46-Year Old Arrested and Darknet Drug Seized From Alabama Vet Pelham

David Ray Wallace and Dana Leslie arrested
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Pelham and Alabaster have been few of the cities where the influx of illicit drugs remains high. The cities have been a bit friendlier for Darknet imported drugs being delivered from the darkest part of the internet to the users. This has made the authorities embarked on a series of raids to subject all drug traffickers and possessors to prosecution.

Authorities conducted a raid within the week leading to the seizing of a bunch of illicit drugs ordered from a darknet marketplace.

The investigation was carried out by the authorities and led to the arrest of David Wallace, 46. The Shelby County narcotic agents teamed up with Homeland Security to raid the home of the suspect after a warrant was issued. According to the information received, an estimation of 36,000 doses of fentanyl was seized from the raid. This is an exceptional amount of fentanyl. In comparison, a recent report of a pharmacist faking a robbery to steal his fentanyl stash revealed that he took 6,000 doses of the synthetic drug.

This is one of the numerous cases where fentanyl shipped using the USPS was seized from a Federal raid. This is also an indication that fentanyl is one of the most trafficked drugs on the darknet, if not the most. Wallace, therefore, faces trial for trafficking and possessing fentanyl drugs from the darknet.

The Global Darknet drug trade increased dramatically in 2017 making any location a possible drop zone. The suspect was traced and spotted right after a suspicious fentanyl delivery was made at the JFK Airport. Law Enforcement agencies, therefore, contacted the authorities in charge, leading to the arrest.

The JFK airport has been a spot where darknet drug traffickers find it more dangerous to penetrate due to its past records. Last year, The United States Customs and Border Patrol Agents intercepted and seized a package that contained about 12 grams of Fentanyl at JFK International Airport in New York. Their vigilance comes with respect to the recent reports labeling the airports and the borders as loopholes for Darknet drugs to slip through.

Dana Leslie, 33, was also arrested for being a partaker of the seized drugs. According to information, the suspects used a Bitcoin wallet to purchase the fentanyl drug online. Wallace, therefore, added his recipient address to the order for the drugs to be delivered. This has been a proving effort by authorities to patiently wait at the borders to follow up on the addresses of suspects. Some have also set up forums on the Darknet pretending to be vendors just to get the contact details of suspects. It is not uncommon for the FBI to take over sites and use them against their users, as was evidenced by the FBI takeover of Playpen child pornography site two years ago. Many darknet platforms users protected with online anonymity. And as a result, it has become an effective way for authorities to control illegal schemes.

Agents followed up with the address of Wallace for the investigation leading to the final raid. The investigation is still ongoing and the arrested duo will likely be used as a scapegoat for the other unidentified traffickers in the United States. This forms part of the reason for the continual increase in fentanyl drug abuse in the country. Fentanyl drugs have been a rebel, killing more people than gun violence.

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It was revealed when a Texas man was arrested for a woman’s fentanyl overdose that the drug he sold was up to 40 times more powerful than heroin.

Rolando Knight, the veteran CBP official said that they have collaborated with the warehouse at the JFK airport to fight against the trafficking of fentanyl. He added that the country has been alerted by the threat of this dangerous drug. “The federal government has responded impressively quick to the fentanyl threat, which really didn’t escalate until 2015, But we’re still walking—crawling really. It’s so hard to seize, that when we do, we almost have to say ‘Wow! Good job!’” said, Knight.

Even though traffickers of the drug such as David Wallace have been arrested, keeping the drug out of the country has been marked as an impossible fight.

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