn3.onion/register.php
  • http://alphabaywyjrktqn.onion/register.php
  • http://sszoxp4dqmt24jng.onion/register.php
  • http://nracund2vx6lxzck.onion/register.php
  • http://lo4wpvx3tcdbqra4.onion/register.php

Things You Need

It’s important that we mention in this AlphaBay review that if you decide to buy from AlphaBay, you need the following to ensure anonymous and safe purchases: VPN, the Tor browser, PGP, and bitcoins (BTC) or monero (XMR) and now even Ethereum (ETH).

  • A VPN service allows you to get rid of your web browsing tracks, making your online activity anonymous It prevents others from identifying and locating you There are many VPN services available and VPNs can be used across platforms. Just refer to specific tutorials for the platform you use or obtain the instructions from the VPN service provider you choose.
  • Tor is an acronym for The Onion Router. It is a global network of servers that enables the anonymous browsing of the Internet. It can be used through the Tor browser, which can be downloaded from the Tor Project website. After installing the Tor browser, you will be able to access the links listed above. The Tor browser is basically just like Firefox that enables anonymous browsing, so if you’ve used Firerfox before, you shouldn’t have problems using the Tor browser.
    tor page
  • In addition to the Tor browser, you need a way to encrypt and decrypt the messages you send online. For this, you need a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) program like GnuPG or GPG. The Alphabaymarket account registration form has a PGP Public Key field. You will get this detail from the PGP program of your choice.
  • To make purchases, of course, you need money. However, you are not supposed to pay through online banking, credit, cards and online money transfer systems since they are going to reveal your identity. That’s why you have to use bitcoins, and you need a bitcoin wallet like Electrum. You can obtain bitcoins using your credit card, PayPal, or other traditional payment systems, though.

These four are the bare minimum you need to safely shop on the Alphabay market on the darknet.

You can actually start accessing the Alphabay darknet links above without setting up a VPN but that wouldn’t be as safe as using a VPN.

Account Registration

As you load the AlphaBay URL link, you will be met with a login page. Of course, you need login details before you can log in so you have to register for an account. Registration can take around a minute. The required fields are only the username, password, and six-digit PIN but it is advisable to fill out all if not most of the fields, especially the PGP public key field.

When entering your username to, make sure that you will not be using your name or the username you use in your other online accounts like your email or social media.

important: save this alphabay Link this is the main alphabay market link.

Similarly, use a password and PIN that are different from what you use in your other online accounts. Avoid using anything that can serve as a hint to your identity or that could be linked to your other online accounts.

alphabay registration page

After you click on the alphabay url Register button, AlphaBay will present your mnemonic. You have to securely save or remember this (along with your password and PIN) as this will be needed in recovering your account’s password in case you forget it. If you forget your mnemonic, you will no longer be able recover your account’s password.

a great thing about Alphabay is the down times: they are rare, they happen, but pretty rare – more than 98% of the time this site is up. Which is nice and unusual for a deep web website.

AlphaBay Interface

AlphaBay Interface

AlphaBay has a neat and well-organized user interface. It’s easy to find the sections you need. There’s a menu bar that presents all of the functions you likely want to access. To access the page for your finances, just click on the Balance link or click on your BTC or XMR balance on the upper right corner of the site. The pages for monitoring and controlling your sales and purchases are also readily shown on the menu bar. Also, AlphaBay has messaging, feedback, and forum features. Only the link to your profile page is not shown on the menu bar. Access your profile page by clicking on your account name on the upper right corner of the site.

You can conveniently navigate the AlphaBay website because of the way it is laid out. There’s a sidebar to the left that serves as a navigation guide as it shows you which specific section of the site you are in and conveniently presents links to related pages. If you go to your Balance page, for example, the sidebar on the link presents links to your profile page (My Information), Sales, Listings, Contracts, Vendor Stats, and Affiliate Stats. Bitcoin exchange rates are also readily shown on the site.

The AlphaBay market interface is mostly responsive. Pages load quickly. There are also reminders or notifications occasionally shown on the pages like the suggestion to disable Javascript for better security and the Account Security reminder that asks you to enable two-factor authentication and add your PGP key in case you have not added them yet.

Categories On AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay Categories

AlphaBay features 12 categories, namely:

  1. Fraud
  2. Drugs & Chemicals
  3. Guides & Tutorials
  4. Counterfeit Items
  5. Digital Products
  6. Jewels & Gold, Weapons
  7. Carded Items
  8. Services
  9. Software & Malware
  10. Security & Hosting
  11. and Other Listings.

As expected from a major online darknet market, AlphaBay has most of what can be possibly offered, sought after, or traded on the dark web. The categories mostly feature thousands of listings, with the Drugs & Chemicals category featuring the most number of listings at more than 137,000 at the time this AlphaBay review was written.

The categories are persistently displayed on the left so you can quickly hop to another category without having to return to the index. It’s like navigating folders in Windows. Also, the categories are presented as a tree so you can conveniently navigate into subcategories and move to the other main categories without having to reload the index first.

AlphaBay Search Filters

AlphaBay features several search filters, as shown in the screenshot below. You can limit your search results by listing type (fixed price, auction, or both); product type (digital, physical, or all); price range (set the price range in USD); country of origin; shipping destinations accommodated; vendor activity (only active vendor listing or all listing); automatic fulfillment (automatic or manual); multisig options (multisig or escrow); availability of bulk discount (only listings with bulk discount or flat rate listings only); stock availability; payment type (escrow, partial FE percentage, total FE, or all listings); cryptocurrency accepted (BTC or XMR), vendor processing time (12 hours or less, 24 hours or less, 36 hours or less, 48 hours or less, and 72 hours or less); and vendor trust level (range, from Level 1 to 10).

The search results can also be ordered according to popularity, listing newness (most recent) or oldness (most ancient), and price (from lowest to highest price or from highest to lowest).

AlphaBay search options

Most of these filters are self-explanatory. Perhaps the only ones that need a little explaining in this AlphaBay review, especially for the benefit of those who are new to the darknet market, or any deep web site, are the following: multisig options and payment type.

Multisig is a shortened term for multisignature, which is a form of technology employed to enhance the security of bitcoin transactions. It is a digital signature scheme wherein a transaction requires the signature of another bitcoin user or users before the transaction is broadcast to the block chain. Listings on Alphabay darknet market are already tagged as to whether the payments require multisig or are to be held in escrow (the concept of escrow is discussed in the succeeding paragraph).

With AlphaBay, there are three payment options: escrow, partial FE percentage, and total FE. Escrow means that there will be an escrow service involved that will securely hold a buyer’s money before transferring it to the seller when the terms of the sale are already met. Total FE means Total Finalize Early or no escrow, which means the payment is entirely sent to the seller even though there is no delivery yet or the sale’s terms are not yet fulfilled. Partial FE percentage, on the other hand, is a hybrid between escrow and total FE. This is a feature added just a year ago on AlphaBay. It divides the risk between the seller and buyer. A vendor, for example, can ask for 50% upfront, 50% on arrival term, wherein 50% of the payment is directly sent to the vendor while putting the remainder in escrow to be transferred as soon as the sale terms are met.

How to Choose a Vendor on Alphabay Market

AlphaBay helps buyers or sellers in scrutinizing those they will be transacting with through detailed user profile pages. These profile pages are similar to what you can find in eBay. There are feedback ratings for a user’s activity as a seller and as a vendor. There are also vendor and trust levels indicated beside a user’s name.

Vendor page on alphabay

Vendor page on Alphabaymarket

The vendor level is from 1 to 10. Level 1 is assigned to all new users and those who have lower than 100 sales transactions, $1,500 sales volume, and a feedback of at least 90% positive. The rest of the levels have the following qualifications:

  1. Level 2: 100 sales, $1,500 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum
  2. Level 3: 200 sales, $4,000 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum
  3. Level 4: 300 sales, $10,000 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum
  4. Level 5: 400 sales, $25,000 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum
  5. Level 6: 500 sales, $75,000 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum
  6. Level 7: 600 sales, $175,000 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum
  7. Level 8: 700 sales, $400,000 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum
  8. Level 9: 800 sales, $1,000,000 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum
  9. Level 10: 900 sales, $2,500,000 sales volume, feedback: 90% positive minimum

The Trust Level, on the other hand, is independent from the Vendor Level. It is also from a 1 to 10 range. The formula for computing it, however, has not been made public but it is mostly about how long the user has been on AlphaBay and the number of Trust or Distrust clicks a user gets from other users.

Obviously, you should be limiting your options to users who have excellent feedback and Vendor and Trust Levels. However, you should not limit your scrutiny to the ratings and numbers alone. There are times when a vendor or buyer gets good feedback and vendor and trust levels by colluding with other users. You will notice this when the feedbacks shown for a user appear at the same time or at regular intervals. Also, take note of the products that have been sold or purchased. Sometimes, the products being offered by a vendor provide a clue to their reliability.

If you have doubts about the AlphaBay users you are considering transacting with, you can look for more information about them on resources like AlphaBay’s subreddit or the DNM Subreddit.

How to Add and Withdraw Funds on Alphabaymarket

AlphaBay supports two cryptocurrencies: bitcoin (BTC) and monero (XMR).

To make a deposit, you just have to send bitcoins (minimum of 0.1 BTC or 0.1 XMR) to the wallet address indicated in your Balance page. This address changes between each deposit. Deposits require 3 confirmations before they are reflected in your account. The process can take around 45 minutes.

To withdraw funds, you just have to complete the withdrawal form in your Balance page. A fee of 0.001 BTC is charged for every withdrawal transaction. You need your 6-digit PIN to initiate the withdrawal process. Withdrawals on AlphaBay usually takes only a few minutes. The bitcoins you withdraw are directly sent to the address you indicated in the withdrawal form.

AlphaBay, moreover, supports the tumbling of coins. Tumbling is a process that erases all of the traces of your bitcoin transactions on the site to make sure that even determined investigators are unable to find your trace on AlphaBay. It involves a fee ranging from 1% to 3% of the amount being tumbled. AlphaBay recommends tumbling through BitBlender and Grams Helix.

Alphabay Darknet: Ordering Guide

Ordering something on AlphaBay on the darknet is a straightforward process. It’s just like how you order in online stores. Just enter the quantity you want to get and click on the red Buy Now button or the green Queue button in case you want to complete the purchase later. You will be asked to enter your shipping address after clicking the Buy Now button. AlphaBay encrypts your shipping address so you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s worth highlighting in this AlphaBay review, that the site’s purchase confirmation page provides reminders on important details you must bear in mind. For instance, if you choose an FE (total FE) item, you will be reminded that you have to make sure that you trust the vendor since the purchase will not put your payment in escrow so it will be difficult to get your money back in case the transaction fails or something goes wrong with the product’s delivery. Also, AlphaBay points out if the vendor you are transacting with does not have an indemnity fund.

To monitor the status of your order, you have to go to the Orders page (link is in the menu bar). You will know when your order has been finalized and shipped when it is transferred to the Archived Orders tab. If your order has not reached you within the time indicated in the listing, you can proceed to initiating a dispute if the order is still in escrow. Use AlphaBay’s support ticket system (link is in the menu bar) if you need assistance.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that you will not be receiving your item in the typical mail delivery way. Items purchased through AlphaBay are meant to be camouflaged, disguised, or made stealth (hence the stealth ratings on the user profiles) so you may receive your item as spam or in some suspicious packaging.

Pros and Cons


  • Clean, fast, and intuitive user interface
  • Good security system, multisig transactions supported
  • Extensive range of items listed
  • Support for monero deposits
  • Support for tumbling
  • Good customer service


  • You may occasionally encounter difficult CAPTCHAs
  • alphabay downtimes are occasional
  • New non-techie users need to learn more about AlphaBay to be sure that they are getting proper anonymity and security on the site. The site will not spoon feed everything users need to know.

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