18-Year-Old Austrian Confesses to Darknet Drug Abuse

austrian teen arrested
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An 18-year-old Burgenlander, Austria was caught with drugs in his vehicle by the Oberwart highway police officers in traffic control at Kemeten (Oberwart district). The officers searched his car and found addictive substances intended for resale during a routine postal check in Oberwart. After hours of interrogation by the police, he admitted to having purchased the addictive substance from a darknet marketplace. The police withheld his identity from the public.

Following the increasing global demand of darknet drugs amongst the youth, the Austrian authorities have collaborated with different specialists, as well as, custom officials responsible for the border and local post office. This includes the search and seizure of any suspicious package, no matter the appearance or contents.

The 18-year-old boy ordered from an unknown dark web marketplace but gave the post address for the item to be shipped. The highway police officers were immediately informed of a strange substance residue that was collected from a package taken by an unknown person.

The highway patrol officers found the following items in the young man’s vehicle during the arrest. There was a vast amount of cannabis, some cocaine, heroin, 100 ecstasy tablets, amphetamines worth 100,000 euros, and paraphernalia. Furthermore, the driver also had a switch blade on his person, which is a prohibited weapon in Austria.

The 18-year-old admitted to having purchased these all with his bitcoin wallet and other cryptocurrencies. This action was “a radical step” for such a teenager according to the National Police Directorate, as he intended to resell most of these drugs.

This similar incident happened in Vöcklabruck, Austria, were investigators concluded their investigation into the activities of three darknet suspects. Customs officials intercepted a considerable amount of amphetamines shipped to the suspects through one of many darknet marketplaces.

Austrian darknet drug raid

The special agents searched the residence of the 18-year-old suspect for further evidence to strengthen his prosecution in the court of law. The investigators, then, found a considerable quantity of narcotics such as cocaine, methamphetamine, cannabis, 10 pill presses and other tools needed to prepare and ship the drugs.  

Additionally, 5,000 Euros in cash money was also discovered and confiscated by the special agents. The investigators alleged that this amount of money was the direct profit from his illegal transactions on the street.

Last year, five industries involved in the production of doping in Klagenfurt were discovered amid Austrian darknet raids. This exercise was conducted by the Federal Criminal Investigation Office of Austria. The investigators stated that the narcotics were sold on darknet marketplaces like Hansa and then distributed to buyers through postal services worldwide.

Despite his illegal commercial transaction of drugs through the darknet, the public prosecution office ordered the young man to be released. However, according to the Burgenland police, the investigation has not ended. They will continue to investigate the case till the 18-year-old gets behind bar. This action will serve as a warning to other young darknet drug dealers.

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