19-Year-Old Convicted in Germany for Selling Darknet Market Drugs

Eastern District Amtsgericht Court
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A 19-year-old boy has been convicted for ordering narcotics from a darknet marketplace. The court in the district Mühldorf found him guilty of illicit drug trafficking. His identity was withheld by the court because of legitimate reasons for privacy. The irony is that using the darknet has provided much-needed anonymity for criminals, and now a convicted criminal, he will remain anonymous to the public.

Following the ongoing worldwide ascent in darknet drug trafficking and narcotic overdose among the youth, the German government has collaborated with independent specialists and authorities responsible for the local postal service authorities to search and seize questionable substances assumed to be hidden in post packages.

The 19-year-old boy put in a request from an unidentified darknet marketplace and gave his address where the drug package was shipped. Unfortunately for him, his package was marked as suspicious and it ended with his arraignment in court.

What made the package worrisome for the authorities was the content size. According to Judge Christoph Warga’s verdict and report, the number of narcotics found was “unbelievable” in size and smell.

The following items were found: copious amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and amphetamines worth 200,000 euros. These were purchased with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This was “a radical step” for such a young man according to the prosecution, as his intention was to resell most of these drugs. His confession and admission took place at the Eastern District of Altötting.

According to the court filing, this was not self-evident: “There are equally those who will disclose every detail of what happened, but will not answer any further questions.” During the trial, it became palpable that the business activities of the 19-year-old were partly not entirely intentional.

“How did you result in this present circumstance?” Judge Warga asked while assessing the evidence. The 19-year-old replied that he had met friends at a secondary school that he had been in contact with them for over a year. However, his intentions were not hard drugs at first, as he admitted in court to only wanting to consume “mostly marijuana.”

“I’ve never conducted any online transaction on drugs by myself in my entire life,” he concluded, forcing some blame on his peers, who were not found in court that day.

Then after his first run in with amphetamine did his pursuit of drugs for sale begin. His cravings for weed decreased and his need for other drugs led him to a darknet marketplace online. But his cravings led to his defeat as he foolishly ordered everything to his home address.

At the outset, this may have been okay as he was only purchasing for personal consumption and maybe to sell to friends, but once he started ordering up to 300 grams of amphetamine at a time, he was basically “presenting [his fate to the authorities],” the prosecution argued.

He will now serve two years and four months in prison. His already five months in custody will go to this in a reduced manner, according to the judge.

The last 10 years have seen an extraordinary increase in the number of clients on the Dark web pursuing drugs specifically. Germany has been reported to be one of Europe’s hotspot for darknet drug purchases.

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