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The first thing you will probably notice as you visit the Aero Market website is its demand for you to turn javascript support off. This darknet market refuses to load its pages if your browser allows javascript to be executed. It’s a neat looking darknet market with a decent number of listings and users. Aero Market supports bitcoin (BTC) and monero (XMR) payments. It also supports multisig bitcoin transactions. Unlike some of the top darknet markets, Aero Market does not require you to maintain two accounts to be a buyer and vendor. You can be both buyer and vendor with just one account.

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How to Access Aero Market

Being a darknet site, Aero Market cannot be accessed by ordinary web browsers, not even by the latest versions of Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You have to get the Tor Browser to be able to open this website. If you are not familiar with this browser, refer to our Tor browser guide. It’s not something that requires time to learn. It’s basically just Firefox with built-in anonymity and restrictions-bypassing features. You can even install Firefox add-ons to this browser.

The Tor Browser, however, is not enough to guarantee your anonymity when using darknet markets like AERO. To ensure that you will not be leaving tracks as you transact with sellers or other users of darknet markets, be sure to use VPN. We have reviewed a number of the leading VPN services you can use so take time to go over them.

Moreover, it’s important that you use  PGP encryption/decryption when you communicate with anyone on AERO or in any other darknet market. This is to make sure that nobody can use the messages you send or receive to trace you or to learn about your identity. Go over our our PGP guide if you’re not familiar with the use of PGP.

You can use the following alternative links in case you can’t access the Aero Market through the Onion URL provided above.



Aero Account Registration

Getting an Aero Market account may seem like a very simple process since the account registration form you need to fill out for only asks for your nominated username and password (along with the password confirmation). However, this is just the first step. After submitting your username and password, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit PIN code for your account. After entering your PIN code, you will then be asked to enter an invitation code and the CAPTCHA for the session.

The invitation code is not a requirement, though. You can just leave it blank and proceed to inputting the CAPTCHA so you can complete the registration process. You should see a tiny notification once your registration has been approved. After seeing this notification, you can proceed to logging in.

You will get a buyer account after completing the account registration process. If you want to sell on Aero Market, you don’t have to get a separate vendor account.  You just have to go to the Vendor tab under your Account page. To be a vendor (to open your store), you will be asked to pay a one-time fee, which costs $150 for the Lite plan and $200 for the Pro plan.

Aero Market Interface and Functions

Before you can enter the full Aero Market user interface, you will be asked to add your public PGP key. If you have already added your PGP key, you will be asked to enter a message decrypted from an encrypted message shown on the Aero Market website. Take note that you are only being asked to enter the number part (or the secret code part) of the decrypted message, not the whole decrypted message.

You will be asked to decrypt an encrypted message again every time you log in. At first we thought this creates unnecessary hassle. However, upon realizing that you are supposed to be using PGP encryption every time you communicate with other Aero Market users anyway, this PGP-based security measure makes sense.

The Aero Market interface is generally intuitive. Pages load quickly. As mentioned earlier, javascript support is not required. If you have already tried using other darknet markets, it shouldn’t be difficult to use Aero Market.

There’s a search bar on the mid-top portion of the site that makes it convenient and quick to proceed to searching for products you want to buy. The product categories and featured listings are readily shown on the homepage. There’s also a notification icon (for messages and updates) on the upper left corner of the site.

To go to your Account page, click on the menu button on the upper right corner of the site and click on the Account option. This will show a page that has the following tabs: Dashboard, Security, Preferences, and Vendor. The Dashboard is where you will find your order management page and wallet. The Security tab lets you modify your password and PIN, add your PGP key, clear your data, and terminate your account. The Preferences tab, on the other hand, is where you can set your currency, configure notifications, and set the automatic deletion of your messages. Lastly, the Vendor tab is where you can apply for a vendor plan.

Aero Market Categories and Listings

Aero Market, like most other darknet markets, has Drugs as its biggest category. Nearly ⅔ of the listings here are related to drugs.

Here’s a summary of the categories and subcategories on Aero Market, together with the respective number of listings contained therein at the time this review was made.

  • Drugs (2497)
    • Benzos (126)
    • Cannabis and Hashish (750)
    • Ecstasy (347)
    • Opioids (132)
    • Prescription (248)
    • Stimulants (438)
    • Other Listings (88)
    • Psychedelics (368)
  • Digital (1283)
    • Guides and Tutorials (465)
    • Fraud (286)
    • Services (144)
    • Software and Malware (128)
    • Security and Hosting (13)
    • Other Listings (247)
  • Items and Products (58)
    • Counterfeit Items
    • Carded Items
    • Jewels and Gold
    • Other Listings
  • Other Listings (278)


The listings on Aero Market are shown in list view when you view them category by category. However, on the main page, you will see featured listings in grid view. There appears to be no toggle for switching views on the site.

The listings present product images, descriptive product names/titles, prices, star ratings, vendor name (and link to the vendor page), and the number of orders completed by the vendor so far. The listings also indicate if the vendor supports escrow transactions.

The listing prices are shown in the currency you preferred (as configured in the Settings section of your Account page) but the equivalent bitcoin or monero prices are also displayed right below the fiat currency prices.

The way the categories and listings are presented on Aero Market is generally intuitive. It shouldn’t be difficult to navigate from one category to another or by using the search function. Everything is clearly presented.

Search and Search Filters

The search bar of Aero Market is conveniently located on the middle top portion of the site. It is a persistent feature (it’s always present regardless of which page you go) so you should be able to quickly do a search when you want to.  It may not be that conspicuous, though, because its color is similar to the rest of the top part of the the site but you should be able to identify it with the the “Search…” text on it. Click anywhere on the Search bar to enter the keywords you want to use.

Aero Market does not have an advanced search function but you can implement a few filters for the results. Once the search results appear, you will see a gear icon near the upper right corner of the site. Click on it to show the search filter options.

You can filter search results based on “ship from” and “ship to” parameters. You can also sort results by showing first the newest, oldest, cheapest, or most expensive listings. Lastly, you can show results based on the currency accepted by the vendor (monero or bitcoin).

How to Choose a Vendor on Aero Market

Just like in other darknet markets, in choosing a vendor, it’s advisable to examine the vendor profile pages on Aero Market. The vendor pages provide various information to help you in making a decision. It presents the number of sale transactions completed by the vendor, the number of listings posted, feedback rating (%), information on refunds and vendor policy, the vendor’s PGP key, and information on when the vendor started on Aero Market and the last time the vendor was active on the market.


Obviously, you have to give preference to the vendor with the highest feedback rating and the most favorable policies (on sales and refund). As much as possible, choose vendors that support escrow transactions. Additionally, choose a vendor that has been transacting on Aero Market for a long time and one that is regularly active. You will see these details by looking at the vendor name. The date when the vendor joined is shown right below the vendor name while the time when the vendor was last active on the site can be viewed by hovering your mouse pointer over the green button right beside the vendor name.

If you have questions for the vendor, don’t hesitate to use the messaging function. You no longer have to worry about encrypting your message as it will be automatically encrypted with the public PGP key you submitted to Aero Market.

How to Place an Order

You will not find “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” buttons in the listings (the listing grid or row) so you really need to go to the listing page to initiate the ordering process. This is not something we necessarily consider inconvenient; instead it’s something advantageous as it forces the buyer to examine the details of the product/listing properly before placing an order.


After examining the details of the listing and you are ready to place your order, click on the listing link to go to the listing page. The listing page presents a lot of useful information you should take note of. Under the product name or listing title, you will find the product’s star rating, as aggregated from the ratings submitted by previous buyers of the product. Under the price, you will see the transaction type, either escrow or finalize early. Of course, an escrow transaction would be preferable but you may already feel reassured doing a “finalize early” transaction if you already trust the vendor.

You may notice that the product description right below the product’s star rating is usually abridged. This may be unsightly but not functionally a defect since this product description is usually also added under the Details part of the listing. Hence, you should just ignore this abridged product description and go to the Details portion of the listing for the full description.

Information on shipping policy is usually presented under the Details or the Refunds sections of the listing page. Be sure to examine this before placing an order.

Once you are ready to place your order, remember to properly select the quantity and shipping options for your order. After this, you can proceed to clicking the Buy Now button.

Clicking the Buy Now button leads you to the Checkout page where you can see a summary of the order you are about to make, including details on the item cost, shipping cost, and shipping method. It’s here where you will be asked to enter your shipping address. You will be asked to manually encrypt your shipping address using the vendor’s PGP key. As mentioned earlier, all of your communication on Aero Market are automatically encrypted using the PGP key you submitted. For added protection, though, you will be asked to encrypt your shipping address using the PGP key of the vendor. You should be able to easily find the vendor’s PGP key on the Checkout page, right below the vendor’s name near the upper right corner of the page.

How to Pay for Orders on Aero Market

Paying for your Aero Market orders is similar to how it is done with other markets that have their market account wallets. You have to deposit bitcoins or moneros into your account first so you have funds to pay for your purchases.

You have to go to your Wallet page to deposit bitcoins or moneros. Take note that the deposit addresses indicated in your Aero Market wallet are not fixed. They change for every deposit you make. You should not be saving these deposit addresses. Be sure to go to your Wallet page every time you want to make a deposit to fund a purchase so you can see the correct deposit address to use.

Aero Market Market Support

For your questions, complaints, or requests for assistance, click on the Support link on the Menu button on the upper right corner of the site. Doing this will take you to a page where you can send a support ticket for your concern. You can also browser through a collection of answers to frequently asked questions and how-to guides about Aero Market. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many guides you can refer to here. Only a few questions are answered and there are no detailed guides provided so you would really have to use the support ticket if you have questions or other concerns.

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive market interface
  • Compulsory PGP key makes for a more secure user of the darknet market (automatic PGP encryption for messaging)
  • Multisig transactions supported
  • No need for separate buyer and vendor accounts


  • Scarce support/help resources (FAQ, guides)
  • Payment required to be a vendor


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