Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet – Review and Getting Started

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Airbitz is well-known to the cryptocurrency world since its launch because of its private and unique approach to securing a mobile wallet. Most bitcoin wallets go with a centralized approach in which users have to enable the third party to access their private keys and information. But, Airbitz wallet took a unique approach by avoiding server-side security in favour of the client side security.

Airbitz bitcoin wallet was found in 2013 by Paul Puey, William Swanson, Damian Cutillo, Scott Morgan, and Tim Horton in San Diego, which is still Airbitz Headquarters. The core concept of Airbitz bitcoin wallet is securing the user’s private information by using a client-side securing model. You will know much more about Airbitz functionality and how to access it through this Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Review.

Airbitz Bitcoin wallet is a mobile-based Wallet, which is only designed for bitcoin. Airbitz wallet offers a decentralized bitcoin wallet that allows users to conduct transactions using bitcoins and to store bitcoins. They are credited with inventing a Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is helpful in the transaction of bitcoins and one-touch two-factor authentication procedure. Also, it is a very first wallet that handles the bitcoin transaction in Cuba. The wallet offers storage for bitcoin users and provides the codes necessary for accessing and receiving bitcoins.

You can download Airbitz mobile app since it is only compatible with Android and Apple devices, not with a desktop.

airbitz wallet Home Page


As compared to other cryptocurrency wallets, the Airbitz bitcoin Wallet App has the following unique features:

  • It has one-touch two-factor authentication security and comes with high strength security features.
  • Airbitz wallet is a unique storage platform for bitcoin only, and also supports over 140 fiat currency exchange rates.
  • The wallet also has a built-in calculator for easier conversions.
  • The Airbitz wallet app is free to download, but the fees for transacting in bitcoins depended upon Bitcoin network and subjected to the influence of factors such as congestion of data from time to time, and magnitude of the transaction concerning data bytes.
  • There’s also a quick touch ID login system available on mobile devices.
  • It is an automatically encrypted wallet, including backing up feature embedded with peer-to-peer cloud servers.
  • Airbitz wallet security restricts the third party access to a user account, transactions funds, and other private information.
  • It has a scalable user-interface that offers a trusted and convenient portable money storage platform for bitcoin only users.

Airbitz Wallet Download

You can download Airbitz bitcoin wallet app from Google Play Store, and Apple users can download Airtbiz mobile app from iTunes Store. Both the sources avail the latest versions of the Airbitz bitcoin wallet.

How to use Airbitz Wallet?

Most of you may have questions regarding how to use Airbitz Wallet if it’s the first time hearing this wallet’s name. Well, all you need to do is follow the given simple steps:

    • Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device, or Apple Store on iOS device, and search “Airbitz.”
    • Now download the app, and agree to some terms and conditions. After that, you are ready to start.

airbitz wallet Currency Page

    • Now click the Sign Up Button and select the Currency you want to begin with.
    • Enter the Username, Password, and Four-digit PIN for your wallet to set-up a new Airbitz Wallet Account.

airbitz wallet Username

    • Enable the app to access the camera to scan the QR codes to pay merchants and people. You can also change the screen overlay settings if you want to do so.

airbitz wallet PIN

  • Make sure you save your username, password and PIN details to prevent the loss of access to funds.
  • Your Airtbitz Bitcoin wallet is ready to use.

airbitz wallet password

You do not need to fill out many personal details, as the wallet is very good at hiding cryptography complexities. It means you get the full access to online banking, with some additional benefits of bitcoin.

Airbitz wallet login

During Airbitz wallet login, you don’t need to fill up username and password once you exit the App. All you need to do is fill your four-digit PIN, and you are good to go. In case you log out from your account, then follow the given steps:

  • Enter the Username and Password of your Airbitz Bitcoin wallet account.
  • Click on the login button.

Setting Up Airbitz Password Recovery

For your own safety, it’s better to set up Airbitz wallet password recovery setting. For initiating the recovery settings, follow the given steps:

    • Tap the Navigation bar in the left of “My Wallet”, and go to “Settings.”

airbitz wallet Recovery Setting

    • Go to the setting and click on “Change Recovery Questions.”

airbitz wallet Recovery Questions

    • Now, enter your current password, and select the two Airbitz Wallet recovery questions for your account. The answers are case sensitive, so don’t give a one-word answer. Click on “done.”

airbitz wallet Recovery options

    • For completing the account recovery setup, enter the email id to save the account recovery TOKEN.
    • Click on “Next” button.
    • Select the Gmail option, and send the mail.

airbitz wallet TOKEN Email

  • The Airbitz wallet recovery isn’t done by default, that’s why you need to complete it; otherwise, you can’t recover your bitcoins once you lose your password.

Sending Payments on Airbitz Wallet

airbitz wallet Send & Receive

Receiving and sending payment on Airbitz Wallet is intuitive and easy. You can also use names and photos instead of wallet addresses. There’s also a Bluetooth payment option available in it. For sending the bitcoins, all you need to do is scan the QR code by using your mobile camera to scan the address. You can also use the picture from your gallery, or paste the address by yourself.

    • Firstly, click the “Send” button on the Home Page.

airbitz wallet Sending Money

    • Now, choose any transfer option among the following:
      • Transfer
      • Address
      • Photos
      • Flash
    • Scan the QR code.

airbitz wallet Confirm money sent

  • Enter the amount you want to send, and then slid the arrow to confirm.

Receiving Payments on Airbitz Wallet

For receiving the payment, click the “Request” to display your QR code and address. You will need to send either QR code or Airbitz bitcoin wallet address to the sender. You can send it by:

airbitz wallet Receiving Money

  • Either letting the sender scan the QR code from your mobile phone screen.
  • SMS
  • Copy the address and send it with any other means
  • Bluetooth
  • Email

If you and the sender, both have the Airbitz wallet for bitcoin transactions, then you can use Bluetooth method, if he/she is nearby. It will be much easier this way. Select whichever option suits you best, and if you are receiving payment remotely, then SMS or email is the best option.

Airbitz wallet fees

One of the best features in Airbitz Wallet is that you can manually enter the transaction fees below or higher than the recommended amount. If the price is set low, then the transaction will take multiple hours, even days for it to confirm. Sometimes, the transaction will not go through and be returned to the sender. If a dropped transaction occurs, you will have to send payment again using higher fees than before. The transactions may even confirm without any Airbitz wallet fees paid to the network, depending upon the traffic on the bitcoin network.

Airbitz Wallet Inbuilt Business Directory

One of the best features of the wallet is the Airbitz Inbuilt Business Directory. It contains the details regarding the businesses near you, where you can make bitcoin payment. You can easily find the ATM, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. to try your Airbitz wallet.


The development of Bitcoin storage and stashing services is increasing with the growth of Bitcoin traders and network that are joining the market. Are you still thinking, “is Airbitz a good wallet?” The Airbitz wallet online is developed with the vision of providing every necessary service to the users in terms of flexibility and security in this rapidly revolutionizing Bitcoin industry. It is one of the most effective and easy to access Bitcoin wallet with amazing features.


  • It has decentralized servers.
  • Airbitz is an open source mobile app.
  • It is user-friendly, even the beginners can efficiently use it.
  • Security features are powerful.


  • It is not a safe as compared to cold storage options
  • You can’t use Airbitz wallet for PC.

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